Fishing on Buzan the sleeve of Volga

A little below is separated from the Volga the other wide sleeve – Buzan. This is, from the standpoint of the geographers, the official end of the Volga-Akhtuba floodplain and the beginning of the Delta of the Volga.

Where is forks water area – also very good from the point of view of the angler. Fans of “light” spinning almost always be able to “break away” in full on the ASP boilers at the entrance to the Buzan very much, and takes a predator in season quite eagerly.

However, the lesson here are not only for fans of catching fish. Near the first island on the left side, when viewed from the Volga, you can get, if lucky, of course, just fantastic biting carp.

Catch carp on here it mostly on the ground, a nozzle – a worm, a shell. These places differ in that the abundance of snags and almost always calm water – not the last factor for many anglers who come here with rubber boats.

Further South in the choice of possible locations of fishing you will face a question: where? You can, for example, to move down through the main bed of the Volga. Sailing along the Volga, you’ll come to Astrakhan.

According to Buzan, in the Delta

For many current fans of the lower Volga fishing is almost terra incognita.

Ending the conversation about fishing on the river waters of the Volga. you need to make a reservation. If you are going to go to these places first, especially if you have never fished on a huge river, I would not recommend immediately put your camp on the banks of the Volga.

The river at this point is very capricious and cunning, quite capable of punishing the careless careless angler. It is not clear where there is a sharp wind, and, consequently, high waves, intense navigation on the river, quite a strong current – these and other factors can easily spoil the mood of his Hobbies. Fishing is fishing, but safety on the water – it is still paramount.

Fishing on Akhtuba

So on his first departure in the lower Volga it is possible to find something quieter. For example, sung by many a place on the legendary Volga sleeve, famous Akhtuba.

This river, unlike her sisters of the Volga river, not so wide. Fish here, maybe a little smaller than on the Volga expanses, but almost everywhere it is possible to catch on Akhtuba with rubber boats, not bothering to transportation “doralice” with the motor. And very worthy of any angler instances on Akhtuba are not so rare.

One is bad – too many people in the season rides on his coveted Akhtuba. Once I had a chance to sail August dark, as always in these parts, at night in a motor boat on Akhtuba in the district of three rivers. It was then a feeling that the river rose suddenly a new big city. Everywhere, far as the eye was missing, there was music, loud voices, flashing the lights and fires, and lights, and even electricity generators. Any tree or group of trees on the banks of the Akhtuba in these parts sometimes even become the cause of misunderstandings between individual fishermen wishing to justify his camp here.

And in this community, admit to ourselves and the fishing is not quite that, which for so long dreamed of winter evenings. Many times, it happens chertyhneshsya before we venture to throw a lure, so many anglers concerned about the same and the left and right, front and behind you. Yes, and from the shore is not particularly sexually – literally every inch of the sandy coastal beach scored danocrine-sasanatieng.

But, on the other hand, in this community of colleagues in the hobby and live a happier, often in the evenings the anglers who come here with their families, go “visit” each other, as is usual with us, with a frosty bottle of “Lotus* or PA-Roy-another favorite bottles of all Beers “Volzhanin”. And you can talk to, and exciting day of fishing to remember. And imagine how cool the morning dawn to haul in the boat of sominka kilo that way for ten or fifteen right in the sight of all the other anglers! What was said, and the fun of catching trophy tenfold increased if there are numerous live witnesses. The evening will have something to brag about!

Because, probably, and still will not turn away from these places dozens and dozens of anglers when planning your next holiday. And names of bodies of water – Parashka-channel of the river Ashuluk, Kolkman, Karabalyk, Erika Bath with a Brick – it all sounds to them the sweetest music.

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