Finding and catching pike using sonar

Sonar has long been an integral part of gear a professional fisherman. And this is not surprising, because with it you can easily find the best place for fishing.

A quality sounder in the right hands will ensure a good catch, and also allow you to catch specific types of fish. In this article we consider the features of the sounder when fishing for pike.

Behaviors pike

Pike is one of those fish he wants to catch every fisherman, novice as well as professional. Quickly detect this predator is not so easy and that sounder would be the best assistant. However, her appearance on the screen of the device does not always guarantee good biting, because if a pike is hungry or oxygen mode is not normal, it is unlikely that we will respond to any manipulation.

But do not despair, because there are a number of tips with which you’ve still got to catch this predator.

  1. The best method of catching pike is catching in a plumb, as it allows you to outsmart the fish.
  2. If pike was discovered at a depth of less than 5 meters, you should not use a spinner, because she will hear all the noise and see the boat. In this case, it is recommended to apply spinning.
  3. Pike responds well to ultrasonic sonar signal that helps bring it out of drowsy state in which she often resides.

Deciding to use a depth sounder for fishing for pike it is important to know how it will appear on the display. In the case of high-quality dual-beam models, the pike will appear in the form of elongated rectangles. On the monitor single-beam echo sounders it is shown as a constant visual signal. In addition, you need to remember that it does not apply to schooling fish and therefore, always singly.

A useful rule of pike fishing with sounder

If you have surely decided to use fish finder for catching the main predator of ponds, the need to remember a few important rules:

  • you should not try to get those pikes, which highlighted the sounder, especially if their population in the pond is quite large. They may not respond to your manipulation, and time will be lost;
  • it is recommended to look for areas where one edge was highlighted several fish that are very close to each other. Optimal depth in this case is 5 to 7 meters. After the discovery of such a zone is marked with buoys.
  • if pike was discovered at a depth of less than five meters, it is recommended to fish with spinning. Samples should be run with the period of time of 20-30 minutes;
  • if the reservoir a little pike, and a single-beam echo sounder, it is better to look for individual fish and the best places for their habitat;
  • if the predator is not detected in his frequent places of residence, or quickly flashes on the monitor, it indicates the presence of a Jora. In this case you need to postpone the search and start fishing.

The use of echo-sounder when fishing for pike allows you to monitor its behavior, and thus adjust their actions. Due to this, fishing is not only more successful, but also gambling.

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