Hiking in Sunny St. Petersburg

His head hovered thoughts: What will bring me this day? On what to focus on? Catch someone?

In one wonderful morning walk with Vadim and Eugene Gruel on canals and embankments of St. Petersburg.

They took favorite set: Black Hole The One 0.5-5g 190cm, Daiwa Caldia 2500, Jenzi Fever 0,08 mm 4Lb.

I was curious to try the new silicone Microkiller, nicely laid out in the fashionable device of Jensi.

Isn’t the box cool??? Many compartments for lures, hooks, weights, snaps and in General all that is necessary under MJ=))))) Size 196*106*42mm – fits in a back pocket, which is very pleasing when changing lures.

Normally an account is opened by kocunar, size really is not the most pleasant. No bonuses.
Go to new and interesting point, where intelligence reports a large number of good Chub. And true, there is already fishing a lot more interesting! The clutch squeal, holovlit gladly eats lures=)))

Chub flock is hiding from us in turn and we decide to complete the picture, close fanged in the checked place. Let this time the perches we are not particularly pleased with the size, but the number of bites pleased.

My The One, perfectly parked their otygryvaya in the rays of the setting sun and wriggling like a snake.

Long this time to catch we failed, but found the interesting terrain where you have to work heavier loads and large baits where 100% should be the eldest brother docilely beauties.

As usual all the fish drowned beneath the wondering eyes of tourists:cath and release!

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