Fishing in tsimlyanskoye water reservoir

In the Rostov and Volgograd regions, there are many excellent places for fishing. Rostov region is famous for fishing on the don, Manych, Miusskaya Estuary. But the hearts of many fans, conquered fishing on the tsimlyanskoye reservoir. Winter and summer, come here lovers of active rest

Fishing on the tsimlyanskoye reservoir

Where to catch in tsimlyanskoye reservoir

Length of this artificial reservoir 180 km, width is about 30 meters, with a depth of around 9 metres. Formed, during the construction of the Tsimlyanskaya hydropower plant. Fish stocks in this reservoir do catch it, one of the most attractive in the South of the country. The best places for fishing on the Simleu – wide stretches of the old riverbed, the confluence of rivers.

The bottom of the Tsimlyansk reservoir has a complex topography, which contributes to the rapid growth of the fish. Here are two channel, many different pits and shallows. Snags, areas of pebbly and sandy bottom.

There is a lesson for fans of all types of fishing. Quotrem you can get good specimens of the silver carp, lovers of float fishing waiting for roach, rybets, carp, and of course hybrid (people in the name of Spooks).

Lovers of fishing predators too will enjoy the spoils. And what can we say about carp, carp, Amur. Each fish, depending on the time of year, here has their favorite places. Some, described below.

Thus, the ranking of the Top 5 best places of the Tsimlyansk reservoir for fishing and family vacations:

  1. Base “DON-SOYUZ”. Located on a sand spit. It runs almost to the center of the reservoir. On the boat, anglers quickly arrive at the place of fishing. You can catch all kinds of fish, especially pike and catfish. Fans of float fishing rods, will also find roach, vimba, bream, crucian carp and other fish. The only negative, the base did not have electricity. But it is supplied with batteries and generators. Special inconveniences it does not deliver.
  2. “The Jolly herring”. The campsite is located near Novomaksimovskiy, on the picturesque place. About 140 kilometers from the city on the Volga. Coniferous forest, is protected by law. Hunters in these areas do not appear. A lot of birds, and some inhabitants of the base, was formerly of small wild animals. There are no traces of human activity. The place is very beautiful. Channels, island. Bays of reeds lake. Quiet creeks, deep holes on the bottom. All this allows anglers to catch trophy pike, perch, catfish. And even carp, roach, white bream. Chub, carp, carp. And of course the perch, so loving sandy or pebbly bottom. The list goes on. Base takes fishermen and vacationers year-round.
  3. St. Suvorov, Surovikinsky district. There are many camp sites and wild camps. Good pike and roach, perch. Catfish can be caught with more luck. Oh and all the white fish is very active here. Also you can catch winter and summer.
  4. On the spit of the Bay, near Volgodonsk, is another attractive fishing spot on the Simleu. There is also well caught all of the above listed fish, fishing camps, will take visitors at any time of the year, and experienced huntsman, will create conditions for unforgettable fishing.
  5. The Village Nagavskaya. Is not inferior to the previously named places. Here well will feel the poplavochnikov. The location is close to the Central part of the reservoir, provides a great opportunity to catch pike and walleye.

And now, let’s consider a very important question to catch that? After all, fishing in tsimlyanskoye water reservoir allows you to apply various types of gear. Consider the three main types of fishing in tsimlyanskoye water reservoir. The BASICS of RENTING a BICYCLE: a BICYCLE IS NOT TERRIBLE the rental of the bicycles today are found almost at every step, at least in Moscow.

Fishing with spinning on the tsimlyanskoye reservoir

Fishing with spinning on the Simleu, in this vast area, anglers have plenty of fishing options. Consider all in order:

Fishing for pike and perch in tsimlyanskoye reservoir

Used various lures and spinners. Trolling, twitching is only a small part of the ways of transaction. It is best to catch in the Central part of the reservoir, near the reeds and in the ducts through it. In this fishing thing is not to give the trophy to go into the reeds and immediately try to get him to the boat. Caught a pike on the Simleu up to 5-7 kg, trophies over 10 pounds are rare. Pike truancy of up to 3 kg are common in coastal parts, as well as in bays, bayous.

