Fishermen and hunters – being superstitious

Even desevere in something to believe in. And for the superstitious it is better not to approach: from the wrong side, then good luck thou shalt not covet, a woman with a bucket to drive around for half a kilometer to have.

I refer rather to the first category, that is, not superstitious, but when a sign suddenly fall – still stirs the soul. A lot of will overcame, that is pericallosal (type unparsed landing net or cage prior to fishing), but with some struggle, that is percolative.

Do you know how perekalivatsja signs? I think some shamanic methods? Not at all. And the that is, best way and using the young science of statistics. This process is not always quick, but always exciting. Here’s how: on a fishing trip or in advance is violated by any sign, then look at the result of fishing – if the result is to become consistently good – luck spell. I learned from Serge Stubborn (the nickname stuck to him for good reason) when he’s in one season took a fishing fish, therefore, proudly stepping through the belief mass of fishermen that fish on fishing in any form to take you should not. And it worked! Started to catch regularly and even better than before. But there are pitfalls: it was in inverse relationship signs started to fear to go fishing without fish. And, frankly, it is not yet clear what is the better luck: no fish to go fishing or with fish.

In General, well on those signs. Look at the examples of friends and myself are starting to believe…

Here and far including fishing trips, beautiful places eseninskiy at Oka under Konstantinovo began with the implementation of one of the rare but stable to take: “if you caught the first fish the first cast – fishing will not.”

At 6 o’clock in the morning out on the fairway, “saw edge”, threw the outlet on the first posting, a little episody perch. If it would have happened on Akhtuba – eye would not lead. But oke for me the event is excited. The bass was clearly substandard, but against his release worked for another sign: “fish don’t let go”. Running into two signs at once is the arrogance that is punishable, so I had bass to send to the cook. The second sign was spared, take for I with redoubled energy began to “bomb” the edge – I needed a second fish. Thank God, after a couple of Postings on the fishing line dangling about the same perch. Fuuu bounced. On the bass everything is clear. Get up here, drop it there and so you can fish it all day and well atlavitsa. But fishing is a creative process. Perch we solved, it is necessary to look for bigger fish to fry. Moreover, these places are new to me and it was very interesting to study them from the point of view of the depths of the bottom relief, etc.

After this incident with bass, somehow intuitively felt that the fishing will be interesting. Well, at least not like usual, something has to happen. And put my fishing went on as usual: also caught a few bass on the fairway took the pike near Cage, time 9 hours a night is not spouse, it’s time to shore. Fishing should be fun!

On the shore were waiting for a good company and a barbecue and ribs from the hog. As it should: eat – need to sleep. It’s summer, the heat, the fish activity markedly shifted to dawn.

IDE. Fishing for bullhead

The evening came to the study of the site below the camp. Passing with the Fishfinder at low speed, notice the area of the channel at a depth of 6.0-6.5 m with transverse humps like a washing machine – what you need! Here the fish will freeze! Small area – 150 meters long and 20 meters wide, maybe that’s why I’m here, except for one boat with a local, no one noticed. Score the boundaries of the site into your browser, hang a 6-meter Yu-Zuri only start pass – kick and someone sickly begins to resist. Start podmahivat and at the same time to get the landing net out from under the pile of junk in the boat – his duty when he urgently needed.

Estimate the size of what “the end”. Resistance as pike 2.5-3.0 kg, but not the pike, and judging by the jerks and pressure, and not perch, judging by the “winding heads”, something in between. What is it? Drag – somenok, 1.5 kg, but is very nimble, he did not expect such a hurried. Admire and examine it. Took exactly (not sabirin)- tee on the inner side of the mouth. So much time fishing and sominka on spinning fishing for the first time. Miraculously, this is not because som is still a predator and lures sometimes comes across, for me “the singularity”. Remember morning reflections and assign it number 1.

Then decide to get a little closer to shore. Where the depth is smaller – at the curb – meter of 3.5-4.0. Hung Yu-Zuri hardcore lb-90sp acid colors. This is one of my favorite models, I remember how caught him perch on Akhtuba. Remember the story of this crank, as I have several different colors:

It was like this: April 2010, the lower Volga, Erik Kazachiy. The next time you cast mesh sieve, fit the boat to your network, pick up to release your lure and notice that next to my hanging the most hardcore acid colors, apparently someone caught the chain and tore it off. Good “catch”, will take place in the box.

This Wobbler I put. Little passing, notice that he stopped playing. “Grass”- I thought. Begin exhausting , get Wobbler, notice that he got caught in some braided line – not mine. Tackle some sort of something illegal? Start podmahivat this fence. The fence what is new for brakora, I thought, when it was in the hands of a ball 50 meters. In any case, it is necessary to remove, to avoid snags. But the surprise was to come: at the other end of the fences was tied Wobbler Yu-Zuri 6-meter, similar to that which caught catfish, only different colors.

I sit stunned by the coincidence: once rescued from the water and is found in the network, VMC has brought another one of his brother. Assign this “unusual” number 2.

Talking about these “unusual” and morning meditation, sipping brandy from fljazhechki, I came to the conclusion that the two “unusual” for the day, this in itself is unusual. So, it turns out that this fact to be assigned a room. It appears this “singularity №3”.

So do not believe after that in signs.

At lunch the next day I had to drive home, so the morning went through already explored points, took a couple of perch, one at 1.8 kg, the second – apparently his younger brother is exactly 2 times smaller and went home, speaking on the topic: how many unusual in our lives, if these “unusual” waiting and preparing for them.

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