Fishing holiday fishing tackle TM SPRUT

And here again, the long-awaited weekend. Weather seems to be back to normal, the winds subsided, the pressure was on track, however the heat has not dropped. And in anticipation of our fishing holiday, we are fishing.

As previous fishing, so today we decided to fish from their valid points. Safely arrived at the fishing spot, drop offs there’s a decent shot with a 9-meter drop to a depth of 20 meters .

With the gear determined immediately, on past trips here, nice caught of cudaczek small size, the bypass leash with crank SPRUT FUDZI 60’S, though in my Arsenal is the same, but RH colors, but why not try. Right, let’s go fishing. Today as in the past uncover the fishing spinning SPRUT RENZO 274 M, is attached to the coil, connect the snap-in and forward , so help us God fishing.

The first casting in depth to no avail. Started to harvest cones -Melaka.

And wonder just for a second wiring on the other end of the cord KEITARO twitched a worthy opponent, a short fight with the fish and fanged pound rogue safely out of his element. Apparently perch in the early morning was still fed on Melaka .

Subsequent casts brought results worse than a lot of stuff released to grow up, but today even a normal walleye bigger than small.

A few hours later, Zander dumped somewhere, no depth, not on melakah it was not. It was decided to withdraw from the point in search of more efficient. Having traveled to three places, and really Poima fish, although these points before and caught bass and pike, I decided to finish fishing.

Well, what the holiday celebrated, caught some fish, relaxed, energy and emotions picked up, now you home , waiting your next fishing trip, which if the weather does not disappoint, will be held next week. The weather today did not disappoint, clouds covered the sun was not so hot.The wind is light, moderate.

Fished today gear SPRUT – spinning RENZO274M cord KEITARO 0.12 mm, Wobbler FUDZI 60S RH.

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