Early Wake-up call

Early Wake-up call at four in the morning, not a bit I was not upset, because I don’t have to get up early for work or to travel, because today is may 1 like everyone, I have a legal holiday, and if I have a day off – that means only one thing, I’m going fishing!!!

Gear collected and Packed last night, so the usual invigorating morning coffee mug and forward, away from the city pavement to the beauty of wildlife. Measly couple of hours and my friend are on the beautiful and scenic river.

When collecting gear, especially this time did not experiment: a spinning Black Hole One’s 642L and spinning reel with front drag Shimano Stradic Cl 4+ 2500S 2ML, but all other consumables manufacturer Intech. And this: braided cord Intech All – PE X4 Range of 0.4 RE, a leader of fluorocarbon Intech, Intech silicone bait Soft Baits and a collapsible tungsten Cheburashka and even clasps from this manufacturer.

I will say honestly that the collection was no emphasis in this manufacturer and moreover then was very surprised to see his creation. Well, charges is over, the ritual mug of coffee, and it’s time as if the fish catch.

Go to the river a few casts in a single, thin cord and small size cargo bait Turborib 2” away and just send in the direction of the opposite shore. Here at the bottom is not a bad snag, the form clearly in hand passes all the sliding on it of my bait, but the silence, this can not be, because it is one of the favorite habitats “striped bandit”. Finish the wiring and again throw a little further snags. As soon as there was the first touch of the underwater obstacles, pause, slow revolution of the handle (so as not to drive the offset into the wood) and here it is, a resounding “skidish”, sweeps and fast playing first bass this fishing.

Photoset, and on the principle of catch and release. This koraichi shoot another three perches and after idle transactions decide to continue your journey along the river looking for points of potential habitat for striped.

Every bite loudly passed my hand my ONE’S engaging in combat and not allowing them to go more than one perch, regardless of its size.

Polovin from the heart on Turborib 2” and after the biting has calmed down, decide to change baits Slim Shad is 2.5” from the same manufacturer Intech.

Just a couple of casts and spinning captures crisp bite, how nice pressed and resisted this striped, especially when caught in the stream flow, but the form did not give the slightest chance to avoid capturing the robber on my camera.

Polovin enough bass, you can hear calling to me my friend.

Like, so and so join us, found a spot where with great pleasure to the spinning pecking peaceful mood. I, of course, the chance to miss was gone. Will tell you guys, bite roach is something something that none of the predator so it does not pass, the feeling like that very quickly spent on a washboard with a stick (a fine tremor in the hand), and her playing, comes with an interesting vibration. Yes, in a word peaceful fish is not a predator, and behavior it is completely different.

Polovit a bit more Beli, decide to still finish today and ran into the side of the car. The way back towards the house, as usual, passed quickly in the pleasant memories of past fishing trips and of course on upcoming trips, and moreover, that is not far off trips with an overnight stay.

Well, I finished your tale, trying to convey to You the feelings that have experienced myself and as usual NHN and see you on the water.

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