Battle on the banks of the Volga river

I read a lot that the best of nastavnikov, it is well-known fanged.And all the others are working much worse than he is. And thanks to SPRUT I had the opportunity to give them battle. Write, they are far from the first, he went to the game some sort of specific.

On it and is not necessary to catch – he catches. So I decided to give up on the river, good and tested zavadenko, and to test the functionality of both cranks. Say, fangs I had and I had him catch, what is not said about Sprut Asaka 90SS. In my hands it for the first time.At first glance, very well designed lure. Excellent paint, parts play well, hooks OWNER.Well, the rest will check on the pond. Called and persuaded a relative, told the problem and gave the right lure.

Thought now leave fanged, but his choice fell on SPRUTика. Also see wanted to leave, to try. Well, that settled the matter. All night as couldn’t sleep and at 4: 00 am I had some coffee and waited impatiently for the arrival of in-laws. Jumping into the car, satisfied, rushed to the river. Not as often as you’d like, we’re going to spend time fishing.

An hour passed is not noticeable and here we are on the banks of the beautiful river Volga. Boat pumped up, gear is Packed, nothing forgotten. Determine that a couple of hours, we switch lures, rushed to the place. The anchor is thrown, the game began. Making a few casts and after a swipe of grass your lure, turned out to be slow posting to securitise with a small galafilm. Small, but a hunter. Well struck, but after hooking why it sagged and there was a feeling that he ran away from the battlefield.

But no, after getting into my hands, was released to gain strength. To exchange baits we had some bites, small, striped bandits. Wobbler Sprut Asaka 90SS with a relative at that time was attacked by a pike.

Who did not want to come out of their hiding and all entangled in the grass. Had to anchor and help her to change the place of hunting. Returning to the scene and exchanging bait, made a few minor hitches to watch the game and flight qualities of the lure. Yes, the flight from quality composite crankbaits are not the best, but when fishing from a boat, oblasova coastal edge and small creeks, is enough. But they have a zest and slow uniform wiring with pauses, they are fully revealed. Very realistic and vivid the game of the crank is never left unattended.

This is of course my opinion, but this tactic has constantly brought its fruits. Sprut Asaka has an active game, not leans to the side. Starts with the first movements of the rod. And so it happened. When casting under the coastline, in the small vegetation, without having to start the movement, my lure got a good tychek. Cutting and Fang hung on his tees.

Periodically pochityvaya with a relative in one direction, got a double bite and almost the same whales that attacked our baits.

It was on this day many more beautiful outputs, pike, Chub persistence and playful outputs striped weasels. Who won? It doesn’t matter. Most importantly, Wobbler Sprut Asaka 90SS at small cost and great quality, works hundred percent, bringing only positive emotions. Well, to choose us of course, fishermen. Buy something that’s tried, or try and put yourself in a box – something new. Time flies is not noticeable, and so it is not enough, when doing my favorite thing. The time was nearing the evening and my cousin going home, agreeing that the next time to play something else. All fishermen have a good rest.

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