Christmas Trees Grow Big Fish And Help Save Lives

Tens of MILLIONS of Christmas trees will be burned, tossed to the curb or repurposed in other ways after the holidays. But, in some places, anglers are using old Christmas trees in clever ways. Here are two ways people repurpose Christmas trees in the fishing world:

Dump ‘Em In The Lake (If You Can)

The most popular and prominent way anglers utilize Christmas trees is by sinking them into ponds or lakes. The added structure and cover trees provide help serves as a sanctuary/ambush point for fish. They also double as a secret honey hole for the angler who dumped the tree.

Please be aware that not all states allow this practice, so please check regulations before sinking any trees.

Christmas Trees – The Original GPS For Ice Anglers Up North

Lake Winnebago is Wisconsin’s largest inland lake and is famous for its ice fishing culture and tremendous fishery. Anglers drive miles out on snowmobiles, ATV’s and vehicles each winter to get to their favorite fishing holes.

To help prevent people from getting lost, local fishing clubs use old Christmas trees to serve as directional markers for people venturing on to the lake.

One Special Fishing Club

I wanted to highlight the Pipe Fishing Club this week and fill you in on what they do and why they are awesome.

Each winter, the Pipe Fishing Club provides ice safety reports, create and continuously plow safe pathways on the ice, and host fundraisers to grow the sport of ice fishing.

Here is the science behind how they set their Christmas Trees. I found this information from the Fox-Wolf River Water Alliance

Lake Winnebago Christmas Tree Guideline

At the half-mile marker or every 5 trees, the tree is turned upside down. This is to indicate a half-mile of travel.

Lake Winnebago Christmas Tree Mile markers are as follows:
2 trees = 1 miles
3 trees = 2 miles
4 trees = 3 miles
5 trees = 4 miles
6 trees = 5 miles

Trees lying down mean poor ice conditions or danger. Please steer clear of these areas. Never move any trees on the lake as they all serve a purpose.

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