Heat. Fish is naughty. But the evening bite surprised

All good day and excellent mood! What is the heat on the street all the same. Last day was also no exception and we after work we went to the dacha. We had to take something, but at the same time and ate berries and watered the cucumbers.

But home did not want more, and that sitting at home. Yes, and we went to the nearest body of water. On the way stopped and bought Shawarma for a snack and went. And water peace and quiet, krasotaaa… Taking out their rods and immediately dressed and guayusa from the flying monsters, in order to be bitten. We decided with my husband this time not to use iron, and fishing right at the outlet. With the first cast we caught a small perch robbers.

Next, make a throw and closer to the shore feeling pretty snatch, the clutch is running, the adrenaline earned. Well, I think surenos Krasny and then he began to withdraw into the bushes, spinning bend the arc. And the thief still stole in the bushes, and clings to driftwood. Husband heard me and rushed to help. Due to the branched and karatnogo the shore I could not get there. Due to my husband unhooked and hooked me up with my pretty boy weighing in at 550 gr. It was somehow more fun.

Do another casting and the next bite with a small perch. Further resolved to change the bait and again I bring closer to the shore and paused to attack bass. Yes, there actually was fun. Husband put their first and favorite Wobbler.

And here sir we were not averse to eat the bait and attacked with greed and catches almost every two or three casts. So I think I change my discharge to Wobbler. As it turned out the bite was not long in coming, the hook sits very greedy perch. By the way the evening bite bite was greedy. Oh, and then on my lure caught sudack, Bursik.

A trifle after the photo shoot were released back to extension and weight. Meanwhile, it was already dark and the time was around ten and it was time to go home, and the mosquitoes began to greedily attacked us. Had a lovely relaxing time. I loved the bites. In fact we caught almost one after another. Long ago we did not have this and so as not to jinx it FIE-FIE-FIE through the left shoulder))

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