Fishing: the right location, tackle, time

Fishing is a great pastime in nature, a good hobby and fun and interesting. Each fisherman has their favorite time of year to go fishing. All four seasons and each has its own fishing. Its interesting and different from the intensity of biting.

Summer fishing

Most suitable for beginners fishermen. You can go to the pond with the whole family for a few days. Summer morning dawn yet the heat of the day the best time to fish. Caught all the fish that hang out in a local pond. The day bite is waning, but the sun again.

Autumn fishing

For fans of predatory fish. Predators begin feeding for the winter, the so-called zhor. Fall feeds mostly at night. The day is usually fished on spinning, and at night bottom fishing on the feeder.

Winter fishing

The longest time is the first ice, deep winter and last ice. Very interesting fishing on the ice. But we must be careful and attentive. Especially on last ice.

Biting usually all day depending on weather conditions. But not all fish bite in the winter, some species of fish fall to asleep and even true hibernation such as catfish, tench, crucian carp and Chub. On lakes and reservoirs the ice costs more than the rivers and therefore fishing there longer. Winter fishing has the advantage over the summer.

Winter is easier to get to places where in the summer do not get. But in the winter you have to be very careful not to fall through the ice. Bathing in cold water is very dangerous faces a cold or even fatal. Chronic inflammation of the intervertebral joints leading to fusion, is called ankylosing spondylitis. Pathology is dangerous because the fusion of …

Especially in the fall on the first ice and the spring loose ice. In the fall when the ice reaches five to six centimetres on the slopes, you can go fishing, it is better not alone. Autumn ice is much stronger spring. To feel out of place with grass a successfully, sticking out of the ice snags, Bush, bushes. In these places the ice is weakest.

Spring fishing

Usually the most profitable. In the spring the fish wakes up quite an appetite after spawning. Therefore, in the spring for fishing, there are some limitations. Ban on fishing with nets. A limited number of hooks and fishing rods. As well as spawning grounds, reservoir. No wood fires, acts of fire-prevention measure prevention of forest fires.

How to choose a place for successful fishing

To fishing was successful, it is necessary to choose the right place on the river or other water body. In the summer when the water is warmer the fish are committed to the grassy shores and into the depths. Early in the morning and in the evening after the day’s heat abatement is fed out to the beach.

Locations are selected according to what fish should be caught. For this it is necessary to know the characteristics of different breeds of fish. Predators often choose a Creek with algae or driftwood where they can hide and quietly watch yourself prey. Big fish like deep.

Small fish the upper layer of the water where Sunny and warm. Some of the fish found in the shallows. The shallow and fast current. During winter it is necessary to choose where the mouth of the rivers where the level is constantly fluctuating causing the movement of fish. With the onset of cold fish out of familiar habitat. Looking deeper, if in the summer you can see how the fish splashing on the surface, in the autumn of utter calm.

How to fish on the pond

Fish need every different. Need for fishing choose a quiet calm place in the sun. Need to advance to lure the fish into the previously selected location. Then you can most likely count on the lucky fishing.

On the morning dawn in complete silence with my gear to wait for the first bite. Which will not make you wait too long under favorable weather conditions. Need my fishing rod to be attentive, to react to the bite and hooking the catch. Hooks must be sharp. Then it will be less annoying gatherings. Not to make noise once again the fish love peace.

The rod need to be lightweight and long enough and comfortable. The float or the indicator must be sensitive. To hook in you need time neither earlier nor later. In the shallows fishing boats interesting view catching Chub.

On winter fishing experienced anglers sprinkled the hole with snow and a successfully make a hole. Throw the jig whether fish are not afraid of sunlight. In winter, the fishermen love to catch pike on the imitation fish. Summer at the clubs and spinning. Don’t forget the mosquito repellent they are very distracting.

What better to fish and catch decent copies

The fishermen professionals have different types of fishing rods, lures, nozzles. Outfit the best, convenient and very durable. Not waterproof and not blown. In the summer to pick up the nozzle quite difficult since the fish are fed and poop a lot. But usually it’s worms, bloodworms, maggot, corn, wheat and barley porridge. Fishing for the Amateur with a need to have a net and a lure. In winter mostly the nozzle is bloodworms and diamonds.

In the winter time fishing need a drill, hook, box, tent. Accordingly, the gear should be warm not blown. Boots special winter do not get wet. Warm and comfortable mittens. In drill needs to be sharpened knives.

A lot of different kinds of lure and a spinner. Bass need intense game of jigs and bream and Rudd less intense and smooth. Bream picks up the nod at this point you need to strike. Bass stops playing or punches.

What kind of fish to catch

It is better to catch the fish which are biting well and which many in the pond. Basically it is usually perch it is well to be fruitful and growing fast. It’s pretty much in different waters. The perch is biting usually under different weather conditions, it is not picky about attachments. Biting almost all year round. And good trolling takes. Stop biting on one hole we must go to look at other holes. Perch fish schooling and alone to not walk.

This one caught should be next. Not in a hurry to leave. Bream, too, goes in flocks especially in the spring. Almost always and everywhere the fish are biting ruff. Prickly and pesky fish, but it turns out very tasty ear. Ruff takes all of the fisherman, on any nozzle.

Pike are biting almost all year round. But especially in the fall when she starts biting. Pike inclement weather, drizzle. Bite as trolling and live bait. But as luck would have it bait bite is not particularly in autumn, especially in cloudy weather.

Karp is fond of silence so bite on a good summer day in the early morning. Loves porridge and boiled potatoes and bite readily on worms. Karas also loves the silence and the heat but rarely bite and winter. Bleak is a schooling fish bite is especially good in the spring when the water warms after the ice melts. Chub the fish loves fast strong over the cool water. To catch the fish you need in the shallows. Respects insects, grasshoppers, flies, dragonfly.

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