Cool the “points” can be both permanent and temporary

Called in the evening a friend of a fisherman. Said was fishing, but nothing to write home about. Although drilled over a dozen holes, change the place of fishing. But caught only a few small “tails.”

I replied that I, too, was fishing, and as it turned out, on the same pond. But was pleased with the result: caught for more than four kilos of skimmers. Thus he explained, that during the whole time fishing was always sitting in one place – on their long-proven and familiar cool “to the point”.

Odd – summed up the conversation mate.

What attracts fish in there?

Meanwhile, nothing strange here. For many years fishing practices from experience how important it is to find in the vast body of water the place where the fish are somehow polivaet particularly active. And this applies to both winter and summer fishing. The only difference is that in the winter to cool point get on the ice and in the summer swim at the boat.

What is this cool “point”? What attracts fish in there? Apparently, it is difficult to answer definitely. Because the fisherman does not see what is the situation under his hole or under the boat. But one thing is clear: the place is not random, under water or snags or cluster of boulders or the slope of the bottom, or the bottom of the recess, or a grassy hill… but you never know what can attract fish here. And it is very important to remember to lock this place next time again to come to its “happy” wells. But if we are talking about summer fishing, the angler will want to anchor it again on their cool spot.

For example, on the Istra reservoir there is my favorite “point” in a picturesque Bay, South fishing base “Trusovo”. I remember when I first came here, a long time looked around me, trying to figure out where to drill the hole. Didn’t want to come close to a tight group of anglers, focusing in different places. I wanted to go fishing in a peaceful, secluded setting, however, and not to miscalculate with a catch.

And therefore decided to start to “feel” the bottom with a depth gauge to find a better “point”. Lowered the depth gauge in one place – depth of 8 meters. Walked away about 30 feet, measured depth of over 11 meters. Drilled the hole between these “points” – the depth of slightly more than 9 meters. So I decided, in this area the bottom is uneven, with a bias. And it is well known that fish, especially bream, loves to walk in such places. Here and lures, set up three float rods in the drilled next to the holes.

Searches of fishery is fully justified. It went immediately. One or the other float smoothly surfaced, I was hooking and pulling out another bream. And around me, for quite a wide area – not a soul. For some reason, the fishermen clustered, as usual, some tight groups. If it was there, under them, certainly gathered all the fish. And I even rejoiced in the fact that next to no one is deterred by his noise lured me fish. Caught then very well.

Since often come here. And when contemplating where to drill the hole. Known to me only coastal targets accurately find your way. And even if the ice after the previous fishing was covered with fresh snow and no trace is not visible, I come to a favorite place.

It was possible to detect reliable cool the spot on the Ruza reservoir. It is situated on a wide ples between “Rus” and the former rest house “Luzhki”. I fell on this “point” two years ago. Remember, drilled and lures two holes in three places far from each other approximately 30-40 meters. Turned the conventional “triangle”, the perimeter of which I occasionally passed from one hole to another. But went not for long, as it soon became clear that actively “working” only one “point”. Here bite followed one after another, I barely had time to hook in and pull the skimmers. And the fish was pretty decent, caught in the 300-600 grams, and caught bream. While the other lured the “points” of the bites were very rare.

Of course, this “point” I again spotted by notable coastal landmarks, which are well remembered. And in the current winter season, December 29, came with his son Basil here for the fishing. I really wanted to check, will delight this cool “point” in the current winter. Drilled two holes for lure. And what? The fishing was great. Caught seven kilograms of large bream. Depth – 11 meters.

The following fishing on this “point” was January 2 of this year. And again, well – the catch is pulled on four kilograms. And this is assuming that the pressure was low – 732 mm Hg. Then fishing from January 12 to catch 5 pounds. The neighbouring fishermen, notice, closer and closer crept to me, drilled holes in the immediate vicinity. But strangely they still do not bite, and I kept hooking and pulling the skimmers.

And in the next visit I was disappointed to find that the earlier a fisherman had already pulled the tent over my cool. Apparently, the last fishing he noticed how I kept his arms up, cutting and viviva another fish. And remember it, then to settle in here. Which he did. I had to move to the side. This came to a conclusion: it is necessary to arrive early to beat possible competitors.

