Fishing in the Black sea (Tuapse)

To start this story I would like that as soon as we decided that going to the beach (and more specifically in Tuapse) I was interested in the question of the ability to catch fish there. I relied on the Internet, went to a search engine and made the request “Fishing in the Black sea” – to which I gave a lot of links, but no specific information learn I couldn’t.

Then I decided that I would have to learn everything yourself, and began to think, what kind of rods and tackle to take. After analyzing the possible conditions of fishing, I decided to take 2 spinning reel and 2 spinning reels and a set of hooks and weights (the weight of 10 to 20 grams) – in order to make the Donk. The float rod decided not to take, because it did not represent the conditions of fishing, and in consequence of this decision was almost correct.

When we (me, dad, mom and brother) came to Tuapse, then the next day went to walk around the city and went to the waterfront, where we saw fishermen. Approached and began to observe the first group – they were caught on a float (but it was not such a fishing rod which I have) – they kept “flight” of the rod length of 7 meters. Immediately struck by the fact that they are used as bait – one wound on the hook for something from the syringe, the second used white bread.

And if the first catch seems to like the classical method (however, the contents of the syringes remained a mystery – there is an assumption that this special boiled semolina porridge flavored additives), the second caught in a very special (at least for me this method was a novelty). Their tackle was slightly different – instead of single hooks were used double, and white bread they are mounted above the double hook, and the biting fish hooking.

The catch respectively have first and second different – the representative first caught a big fish – 30 inches (it was probably the mullet), the second caught more often, but their catch was small fish up to 10 cm, whose name I unfortunately can not say. After going a little farther, we saw fishermen who fished on the donkey – and I realized that the right tackle. A little bit after watching their success, we went home to prepare for fishing the next day.

The next day, after analyzing where there are fishing shops (used Spravochnik 2gis), we first went there for bait. Came into the store and asked the sellers what it is possible to fish from the shore – they advised me to buy black sea crustacean (70 rubles per portion 200 grams), sold in frozen form and while going to the place of fishing is available for use. Also bought 2 donkey for 30 rubles – they were a classic installation (sliding load and 3 hooks – 2 load above and 1 below), in order to soon begin to catch, and look at used by local fishermen tackle. Also the sellers approximately orientated where you have to catch in order to accurately catch and there wasn’t a lot of hooks.

Arriving at the fishing location (initially, we adjusted for the ship “IRBIS”, which is every 1.5 hours approached to take passengers once a tour to the rock Kiseleva), but wanted to sit where there already were people. Dismantled t-shirts, tied the donkey, have planted the shrimp and threw (not far, just a couple of meters – the depth was about 5-6 feet). The bite was not long in coming – it was aggressive strikes, rarely broach. But cutting was the problem. It is worth saying, at first we didn’t clean the shrimp (as the prawns before eating), but then I realized that it is better to do. As it turned out, despite the fact that the fish was exposed hooks faster and soon was caught the first fish (it was like a ruff – spiky and scary).

A man came up and said it Skorpena, and that it is poisonous, but if properly cleaned, it is possible to eat. Mom looked on the Internet really Skorpena is one of the most venomous fish, and she was released. Second fish caught was much prettier than the first – was similar to bream.

Again, this same man suggested that this Karkosik and the fish went in the bag with the catch. Was later caught another fish very similar to cod (and again came to the aid of a man and said the fish is the name of the Dog that it is not edible and even cats don’t eat).

Accordingly, she was released, but was later caught and denied 2 more words regarding the cats, they ate the fish with great pleasure. Polovit a little while, we Packed up and went home, the catch was modest – only 1 Karkosik, and all the fish caught brother.

The day we went fishing again, and this time he came “on time” (after trying to catch on the float rod, made of spinning) could sit in another place, where he successfully fished other fishermen. There we met a woman – her age is 50 years, caught it very well. She had full equipment – high chair, 2 spinning, 2 bait and a bucket of 5 liters under the fish, which is constantly replenished catch. Threw the donkey (it was already done by me: since the first day bought was left on the seabed because of hooks) and waited for a bite. They were in contrast to the first day of the rarer, but more effective – brother caught a Mullet (the fish, we knew in advance, and we didn’t need anybody’s help in her identification), and later brother once caught Karakosta. I only saw the bite and quickly filled the bucket sitting next to women. But a little later Fortuna became more favourably disposed toward me, and I caught a Mullet.

Polovit a little more, we went home – we already had given the first day of the 4 fish – 2 Karakosta and 2 red mullet, which was fried and eaten (though it was small, but very tasty).

There was a third day of fishing, but he did not bring any result, except that we learned about the poor quality of the bait sold in stores compared to just caught the bait (crustaceans) and looked at how other fishermen caught Mullet of centimeters on 30.

It’s time to sum up the results of the reconnaissance brought modest results and some experience. Even though we fished a little, I want to give advice to intending to rest on the sea – bring your spinning rods and a donkey. As bait will approach the crayfish from the store, however, as shown, freshly caught crayfish is much harder, the fish cannot remove it and it often comes across. Of course, you can buy a marine worm (sold in buckets of mayonnaise) – but there is a lottery, it can be like only 1 worm, or if very lucky, the pieces 15, while the price is high. Worm fish takes the hook faster than the crustaceans, and the worm dies very quickly. For convenience, the orientation will show you where we fished in the panorama – day 1 and day 2.

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