Harsh winter Kazan Street Fishing

Beautiful city of Kazan is famous not only for the sights and the beauty that can be admired from the window from the comfort of home, but also the nature, variety of waters that surround this growing, ambitious town.

Probably many of You heard about the legend of the sunken treasures of lake Kaban, located in the city of Kazan. The Boar is composed of three systems of lakes that stretch North to the South and the United ducts: Lower, Middle and Upper Kaban. The system of these lakes is the largest by area in Tatarstan and is very popular not only among tourists but also among fishermen.

The ichthyofauna of the lake system Boar varied: bleak, bream, roach, crucian carp, bream, tench, roach, rotan, pike, and of course the owner of these “seas”-perch. Bass is the predator, who hosts these lakes and reaches enormous size. We call them “Hog or Kabanskiy perch”.

The Kaban lake is perhaps the only place in Kazan, in which you can successfully catch fish on spinning all year round, winter and summer. Near the Middle Kaban lake is the largest energy enterprise TPP-3, which constantly flushes warm water into this lake. Continuous warm water discharge from thermal power station and making the Middle Kaban lake an excellent training ground for the spinner, both in winter and summer.

Fish have long been accustomed to such conditions and feels in the water very comfortable. The discharge of warm water from thermal power station does not allow the fish to fall into “hibernation”, and it successfully powered on the whole time. Fortunately, food for all species of fish in the lakes enough. Often come across good specimens, after which many anglers photoset released back as there is fish from lake Kaban is STRONGLY NOT RECOMMENDED!

Unfortunately, the winter spinning in Kazan is not developed, as for example he developed in Moscow. Of course this is due primarily to ponds that you can fish in the winter. Despite the fact that the Middle Kaban lake is partially open in winter to roam and waving spinning reel with heavy tackle is not always possible. And many anglers who fished at least once at lake Kaban, you know that heavy jig is nothing to do here, and the main catch on a spinning reel is bass, although there are there are “bonuses” in the form of a carp or big carp, but again all the fish bite better on slim and graceful gear.

Before talking about the winter gear that is most effective for our fishing conditions, I would like to raise a bit of equipment, without which the winter spinning is not a “warrior” in this time of year. Not going to discuss trivial things such as: hats, scarves, balaclavas, buffs, socks, gloves, etc., without which it is simply impossible to do on winter fishing with a spinning rod. But let’s start with the small, but integral part of the winter angler is glasses.

Glasses help not only to protect the eyes from bright sunlight but also protect our eyes from strong wind, snow and accidental hits of the lure in the eye. Also, good glasses can not see the sunlight, it is possible to consider any twigson in the water, either visually find the bait or even see its potential for hunting.

If points is more or less clear, and in principle for winter “struttering” will fit any glasses that protect our eyes in the first place from the sun, with clothes that you use for fishing in the winter, not so simple. Clothing should be comfortable and warm. If you don’t want to just come to the water and freeze your nose, or go with a good bite because you’re cold or wet, suggest to approach the question of choosing a suit jacket with full seriousness.

This depends on your result fishing and your precious health, which can not buy for any money. Winter suit for fishing in our region must meet the following characteristics: indicators of the suit should be not less than 15S*, otherwise you’ll freeze or you would have to wear a lot of clothes to stay warm, but when moving you will sweat and still freeze. The suit must be membrane. Usually these suits at pocket, you can see 2 numbers. One number shows waterproof properties, the other is responsible for the breathability of the suit. Of course, what these figures will be higher the better, but the cost of such suits is growing with these indicators.

In this costume you will feel comfortable, bad weather won’t affect you, watch fishing times will increase, and the enjoyment of your favorite classes you will get even more. If you are searching for jacket suit, without which there is no comfortable fishing, pay attention to the Suit Norfin Apex. This costume is well proved and established among many anglers.

If hats to wear for winter fishing, no one forgets, for some reason, many anglers are not serious about winter footwear. But our feet should also be protected from the cold and keep warm. And if we talk about winter fishing, something about a different type of Shoe and you can forget all. Winter boots made of EVA material are no longer a novelty, and yet they are in great demand not only among fans of fishing, but often used in daily life.

These boots are available for all, they are in many stores, and are adequate money. For example, light, comfortable, high boots Norfin BERINGS cuffed are ideal for winter fishing. Do not freeze them and not get wet feet. Cuffs they serve to protect from falling snow inside, if you wear boots over trousers. Warm foil toe will not freeze the feet of even the experienced Merzlyakov said. And moving across the pond is easy.

If you have already wrapped up, you can start collecting gear! A lot of gear for winter “struttering” at lake Kaban, you do not need. Only one gear-microcephaly set: spinning with the test up to 5g, as workers, will have to throw no more than 3 g. The coil in the area 2,500 for “Shimano” and the cord is thinner than #0.3 P. E. bag in which to put our lures with a hot thermos and some chocolate, and in principle all, if you forgot to pack the silicone spray for the treatment of the cord before the trip.

But monolescu or flurocarbons, which are used for the “solidere”, as well as with lead, hooks and silicone have to be as it should. Typical hook and breakage of the lure on the lake Kaban is quite a common phenomenon. A lot of debris, stones, Karasek, branches at the bottom of this lake, it is normal and quite natural, and most importantly, among all these branches is the same fish followed and frost your nose. There were moments when a promising place in which the great bite the fish, the anglers left 20 lures for 1.5 hours, and changed the place of dislocation only after nalopatsya enough. If we assume the average cost of one fishing trip, is probably 5 torn baits for one fishing. But believe me, it’s worth it to catch a fish, especially in winter, when so much itching!

Of course there are secrets montages and feed the bait to catch the fish.

These secrets are quite banal, but nevertheless this result will be 100%!

One of these secrets is the use of small baits 1-1.5″ inch classic like a small Twister Lucky John Micro Grub 1.0″, or simulate Malek Lucky John Baby Rockfish 1.4″. But that’s not all. The game of these small lures is fully revealed when using a smaller lighter weights. Weight of 0.6-1.5 Gy. best combined with such small baits.

One of the most important moments in fishing at lake Kaban, and other water bodies with highly cluttered seabed, is the use of small dinamikov. For example, single hooks, Crazy Fish Round Bent Joint Hook No. 12 and No. 10. With a properly designed single hook you will be able to achieve a perfect game of bait and greatly reduce their lures at the toe.

A little about transactions.

Posting it is better to use completely different, as the mood of the fish in the lake Kaban, in spite of the cold season can be quite aggressive.

Do not forget that the lake drain the warm water and the water in this lake is much warmer than it should be in the winter. Therefore, fish activity increases significantly, and the probability atlavitsa well even on a cold, winter day you have a big enough.

Collect the minimum set of gear, dress warmly and go to your home pond to fish! So many wonderful emotions are waiting for You in the winter, when white snow everywhere! Well, of course don’t forget to release the fish, if you want those moments to happen again again and again!

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