Half of the cases in Lesovoy fishing decides the correct skarmlivanii place

Spring bream fishing is very profitable and interesting. For this you need to correctly select the location to overfeed it in a specific pattern and to choose the right game jig.

Spring bream can be detected as near river beds and in more shallow areas of reservoirs. It all depends on the weather, volume of melt water under the ice, and other factors. Actively make up for the lost during the harsh winter period calories, bream and large flocks started to move around watering, looking for deposits of bloodworms, visiting colonies of mussels, as well as approaching the mouths of the tributaries, to profit others brought over food. Big bream are often found at muddy watering with irregularities of the bottom and the depth from 5 to 8 m.

In the spring it is possible to catch bream as baitless Jack and a jig head. A closer look at the second option. In the spring fishing should distinguish between passive and active fishing. Passive – this is when the jig nozzle is stationary and for the bottom, and a nod tense under her weight, ready at any moment to react to the bite. Frequently active fishing, practicing different transaction options, combined with the passive, in which the hand is allowed to rest.

As for the detection of the bream have to move, you frequently wind up and unwind gear, spinning the selected reel and ProClarity in hand. With a properly selected length and the ratio of its parts, the spinning is easier to work with. If chosen correctly a nod, then when the transaction occurs less disruptions in the oscillations of the lure. And stable, with equal amplitude and frequency play jig – the main thing in fishing for bream, this fish is very careful.

The choice of the nod should be approached carefully. Good nods are made of Dacron and other synthetic elastic materials. Metal nods work well in windy weather. The objective of nod is to provide the necessary jig tempo, frequency and amplitude. Should nod slightly arched upwards to under the weight of jig he took a position close to horizontal. This allows you to nod “nod” gently and with the right amplitude. The tip of the rod thus practically remains in place. For bream enough, when the game one move your hand up and down takes about two seconds.

The fishing line is taken as it is possible smaller diameter, but since the spring, even the bream are very much resists, you have to put the monofilament diameter not less than 0,15-0,16 mm. Jig usually choose a small, but heavy. In this case, tungsten is indispensable.

At depths of over 6 m when naughty biting bream often put tandem medium or small jigs. The hook can successfully replace the upper jig if it was tied to a short leash, and one to the main fishing line upstream. Leash length from 1.5 to 4 cm is on the hook is more bites when bream are not very hungry. Some fishers to be more attractive, the hook provide it a bead or a plastic tube.

When fishing on mormyshka with a nozzle, the game has a leisurely rhythm, a harmony. The frequency of play and range of motion needs to be low. Often the bream reacts to fading after a few slight movements of the jig (it can fall or rise close to the bottom). He also likes to jig slightly busy on the ground, and then stops. Often large fish responds to the bait, which rises evenly from the bottom with the same amplitude of movements. Sometimes it is enough just to millimeters, do not hesitate to raise the jig to a height of 20-30 cm (or even higher) from the ground. Sometimes it happens that the bream reacts only on a stationary jig.

In the tributaries, which is observed for tandem lures you can successfully catch “potichu”, when the lower jig is lowered to the bottom and allow the current to pull the bait over the other, and then tighten the jig to its original position, slightly dragging along the bottom.

According to the latest ice bream often kept above the bottom, sometimes at half depth. When selecting the level of fishing you need to consider the water saturation with oxygen, the activity proceeds under heavy ice of melt water, its purity or turbidity, atmospheric pressure, availability of food and other factors.

For successful fishing on the last ice angler requires frequent movement on the ice. Bait is not usually applied or it is very dosed. In the second case, when fishing in areas without current helpful for a few of the larvae to throw bloodworms into the hole. In shallow areas such bait is very effective and faster can detect bream, and also to detain him under the hole.

Holes are drilled in advance, and then when the fish calms down, every consistently exploit. A good result can give alternate oblaivanie old holes. You need to remember that bream are often active in the evening when most of the fisherman had already left the pond and on the ice becomes quiet. Is that only if cautious bream mass begins to feed, coming to the abandoned holes, which left a lot of food. Sometimes under left anglers the bream hole is much above the bottom and not feeding. But he usually does not pass naturally falling food.

When fishing at half depth is very important to adjust the tackle so that the bait slowly sank down, as this method of fishing often gives, especially if you throw on top of bloodworms. Sometimes the bait should be lowered stepwise, holding for 1-3 seconds. Jig when the fishing should be as easy.

Some anglers fishing on spring tributaries prefer flattened jig spotted or striped coloration. Such a bait as if falls naturally at the same time reminding the bream hit the water with spring water larva.

Half of the cases in Lesovoy fishing decides the correct skarmlivanii place. Coming to Ledovy area, choose a basic place for tents and things. Then drilled the holes starting from the base of the seat three or four radial lines in the hand, given the fluctuations of the bottom. Capture depth of 5, 6, 7 M. If spring is late and freezing weather, bream can stay at the deeper sites closer to the bed. Then you can select the base place so that along with the average depths, was the capture of the riparian areas where the depth can reach up to 8-10 m.

Often ledovyh plots swirling swarms of roaches. If after skarmlivanii holes detected that the measuring roach performs well where the depth is less, drill holes in the side of the shallows, and then find the most dense flock of red-finned fish begin to catch her, because measuring the roach as a trophy is no worse than bream.

If the fish entered the tributary, where there is noticeable current, it is laid out on the bottom food can bring. Then one of the options bait looks like. Small dry clay, previously sifted through a sieve, gently mixed with bloodworms, then the mixture is diluted with water to a thick consistency and roll her balls of small diameter. Balls put in a big cone feeder, which when lowered to the bottom of is opened by pulling the springs. With a very rapid course to weight of bait use a light gravel, which is added to a mixture of clay and bloodworms. Similarly we proceed when using chopped worms.

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