Before spawning burbot coming out in rapid ducts

Winter fishing for burbot on the Northern waters are wonderful for many reasons. First, a local predator that has a direct relationship with cod, grows to truly gargantuan proportions. Second, in periods of Jora, especially before spawning, it is well caught by trolling and live bait white day.

Sitting in a hunting cabin and as soon as you can shorten long December evening. He we in the North before long stretches that sometimes stories about hunting is not enough and we switch to talking about fishing. Friends this story is, of course, heard, but in our team today the completion, the new man. So I take a comfortable position at the table, which, you know, in addition to snacks is something else, and begin the story. If you have a few minutes, dear reader, let’s go to a very distant fish lake Axoma.

It’s been a while, but not erased from the memory of the fishing. My cousin Alex Arkhipov, the eldest son of the Earring and I were fishing on lake Barns. Before going fishing was a strong thaw, which is well pressed down the meter of snow. And then, as expected, came the North wind, behind him came the cold, vigorous this what happened is very dense snow, almost ice. Snowmobile on such flooring Almighty, go wherever you want. So we chose, of course, long lake – to Sarek was fifty miles.

Well, we fished there, carrying perch, pikes. Come off in full. In the evenings look at the map of these places, and there, quite near to us, literally five kilometers, lake Axoma. Sit I think – to go and run off of Gasoline… we have a lot, enough to realize all desires. And we decide to ride on him, and suddenly there’s monsters just waiting for the moment to swallow our bait.

Early in the morning I fill the tank, unhook from the sled and full throttle on the lake. Two snowmobiles to go decided not to. In this area a lot of Goroshek, ravines, upland streams, and at first it is necessary to explore the way light. A bullet swept two kilometers across the lake, I drove up to the river, which connects the Barns and Sukamo. Decided to go for it. Another half a kilometer at full speed, and I go to shoals. Black holes of open water on the river kaliwat my ardor. To splash down on the bottom did not want to. The banks are steep and overgrown right solid birch, on the left do not climb, very steep. The move takes place, return to the starting position, that is, in the beginning of the river.

Well, I will try the left Bank, though it is steep, but still may be up. Full throttle, and I’m upstairs. New snowmobile runs very quickly, only manage to steer between the trees. The spruce forest gives way to pine forest and I get to some canyon left and right side of the mountain meters a hundred or one in a straight line not to go. The compass determined the direction of the canyon – just to the lake. Going further on it. He’s like a snake, winds among the hills.

And finally loomed ahead clearance. Wet from sweat and excitement, slow down and look out for how best to go down to the lake, it is as if in the valley. Go down easy, but up will be much harder. Empty it can be done without much difficulty, but the sled is problematic. So looking for a more gentle way and roll out on the airfield. On the map it looks like in the shape of a boomerang, the wings of which are four kilometers. Drive along the shore to the hut. Once here he flew the an-2 plane with the fishermen on Board. I bought a ticket to Arkhangelsk, and here’s a wild forest lake. But then once the plane crashed, along with the fishermen, and flight fishing banned.

Admire the lake with pine forests at the edges. On the right side, apparently once upon a time walked on fire. Separately stand tall larch at the foot of which stretches a young birch. I’m going from the shore a hundred meters and see how from the earth to pine rises a few grouse. Wave, say, Hello, guys! Mirror lake began to turn right as I arrive to the river Axoma. On the tall banks near the source, as the picture, rose beautiful hut. At the outlet of the lake the river was full, bubble roll, followed by the fifty meters of water, and then again the ice. Dispersed his horse, to come straight to the hut. Almost near the hut, at the top, the sled does not have enough power, I’m jumping in with him and help and he was extremely grateful, taxis to the door.

Go into the hut. Six by six meters, a table, a bench around a platoon of soldiers fit. The stove of brick, however, all chapped. On the benches dried straw, probably coanty fall came on the boat with motor fishing, this is their ancestral lands. And then I turn around and fly happy to Sarek. There after a hearty lunch we’re going in two cars with sledges going Sukamo. On arrival there immediately go sushina. Good thing we have a chainsaw. One nags, the second wood chopping, the third tea marganit.

