Fishing on the Volga river

After overexposed no one will refuse a good rest, for example, fishing. A real fisherman, and considers himself as such everyone would like to fish in the Astrakhan region. Because the Volga river provides a huge diversity of fish.

For example, in the Delta of the Volga river inhabited by carp, carp, sturgeon, IDE, bream, catfish, pike, perch and other fish species.

In addition to actually fishing, being on the Volga, you can get great pleasure from the beauty of the surrounding nature. It’s pretty here all the rising and setting sun, the surface of the water, untouched open spaces and abundant wildlife.

Astrakhan fishing remains in memory forever because the emotions experienced are simply not allowed to forget her – biting will not allow you to take a NAP or get bored and time flies incredibly fast.

Professional base for fishermen – this is what you need. Comfortable rooms will allow you to quickly settle and do not worry about their things.

The advice of specialist trainers fishing will help you to choose the place for fishing and all the necessary gear. Another kind of the highlight of the vacation – sightseeing tours that tell about the region, its history and attractions.

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