Grayling fishing on the Kola Peninsula

The most interesting route was fishing for grayling on a small river Nisima, which opened to us before “Curve threshold”, we headed along the river Rosinha to the threshold that divided the island. We could not wait to go fishing!

Quickly dealt with the gear and put the waders. I first caught a grayling while my colleague Alexander versed to tackle.

The Kola Peninsula is a great place to fish not only for salmon but also trout, whitefish, and grayling.

At a distance of 12 km from the famous village of Umba is a fishing club where the new cabins located on the banks of the Pilsko lips. House – beautiful views of the coast. The plan committed us to travel, had to make a couple of fishing trips.

Despite the fact that I’m 30 years and live at the foot of the Yenisei Grayling – will always remain for me the single most coveted gift! Another time I was fishing, and then moved to another place again… Grayling! How many it here!

Knocking a burning desire fishing, shooting our production, my colleague and began to eat. Thanks to the huntsman, we received information that the Umba is branched more than once, gives rise to the river Rosevinge, where he is now our location. Taking the beginning from Kan lake, river Rosinha bordered and flows into Ponch-lake, emerging, changed its name to Nesma and returned to Umba.

The whale river also flows into Ponch-lake. An amazing hike! Wonderful fishing from the Mechanisms, Rosevinge – salmon, to Cannes-lakes – pike, perch and grayling!

In lodges you can stay for the night. Amazing landscape, comfort makes the route unique. Tourists give permission for a licensed fishing on the river to the mouth of the whale in Comparison. We ended our fishing trip the threshold of the Graveyard, where the lovers of fishing on the cars reach the base.

The route can also be travelled from one to four days. The main advantages of the route the views of the founders are licensed fishing in inaccessible fishing areas, and fishing “weed” fish and grayling in combining with a rest on the unique lakes.

Our plans with Alexander there is another study segment of the river before the start of the threshold where the Grayling is much more. Later we returned to base. A hot dinner and bath, we were inspired from the bright journey! But do not relax, morning fishing is found.

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