How To Become More Outdoorsy In 5 Easy Steps

Remember to always tell someone where you’re going and when you plan on returning when venturing outdoors. Follow that rule and use these 5 simple guidelines to become more outdoorsy.

We put together a list of 5 ways to help you become more outdoorsy. While this list won’t turn you into Bear Grylls, it should serve as a foundation and guideline to help point you in the right direction.

How To Be More Outdoorsy: Start Small

You don’t need to go far to find nature.

Just because you want to become more in tune with nature does not mean you need to create a spirit name or start decking yourself out with expensive gear (although it’s nice). Start walking through your local park, observing animals, insects, and plants. Even the sky and wind.

Start taking notice of these things on a daily basis and you’ll progressively get more in tune with nature. I’m not saying to stop listening to your local meteorologist and start hugging trees but I am saying that you should take note of the environment in which you live.

How To Be More Outdoorsy: Make A Commitment

Set a goal. Set a date. Make it happen.

Commit to something and stick with it. Take a camping trip, wet a line, go on run in the woods, whatever… as long as it gets you outside. The first time you do something might be the toughest and there will likely be a learning curve.

However, the more that activity becomes the norm, the more likely you will expand upon it. No one is an expert the first time they try anything, so don’t be disheartened after your first attempt. It’s not where you start but where you finish.

How To Be More Outdoorsy: Find A Friend Group

Finding like-minded individuals to spend time in the outdoors will make the entire experience much easier. Having friends with the same interests will help motivate you to get out and be active. Plus, It’s an easy way to learn a new skill or technique. Use the experience of others around you to your advantage, ask questions and try to sponge up as much information as you can.

How To Be More Outdoorsy: Use Available Resources

Many of us have the limitless information right at our fingertips. If you’re interested in becoming more outdoorsy, start consuming quality outdoor content. While there is no better education than real-life experiences, using the above-mentioned resources to your advantage is a quick way to springboard your outdoors skill. YouTube, Blogs, and Podcasts are all useful learning tools.

How To Be More Outdoorsy: Get The Right Gear

It’s much harder to have fun outside if you’re cold, wet, or deprived of food and water. This may seem obvious, but it’s really important to have the right gear when venturing out of doors. A good pair of shoes and layered clothing to keep you warm, comfortable, and dry is essential.


There are many informative resources available online to guide you. Once you know what you want, selectively shop until you fill each void. Remember, always functionality first when it comes to choosing your gear.

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