Where to catch tench

The fishing success is very influenced by the choice of location. As long as you know where to catch tench, will depend on your catch. And the key wrinkle to choose the place of fishing is that Ling the fish are not schooling.

In the spring, Lin goes in pairs, and as soon as is the spawning of life alone. Big fish are hard to lure a bunch, with fine this issue is resolved, most importantly well fed.

Where is best to fish for tench? Often, the tench feeds on the squares with a muddy bottom and abundant aquatic vegetation. On lakes such places are difficult to reach and to fish from the shore does not, so there is a need to swim to the boat and to fish using float tackle, throwing the bait on the border of clean water and vegetation.

Very often you can find Lin’s in a thicket of horsetail and horsetail growing on a solid surface, which is covered with silt only slightly. About finding fish may signal a slight jiggle of the stems of algae. These places are best for fishing. Only be careful from the hooks, no one is immune, and tackle mind.

Another noted that the fish likes to be in the backwaters. Namely, in the period of floods, when they find water. And after a long stagnation of land, near creeks a lot of food. The main diet of the tench consists of animal fodder, only in the early spring it can include the shoots of young plants. You can also find out where to catch tench on the rising water bubbles. They arise due to the fact that the fish is looking for food and digging in the mud.

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