Flooding in the Ryazan region was calm

On the Oka river near the city of Ryazan, the peak of rise of water recorded on 31 March at around 128 cm (norm: 567 cm), on the river Moksha in p. G. T. Kadoma – April 3, at 507 cm (norm: 661 cm).

To cut off water to the settlements were organized detours and boat crossing. For the prevention and elimination of consequences of flood in the territory of the Ryazan region established grouping of forces and means in structure of 3950 people and 1423 units. Every day in the work of the task forces was attended by 28 people and 12 pieces of equipment.

Wednesday, April 23, took place the meeting of the Commission under Plenipotentiary representative of RF President in the Central Federal district for prevention and liquidation of emergency situations and ensuring fire safety. From the Ryazan region in the selector was attended by Vice-Governor of the region Sergey Filimonov, chief Federal inspector Vladimir Sarafanov, heads of relevant ministries of the region, representatives of CoES under the government of the region.

The meeting summed up the passage of spring floods on the territory of Central Federal district regions in 2014. As noted by the Plenipotentiary representative of RF President in the Central Federal district Nikolai Ovsienko, this year was favourable and the flood situation. Due to preventive measures we managed to reduce the number of emergency situations on water objects.

A report on the current flood situation in the Ryazan region was made by Vice-Governor Sergey Filimonov. He noted that the period of the spring flood in the region was very calm and was, the maximum levels were close to minimum historical values, much below the average.

This is the website of the government of the Ryazan region.

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