How to catch catfish: bait, tackle, fishing methods

To catch catfish – a real stroke of luck, because this giant can reach a weight of 400 kg. of Course, fishermen mainly fish weighing up to 15 kg. it is Easier to catch somet, weight not exceeding 5 kg.

For catching catfish, you need to choose the right gear and choose the time when the fish are biting well.

When to catch catfish

Catfish are caught from may to September. He is most active in summer and spring just before spawning, when the fish starts biting real. To catch freshwater predator is not so simple – it does not bite in hot weather. In the summer it is recommended to go fishing in the night or early morning or in the evening. As soon as it gets cool, it begins the time of the bite. If the weather is cloudy, then to catch a fish a day.


Catfish found in freshwater reservoirs (lakes, rivers, reservoirs). He chooses to dwell in a deep pit, where in winter he will definitely be the food. Fish is found in the southern regions and Central Russia, you are provided with all conditions. In the spring of som is beginning to emerge from the pits to warm up, however, with the onset of cold weather again immersed in the place that was chosen in advance.

Experienced fishermen have noted the places where catfish are biting well, and return to them regularly. This usually leads to a good catch. You can’t always catch a fish on the first day, but fisherman should be persistent to obtain a desired prey.

Discover the habitat of the catfish you can use the echo sounder. The fishermen are looking for it the deepest places on the river or in the pond. Typically, such a submarine pit and become a habitat for predatory fish. Deep pools and steep banks with bending the trees become a favorable environment for the habitat of catfish.

Bait fish

To catch catfish on the first day – a great success. Fishermen have to bait and lure the fish to get the result. The fish are attracted, daily tossing food in the habitat. A few days catfish are becoming bolder, and fishermen are able to obtain the coveted prey.

You can lure catfish the same food used as bait. Catfish are omnivores, it gives fishermen plenty of opportunity for experimentation. Predatory fish, depending on its size, can absorb other fish, worms, crayfish, frogs, catfish and some even manage to grab the Pets that fall into the water.

For feeding enough to use worms and various insects. The fish eagerly takes the pieces of meat, shells, leeches. Fishermen use to attract fish pheromones.

How to fish: choosing gear

Catfish catch:

  • spinning;
  • Kwok;
  • trolling lures;
  • with the help of coast donkey.

The most popular method of catching catfish – fishing with Kwok in a plumb from a boat. Kwok attracts the catfish, the fish starts to bite well. Fishing is conducted in half-waters, although som excellent bite and the bottom. A more expensive way of fishing – lures. Instead of bait, use lures that are designed specifically for catfish. A fishing spinning jig the most promising direction.

When choosing gear, it is necessary that special attention be paid to their quality. Catfish is a large fish, which the fisherman has yet to be overcome. Recommended when fishing to use a rod shtekernoy type. The coil may be spinning or baitcasting, the main thing the main parts were made of metal. The coil should be placed at least 200 meters of fishing line with a thickness of 0.5 mm.

Instead of a scaffold can be rented for fishing braided cord with a thickness of 0.4-0.6 mm it will stand a rather large fish. The tensile strength of this cord is 50-60 kg. If you decided to take the line, and product thickness 0.5-0.7 mm. Have a fishing line of a similar tensile strength.

For catfish use hooks №6, №8-10. If fishing is live bait, it is best to take the hooks №8-10. When fishing the worm when the fish are not very large, you can take No. 6. Hooks must be tied to leashes made of Kevlar, the tensile strength which can reach 140 kg. Instead of Kevlar leashes also use fishing line with a thickness of 1 mm.

Fishing for catfish in the suburbs

To catch catfish, do not have to go far from the capital. Fishing farmstead “Maksimikha” always at your service. It’s fried, which previously drained into the reservoirs. The estate is located only 60 km from Moscow – not more than an hour by car. To us you can come in company or alone, to get the thrill of catching a large predator. Catfish is not the easiest of fish, he will all the forces to fight for their freedom.

In the fishing house you have to catch and other fish – it all depends on your desire. To learn about how payment is made for fishing, can in the appropriate section on the website. Come, we are always looking for keen fishermen.

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