Excellent fishing for carp in Vilkovo

Frankly, intolerable desire to catch this river carp I’ve had since childhood. Strained it after coming home from fishing, my uncle said that he again lost the battle river hero, and then sat down to repair his shattered gear.

Years passed, and the capture of carp was only a dream – for unknown reasons, the Desna river was in no hurry to offer me, young angler, their treasures. Years passed, and carp fishing didn’t come out of my head, although sazane places since childhood became much less.

A pleasant surprise was the invitation of my friend Leonid to go to the real carp fishing on the mighty Danube. We decided to drop everything and leave the territory of Ukraine for an unforgettable experience, but a big bustling city in no hurry to let us go in carp land…

And here we are in the train, and the rhythmic tapping of the wheels suggests that city life is left somewhere behind, and we most likely successful fishing with a long-awaited trophies!

Moving on we decided to carry out through Odessa to the road in Vilkovo to buy on the market the vaunted Odessa cake, which is so susceptible of the Danube carp, and various missing fishing gear.

Cake opted for a long time. Had to go around all the counters and the scent of sunflower cake of the hundreds of kindly offered by the sellers of circles to define the most flavorful and high quality. Soon the choice was made. A little sniffing and snapping a finger in a circle, Lenya said, “That’s nothing, but there are better.” According to him, it is very important to buy the right cake (which now is rare), because its quality depends on the result of the whole fishing. Repeatedly my friend that was convinced: four tackles he was able to catch as many carp as not been able to catch visitors Cesenatico and twenty tackles.

But the whole secret it in the cake. It is categorically contraindicated to quickly soak in water, it is hard to sit in a special fixture and also to have a captivating aroma that entices the carp to leave their houses and from afar to come to our gear to enjoy your favorite treats. Having bought everything you need, a little wander through the beautiful Odessa, to breathe the South air, Nor the constant bickering and screaming for seats in a crowded bus or standing on one leg we didn’t irritate – will be fishing faster to dip in the water, stale donkey. Coming to Leonid, hastily loaded things in the Crimea, celebrated from the guards and now our brave fishing the Duo, with pleasure gulping clean air, dissecting the motor of the Danube water.

I want to note that I, as a man accustomed to catch fish in small streams, was initially a little uncomfortable on the big river: a huge expanse of muddy water, enclosed in the sloping shore, little was talking about my fishing experience. It was not clear where the coastal edge where the drop off to a depth where the exit from the pit, and more. On the Gums it is much simpler. Onshore topography seasoned angler will immediately make a diagnosis the bottom of the reservoir and determine promising places, but on the Danube… Passing, in my opinion, past the usual places, the companion reports, they say there is a depth, and over there is the exit from the depths to the shallows.

Adhering to the rules – better wet clothes, than the loss of an expensive lure – Leonid often dives for hooked bait, which probably gives him another reason to explore the river. Once on the coast spinning fishing after he ducked under seemed a sloping Bank, I waited a long time for his return to the surface. When the friend emerged, it is reported that directly underneath me is a huge cave, which no end or edge, and some of the river monsters live in it – one of Neptune’s known… Here’s river-the Danube.

Dachau to the coveted fishing spots, it is up to him, of whom I have so much heard in the city, immediately decided to throw the donkey. The two tackles were in full combat readiness, so Napili hacksaw cake cubes 4×4 cm, we mounted the donkey and spit three times on the aromatic delicacy carp, threw it in the water depths. The rest of the gear I had to make immediately on the shore under the guidance of comrade: he has a rich experience and my passion.

There are several montages snap cake: montages with a sliding sinker and snap, in which the cake is placed on the sinker attached to it with gum. We have used snap with a sliding sinker. Such a ground rod or as it is popularly known as “maquett” as follows. The reel pulls 30-35 meters of the line section of 0.7 mm. strung On fishing line slip sinker weighing up to 100 g (and when the current is stronger and heavier), and then a small rubber band from a Bicycle inner tube width of 1 cm Then knit drawstring loop so that the rubber band was inside the loop.

Then cut the nylon thread, usually brown, tie carp hooks, the String needs to be soft, even a little fat, but in any case not rigid. Leon uses on the river rig with two hooks. According to him this is enough to detect careful bronze Bumpkin. The use of installation, including more than two hooks is irrational because carp often sits for 1-2 hook, the rest create additional difficulties in the process of a fight, clinging to all sorts of underwater obstacles on the river bottom.

The use of installation, including more than 2 hooks, justified in reservoirs without current, since it is unknown which side the fish will start to eat the cake. On the river, some anglers practice setting to “maquett” just one leash with hook, as always known from which side the fish will develop attachment.

We’re not guided by the correct theory, and long-term

habit mate, because put on everything donkey on two leash. So, to cut a nylon thread knit hooks on both sides so that the total length of the segment amounted to 22-28 cm (if likely bite a particularly large instances, it can be a little longer). Further, peregnul the thread in half, we get a sort of “pants”, which udachnoy loop attached to tighten the loop on the main line. Thus, the length of each leash will be approximately 11-14 see the Optimality of this length experimentally.

For equipment donkey take a pre-sliced piece of cake, put it in tightened the noose and firmly tighten the line. Then you attach the cake with a rubber ring from a Bicycle inner tube, but in a different plane. The resulting cross-shaped fixation cube. This design gives the small fish quickly eat carp a delicacy, and not so fast it blurs. With all this, approaching the bait, the fish begins to devour her from the place where the cake covered with gum – it is here and you want to place the hooks.

Reliably securing the cake, stabs it two hooks so that they were on the opposite side of the sinker. Remember, the carp always approaches the nozzle against the flow, so the hooks and placed as close as possible to the carp mouth, and not Vice versa!

After the tackle is loaded, need to be unwound from reel all the line and gently put her rings at her feet. The reel, usually attached to a tree branch or Bush, moreover, such that, when strong enough, would be able to absorb jerks big fish. Taking the Donk for fishing line sinkers above and spinning it like a lasso, throw a rope a little higher from the angler. After the snap fell on the surface of the water, pinning the line to the water, a small patikami try to place the anchor as close as possible to the boundary of the main jet. Choose up the slack and fasten the line to split a small twig stuck into the shore, which serves as a signalling device poklevki.

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