Of course, I don’t want to claim that these cool “spots” the fish are biting constantly and securely in any weather. After all, there are absolutely Bellevue days when never bite. And yet, I am sure that even in bad weather the chance of catching fish here more than in other parts of the reservoir. And if we here do not bite, so do not bite anywhere.

I want to note that this cool “point” can be both permanent and temporary. For example, the above-mentioned cool places on the Istra and Ruza reservoirs can be considered constant, as successfully I fished there many times over several winter seasons. But often it happens when successfully fishing in the same place it is possible for only a certain time, for example, during the first or last ice. And then nibble here gradually weakened or even terminated.

In confirmation of this can give you an example. In the past year, according to the latest ice my son and several trips to the Ruzsky reservoir in the district Palastina. And very successfully catching big skimmers every time on the same hole. 1 to April 8, four times we fished on this cool “point.” Sitting with your son just five feet from each other, each of us had one hole. For the interest of drilled holes just 10-20 meters away from this cool place, but have not seen a single bite. And our “point” the fish somehow actively pecking, and within a few days. How to explain such a phenomenon is unclear. Perhaps my son and I went to the so-called fish-path.

This place we spotted and decided to test it in the current Jan. Drilled the hole lure. Bite not bad, but still not as active as in April last year. Caught with four kilos of skimmers. Really want to check, how will this “point” again in April, but this year. Let’s wait and see.

How to detect cool “point”?

We have already stated that the discovered a cool “spot” need to be detected at coastal targets. How to do it? Of course, in our time, in the presence of “smart” navigation to make it much hassle. But, first, not every fisherman has a Navigator. And secondly, this device, as far as is known, specifies to detect the location accurate to 5 meters. Such “accuracy” is unlikely to satisfy the serious angler, especially when you need to reach your “point” with a deviation of not more than a meter.

And the way that I want to tell you allow it to find your fishing spot, if not with absolute accuracy, only with the minimum error is not more than a meter. It is the following. Fisherman sitting on a box on its hole on the Bank chooses two notable landmark located on the same imaginary line from it. It is desirable that one of the targets was near the shore, and the other much farther. For example, near the shore you can remember as a landmark an individual tree or a Bush, behind which is seen another landmark – or mast of high voltage power lines or a house, or pole, factory pipe, etc.

Then right or left from the first recorded line in the same way, we must remember two other landmark, located again on the same line. It turns out that these two lines intersect at a point, where sits a fisherman. Thus it is necessary to strive to ensure that the angle of intersection of these lines was as close as possible to a straight (would have been about 90 degrees). Only in this way is achieved the greatest accuracy.

These lines with the guidance we need to remember, and for greater reliability to sketch in a notebook. Now spotted this way cool “point” can easily be found on the next fishing trip. You went down the shore on the ice, and gradually away from shore, be sure to remembered targets (wood post) came to be on the same line. After that, continue to go along this imaginary line until, until you are aligned on the same line two other prominent landmark (for example, tube – building). The intersection of these conditional lines and is a coveted fishing spot.

In the summer it’s also possible to come to a cool spot on the boat. The reliability and efficiency of this method ticks the cool places I want to confirm a specific example from my fishing practices. Once fished from a boat on one of the Shatura lakes. Tried in different places, but the bites were rare. Once again changed the place of anchor. And then, as the fishermen say, come on! On two rods barely had time to strike and remove from the hooks of the skimmers. Soon the tank was full of fish.

I spotted this place, described as above, but for the safety net lowered into the water at the stern of the cargo boat tied to the buoy of foam. The buoy is slightly imbedded in the water so that it is not visible from the outside. A week later came here, seen the benchmarks came to the coveted place and anchor. And was pleasantly surprised when I saw top at the stern of your boat, submerged buoy, which is already forgotten. Once again convinced of how true and effective this method of locating the place of fishing.

…So, if you allowed fishing happiness and you suddenly attacked a cool place, do not rush to part with it. Try as much as possible reliable to detect this “point”. And then you don’t have fishing drilling a lot of holes to move from place to place, as it happened, however, my hapless friend.

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