Develops trolling. This fishing on a moving boat, around the station, catch the trophies up to 15 kg from the deep places. It is very good on the edge of Simleu perch and pike.

Use a variety of bait. It is important to remember the depth of heavier lures and massive wobblers. Closer to the surface – the lighter the surface, and diving crankbaits.

Perch takes the bait, only smaller in size. Also, there are people who like jig with silicone heads and bombed.

Pike on the Simleu loves a tight bottom, and here it is expanse. Caught in parlance,as well as on certain types of lures.

The feeder fishing in tsimlyanskoye reservoir

The feeder on the Simleu catch a variety of fish, bream, roach, crucian carp. And larger types of carp, common carp, white Amur.

The feeder fishing in tsimlyanskoye water reservoir more small fish on the example of bream. It is best to use finely-fractional bait, it allows you to keep the fish in place, in spring and autumn it is better to do it on the basis of Bloodworms and other worms. The smaller the bait, the longer it will be enough.

A variety of bait also depends on the time of year, the main

Foods cooked porridge from different grains, and each angler has his own secrets. Larger fish caught on the same principle. Only for catching carp and carp on the Simleu use other types of bait. Here and strawberry, vanilla and many other flavors. And they are more like corn and barley than bloodworms.

Fishing on the float rod in tsimlyanskoye reservoir

Fishing on the float rod on the Simleu anglers will present a good size roach, bream, Zope, carp and spooks. But the most desired trophy is bream. Roach second by popularity. And it the most affordable carp and hybrids. The principle of fishing have not changed for many centuries. Watch the bobber and don’t miss.

But for successful fishing it is necessary to remember favorite places of each fish. Bream loves the edge between the pits and great depth(4-6 m), roach, Zope, dushman – like places smaller and dense vegetation. Easier to hide from predators. In the winter all go to wintering holes.

Tackle for fishing in tsimlyanskoye reservoir

The type of equipment and its components depends on the time of year, even for one fish. Let’s examine the features of the gear for each of them.

Fishing in the spring on the Simleu

Fishing in tsimlyanskoye water reservoir in the spring is the time when the fish awakens from its winter stiffness and apathy. The water in the early spring, transparent, that’s why the line is better to take more subtle. It should be remembered that during the spawning period, any fishing is prohibited. Every year it’s a different time, but basically the month of may. Roach and pike, by this time, however, it spawns from.

The first in Simleu fatten before spawning begins roach. At this time, the value of the catch may be up to 30 kilograms per day. Hook 3-4 rooms, a small sinker and bobber. Fishing line with a diameter of 0,2 and 0,15 leash. Good heavy rod, and no reel. All ready for fishing. We should not forget what to take with itself on fishing, should be all kinds of baits. Fishing for carp at this time is also very exciting.

Pike, perch, Zander, too, come to the big hunt. Here, also remember a small diameter the thickness of the line. And the darker color lures, the sun bright, bright lures will be worse to attract a predator. And all other fish, the rule of clear water.

Fishing in the summer on the Simleu

For catching predators in the summer on the Simleu, it is better to use a cord, not fishing line, it will reduce the breaks and increase sensitivity to biting. General rule: water became more turbid, so the line can put thicker and the hooks are larger. For catfish you should use only the strings.

Remember with fever, should go to deeper places. The depth to use lighter lures. Should take all of their fishing lures. The predator can bite rare in Your collection, the bait.

Winter fishing on the Simleu

Winter fishing on the Simleu – at this time there is a complete change of gear and fishing tactics. Fish rolls in wintering holes. Although the first-ice fish activity increases, then there is a long period of gluhozime. Fishing line and hooks again put minimal.

The next change is again predators. Pike are starting to catch on to the imitation fish, a kind of summer of circles. This type of fishing is the most exciting. Raised a red flag and the rotating coil. And still have to run. Imagine how much adrenaline you get.

The white fish are jigs, to list them, it makes no sense. Everyone has their favorite.

Come to these beautiful places, rich in fish and to enjoy fishing. However, in recent times, Tsimlyanskoe reservoir began to grow shallow, but we believe that the second of the Aral sea will not be here.

Fishing spot: Kotelnikovsky Bay, H. Safronov, Columns 22 – 24 Feb. Great weather, great catch, the great feast! Continuous positive!

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