And when the necessary business is finished, down to the river. Drill holes and waiting time, here it is, river, so, somewhere under the ice grayling. A few motions with a nod, and I have a nibble, well, who is there to be, except for grayling. Pull. On bluesince something very large and does not want me upstairs. Alex was right there, takes off his cap and covering the hole, they say, afraid of light, and therefore can’t pull. Slowly tighten back up, but instead grayling from under the Lesha hats appears burbot head. Total effort extracted it from the hole. Surprisingly, the monster of the deep, and then only a meter under the ice. While we took fish Earring also pulled burbot. Well, if mine was on half a kilogram, then it is smaller.

We still had a bit of time, as well as in the river no pecking, we drove around the lake. We were shocked by the depth of the reservoir. In some places near the shore meters seven to ten. Found in one place the appropriate depth, shabby perch. And evening, approaching from the East, forced us to vozvrashatsa in the hut.

The next day we did a colander on Succome. Pecking large and small perch, and sometimes unusually large roach. Unusually the weather was good. The sun all day did not descend from the sky. The snow underfoot was wet and our faces had a day in the sun. In the evening he heard the roar of the snowmobile is, as we later learned, came Yuri Makarenko Sergei Karelian and, seeing Sarek our trail, immediately waved here. Impressions, of course, we had many, rarely where you will meet such beauty, but fishing is certainly not impressed. Expect more. At the end of the day we approached the river. Just in case, I dropped the bait in the hole. Guests came out of the house, greeted us and invited to drink tea. We say that now, blavim holes and make them company.

Beautiful evening, no sign that the night would be cold. Light, transparent veil of clouds covered the sky, flashing between the stars. A gentle breeze. Not breathe, not a good look. In the hut, in General, is not desirable. Sergei pulls a bite – something big. Burbot. Alexei, too, bite me. Take out the burbot. We are at a loss. What the hell, burbot bite blestki. In a few minutes all three again luck and again burbot. Weight, although small, from three hundred grams to a kilogram. Times bite, someone will pull from the hole. Leans stronger than darkness, more often bite. Each fisherman by hole already distribute several burbot. No other fish. And when the night really took control of the situation, the bite was just awful. Took burbot, dipped the spoon, then feel your fingers pulled the bait. Nod have not seen, and the hole too.

Drag prey, only lowered – immediately a blow on the arm, and so on without end. Alexei larger burbot separates Vlasenko. Dark. Serge runs to him with matches, somehow they tie a new one. And the presentation continues. Breaks down fish several times more than we take out. Sometimes live is such that even the neighbors can hear creaks fishing line on the ice.

I remember the lake Ilos, the richest of our lakes. Near it stood two years of drilling. From Arkhangelsk to her, he drove all-terrain vehicles. And our brother the fisherman found out about it and go to the Ilos. First, on different vehicles, well, all that has more than one bridge. So many people were going that crazy you can go. Now, the perch, and there was pecking very large bass, much politicial during the first winter. The second winter has started to develop roach.

She pecked there are more than one hundred grams and kilograms as much as you want. So, I go out at night to smoke near the hut, look at the lake and wonder – to what we, the fishermen, resourceful. Roach, it is a very good bite in the night. So men put a candle in liter or half-liter jar, light it and catch fish, Yes, so much so that even during the day so don’t get caught. Ilos shallow lake, and fishermen sitting everywhere. But the impression is that the sky was covered with a lake. Not candles that burn, and stars. I reminded the men that well and we to do so, but, alas, here’s the cans we and not stocked.

The bite continued for another hour. Around us was already crawling as many burbot that rustling was heard from them almost to the huts. We were shocked. The bite ended just like it began. Less and less and finally stopped altogether. The men from the hut did not survive, that we have gone a long time, came to us with flashlights. Eyes they sparkled like stars at the sight of our catch.

When in the light of lanterns, we collected the fish in bags, that were themselves affected. Two potato sack to the eyeballs, here’s Suksma! Then I heard that such a biting and in this place fell, and other fishermen from the city. To this extremely pleasant moment in our fishing and added that on the following day exhibited to us the imitation fish caught ten pounders, three of which we could not pull – keep the leashes or broken hooks.

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