Fishing on Verkhnerusskoe reservoir

Verkhnerusskoe reservoir is a fairly remote pond located in the Western part of the Moscow region; it is surrounded by dense forests and is famous for its abundance of well-fed pike.

Verkhnerusskoe reservoir – reservoir on the river Ruza is located on the West of Moscow region on the urban area of Shakhovskaya. Filled in 1988.

Description Verkhnerusskoe reservoir

The full volume of 40 million m3, the area of 9.4 km2. Width up to 2.8 km, the length is about 20.5 km, depth up to 12 m of water-level Fluctuations of up to 2 meters.

Located on an altitude of 209 metres above sea level. Formed by an earthen dam with a length of 500 metres.

Freezes Verkhnerusskoe reservoir in late November, opened in late April.

Used for the Moscow water supply (water is supplied to the Rublevsky waterworks), as well as regulate the flow of the river of Ruza. A popular vacation spot.

Someone to catch on Verkhnerusskoe reservoir

The famous place for fishing among anglers. Winter, spring, summer and autumn in the reservoir caught: bream, pike, Zander, perch, roach, ruff, perch, bream, burbot less.

Located on the banks Cherenkova village, the village of Sutoki, Memelink, Romantsevo, Tilinina and several suburban communities.

The capture of 3-5-pound “crocodile” pike in these areas is not uncommon, despite the fact that the reservoir have enough “fodder” of small fish. And the thing that Verkhnerusskoe reservoir pike and other fish are actively feeding throughout the winter. If other reservoirs zhor pike falls on the end of the ice, and then Verkhnerusskoe reservoir pike bite even in the winter, and increased activity of the predator at the beginning of March. It is connected with very good water circulation, which “chase” the pumps of water station nearby connecting channel Yauza – Ruza. It also the reservoir of many gullies and generally ice-free polynyas.

Where to catch big pike on Verkhnerusskoe reservoir

Most pike in the Western part of the reservoir, especially near the confluence of Oak and Black, but you can get there is that detour along the shore on the snowmobile, which are on a fishing base located in the village Vilenina. But the freight cost is quite high – 1500 rubles per person one way. Following the pike places, you need to move where the ice is hard.

Arriving at the place, you’ll catch some bait fish, small perch or roach; you can find them everywhere along the coast, especially in the snags.

Catching pike on the imitation fish on Verkhnerusskoe reservoir

If in other bodies of water we fish pike in a specially-equipped imitation fish, in which you use extended, not less than 0.5 m, the lead of the fishing line with a diameter of 0.35 mm (more coarse tackle this fish will simply ignore), then Verkhnerusskoe reservoir without metal, and more soft Kevlar leash not to do because pike fiercely resisted during playing. Coil imitation fish should have a good inertia braking, or when the classic stop pike fishing line can fold and overlap.

The imitation fish is set in a checkerboard pattern along the edge of the riverbed which flows into rivers at a distance of 15-20 meters from each other. Sometimes the Gerlich set on the rocks and snags. However, the new pond may not always guess the exact Parking location of the predator, so after a long inactivity zherlits is recommended to move them to the side for 10-15 m or even to watch a new area of fishing.

The hole, which is equipped with hooks under the ice, be sure to sprinkle snow or closed by a piece of cardboard that should have along with you, not very deep light penetrating the water through the hole, scares the predator.

Fishing spring reservoir Verkhnerusskoe

In the spring, with the arrival on the pond of meltwater, and to revive in the underwater Kingdom, a small fish again concentrated in the snags near the grass.

Imitation fish intended for fishing in snags, are some of the features. As you know, pike grabs the bait, tends to leave the shelter. If the density of snags is very high, the supply of fishing line on the spool left 0.5 m. In this case, the leash is used two tee, one of which (located in the sliding position) geared at the base of the dorsal fin of the live bait and the other for his lip.

This is done in order to increase the chances for the strike, the moment when the pike have not yet swallowed the bait. When fishing in snags is very important to continuously monitor the flags of Gerlich and when you bite in a timely manner to do the cutting. Sometimes the snags are fishing on imitation fish with a tee and tied above the hook. In this case the bait stick upside down: hook, hooked near the tail, and a tee sticking out of the mouth, record the fish in a vertical position. Pike with this method of fishing usually overreach itself.

Vertical jigging on Verkhnerusskoe reservoir

On Verkhnerusskoe reservoir it gives good results and sheer trolling. In the coastal area that we usually catch pike on a small round spinner type “petal” 20×40 mm, which often tempt a big perch. When fishing at depths used spinners in size 20×70 mm, the shape of the profile resembles a pear.

Pike spinner should have a good plan in the water and on the grip of the predator often provokes ingenious combination of the game spinner. Usually, if after 7-10 strokes of the spinning bite did not happen, move on to another hole. However, it so happens that on returning to the old hole in another time, the angler suddenly finds himself with a catch. This is due to the fact that pike at different times of day may be in different parts of his land. When ongoing throughout the winter activity of the predator circuit this route can be quite broad.

Fishing for burbot in the reservoir Verkhnerusskoe

A few words about fishing for other fish. Verkhnerusskoe burbot in the reservoir due to the abundance of food worth however, in March this fish become much more active. Burbot trail should seek the sand and rocks of the steep coast near the mouths of rivers flowing into it, where, according to our observations, in spring, the concentration of cod is much higher than at other times.

Roach and bream

Roach in the pond very much, but the larger specimens rarely come across. In the spring the ice to look for roaches need predstavim bays in snags at a depth of 3-4 m. Small bream has a more clean and deep places, but sometimes he goes on a shallow predoslovie tables where there are holes and other irregularities.

Those who do not like the big hits, unable to catch a predator at the exit of Filelinkage Bay (right side), but such a catch as in the outer parts of the reservoir, this is not guaranteed due to the fact that near the village the locals indulge networks. But usually here without a couple of pike anglers do not leave, and only one or two kalinchikov required to take.

How to get to Verkhnerusskoe reservoir

Travel to Verkhnerusskoe reservoir:

  • on a train from the Riga station to the station Shakhovskaya,
  • then go by bus towards Males to the village Markovo,
  • next to the village Vilenina 3.5 km will have to walk.

If you get your own transport, you have to go on the Riga highway through Shahovskoy and Sereda. After the turn at the end of the line will be the village Markovo, from which a road goes to Vilenina. Pilninskiy fishing on the basis of 50 beds. Fishing vouchers.

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