Free evening Perches Eldorado

A free evening. And of course I spent fishing. Today I decided to check out one very interesting and promising stretch of the river City. This is perhaps my most favorite voblery the landfill in July and August. Weed, of small depth, pike and perch… Oh, cool places, love to fish there.

Today I realized that was never in those places in June, this is due to difficulties of travel to these places. But the last days without heavy rain, and finally today I without any problems got to this place. But having lowered the boat into the water, I was a little surprised.

The water level was higher than usual and didn’t make the thickets on the surface! I have a little time to be upset, but not to cancel the fishing trip, it is necessary to try! Long and hard was looking through the different vobleri, and ultralajtovogo, light, but all to no avail.

A few times even seen in small flocks perch chasing the fry, but they did not respond to my lures!

And now it is time MICRODIA. The battle is worm SPRUT TAKARI STRONG in colour engine oil. The result did not keep itself waiting.

Strangely, the bass is so perfectly responds to the rubber, but why no bites on lures? And tried to carry out the cranks and bottom layer, well, that’s not responding it all. In the end, I went smoothly on the rubber, and as it turned out, was not in vain. What I’m further away from where I started fishing, the greater was the bass. Moreover, the size of the lure were not so important. Even very small okoshki greedily swallowed 50 mm SPRUT KAGAMI. Also had a small lace.

Bites and capture just darkness. I haven’t watched this activity from a perch in my river. Soon KAGAMI fell into disrepair and I put vibrohvosta SPRUT ARU. Exactly ARU during further fishing seemed just perfect for these conditions. It held up fine on the hook and takes a huge amount of capture and bites.


About fishing lures, I almost forgot. Well, very nice perch bite today. Very greedy and vicious bite and powerful punch, brisk resistance. In General is a pleasure. Also noticed that the bass completely ignores any bright acidic colors. Put SPRUT HORI 50 in a bright light green color, 10 balls – 0 strikes. Just put this bait in a dark color – from the first casts of the bite and capture.

In General, the bass pleased cool, don’t scare my Titan leash. But pike it I still times out. Very toothy greedily grabbed the bait.

In total, over 2.5 hours of fishing I managed to catch about 70-80 perch and a few jacks. I haven’t had this off the perch. After all, in June my favorite place can surprise and delight.

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