Hooks SPRUT. Experience in the use of

A very important element of any spinning, and not just spinning snap, are hooks. In 2017, the company SPRUT began to release the hooks. The company’s range includes a variety of types of hooks: opsenica, dainichi, tees, dinamici.

There are many different models and sizes, there’s plenty to choose from. In this article I would like to share with You my experience of using hooks from this manufacturer.

In 2017, I became fascinated with fishing for pond trout. In the sport of trout fishing is a very important feature of hooks is that they must be beardless. This criterion is designed to when fishing was possible as little as possible injure the fish during fishing, which is conducted on the principle of catch and release. At SPRUT is a series of single hooks without beards CUNO SBL-31 BC. The series comprises 6 sizes. Hooks are primarily designed to equip lures and crankbaits, but I’ve used them when fishing with soft lures.

The hooks are sharp and reliable, often when fishing I caught trout weighed about 3 pounds, never had to hook straightened or broken. And playing big fish was often forced, as fishing occurred during the competition. The hooks are suitable for simple trout fishing, also for those, who releases the fish.

SPRUT TAMA B-51 RD and SPRUT TAMA B-51 BC – series universal offset hook with a wide round poddevom. Their only difference is the color of the hook, opsitnik index RD has a coating of red, and ovsenik index BC has a dark gray coating. The coating is relatively stable, and most often, I simply clung to the bait and tore off her than I have to peel the hook from the paint. As said above, the hooks hooked wide, it gives the opportunity to use them with different types of baits, whether narrow or wide body vibrohvosta slugs.

The model range includes 7 sizes ranging from small avsenikov in size 4 that are suitable for equipping microgigacn baits, and ending with otsenkami in size 3/0, they are suitable for equipment of rubber about 4 inches. Hooks high quality, sharp, I often used them when fishing on the Twister and vibrohvosta.

Interesting series of avsenikov SIRO is a B-73 BC. This avseniki with a slightly upwardly bent ear, this feature allows you to use them when fishing drop-shot. Ear bent, and in the end, while tying a fishing line or cord, he stands straight and pointing forward. An interesting and useful feature. Even though I rarely catch a drop shot, but if you catch, be sure to use SPRUT SIRO B-73 BC. Prying off the hook is not wide, so first of all it is designed for fishing with worms and slugs. The series includes 5 sizes.

SPRUT SUMI B-93 BC – series avsenikov with thick wire, they are designed for catching trophy fish. Prying off the hook wide, so it can be used with different types of baits. Just want to note the presence of large sizes – 6/0 and 7/0. Popular sizes for fishing on large rubber 5 inch. I have used these avseniki how to simple jig fishing and when fishing for the tires without shipping. The series includes 6 sizes ranging from 2/0 and 7/0 ending.

MAKO B-78 BC my suspension avseniki. Wire is not very thick, but not thin, prying off the middle of the width, and therefore well suited for fishing with slugs, and for catching on vibrohvosta with a narrow body. Just hook the stinger arched upwards, this is done to improve sasakamoose fish. But due to this feature, you should refrain from using data avsenikov in signaturesi the ground, grass and roots they cling better. The series includes 4 sizes, starting from 1 and ending 3/0.

In General, the hooks of the company SPRUT I was satisfied. It’s not all a series of hooks that are in the lineup of this manufacturer, but I noted their most popular series. Good quality hooks, this season I will continue to actively use.

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