How to equip a winter bait for bream

To catch bream in the winter not only possible, but necessary. Moreover, the catch may be surprisingly good, but only on watercourses. In winter the oxygen in the water very little, so the fish becomes inactive.

In many of the stagnant ponds – bream generally goes into hibernation. But in rivers where there is current, bream is in constant motion in search of prey. Bait and groundbait for bream in winter standard : bloodworm, worms, maggots, etc.

But in this manual we will try to show by example how to equip a winter bait for catching bream, SOPs and other similar fish. So here we go:

The choice of a fishing-rod for winter fishing

Fishing for bream in winter on the for recommend here is the rod or the like, but most importantly with the legs. The use of so-called fishing rod “balalaika” is not recommended, as when fishing for the bait will dive nose down into the hole. The dirty pole the fishing rod in the picture – standard. But this business of everyone who likes longer, someone shorter. The main thing is the presence of legs, and such a stopper on the coil.

Fishing line on a rod set with a diameter of about 0.18 mm, in principle it is possible to put and 0.2 mm, but this is a special value does not play, because the main bite going on a leash.( On the leash we put the fishing line is thinner.)

The choice of the Lodge, hooks for fishing rod for bream

A pointer it is best to take metallic and hard, as search of bream we are on course and on large jigs. If you put a weak pointer it will just die.

Hooks is best to use a 12 room, and fishing line 0.12 mm. This scaffold is on a leash, someone said put a thicker.

Fishing for bream in winter, we recommend a heavy jig with a weight of about 10g. The weight of the jig depends on the course, but in principle 10 gram most versatile.

How to connect snap-fishing for bream

The first thing we will need is the very jig rod, well a pointer. Take the fishing line from the spool of fishing line, threaded it through a pointer and tie a jig. And the view node does not play any role – his favorite tie.

Now we need to attach the leash. For leash measure approximately 30-40 cm -do not need to do. Next, tie the leash hook.

In order to tie the leash to the main line, main line do on the eight at a distance of 10-15 mm from the jig, threading the eight (and in two loops of eights) the tip of the leash, then tighten the top eight, but with the tip of a leash do a double knot. Then cut off the remaining excess stem.

So we have a leash tied to the main fishing line, at a distance from the jigs at 10-15 mm. mostly bream or Zopa burn it on a leash, not on the jig.

How to catch on this tackle?

Put the jig on the bottom and release the fishing line from the reel about a meter, in the end, the lure lies on the bottom, leash plays, and we closely follow the pointer:)))

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