How to find the place where the bite pike

How to find the place where the bite pike?

How to sh in a pond for pike?

Toothy sharks of enormous size wants to catch any fisherman. But fish are tricky and to find it requires experience, patience and knowledge of the habits.

Pike like to hunt from ambush. Selects and places where food for her, and she’s not seen. To calculate the habitat of the pike, to help sounder. This species likes places with changing terrain, pits. If you have found such a cavity allawite it penetrate through the pit gripping edges.

Search for a place where pecks pike.

Small rivers with a quiet current and steep banks, in the spring during the flood washed out by water, good for fishing pike. The depth of these banks is big enough, comfortable and predators to hunt.

Great place for a catch – oxbow lakes of the rivers, bays, and channels between the rivers or lakes. Fish migrate from one pond to another, looking for food, and in the shade of the reeds at the confluence of the Creek into the lake its already waiting for pike. In the small bays and arms of the rivers in shallow water frolic flocks of fish, as pike prey on them from nearby thickets of grass. These sites and the need to sh in the first place – there is very good pike bite.

Gulls and other birds dive into the water – so there sports fish fry, and where the little thing there and perch with pike.

Discovered the right place – anchor or two and begin to sh. The transaction depends on the nature of the relief reservoir. If the bottom zatsepistye – store Wobbler or minnow, so she only occasionally touched the bottom. On such sites it is possible to lose tackle, but catch increases.

If fishing is conducted from shore, it is better to start with areas where the bottom just goes back. On a narrow river, you can throw from the opposite side to the shore with a steep cliff. From every point it is advisable to make 5-10 casts to cover the entire sector.

What to do if bad bite pike:
  • Bait needs to be changed. Takes a spinner or spoons – take a Popper or a floating lure. Sometimes only surface lures effective.
  • If large bait does not bite, take the average. Maybe this place isn’t big fishes.
  • Pike goes on the hunt in the hours of dusk or early in the morning, the day is active in clear weather when cold.
  • After a few rainy days the bite increases.
  • Important proper wiring. You need to sh in all water layers: at the bottom, closer to the surface and in the middle.

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