How to light a fire

Like the kindle fire, article available method of kindling a fire (not a panacea, but need to know).

It’s difficult to speak for everyone, but I’ve been in a situation when by his own rashness and haste forgot to take the nature of a match. As a result, when it was necessary to kindle a fire, in a backpack at the bottom were found 1-2 spicey with which we have to somehow manage to kindle a fire. And all anything, but if really unlucky, so unlucky big. Add to all this the high humidity, lack of paper for ignition and the presence of only large logs.

Needless to say, if the person is not proficient in fire ignition, and the whole box is not enough to build a fire, to say nothing about some 2-3 matches. But in nature things happen: you can fall into water in cold weather and there is a vital need to warm up and dry clothes; in the woods is quite possible to get lost, will have to spend the night among the birch trees and fir trees, without a fire so overnight would be extremely undesirable. If someone thinks that getting lost in the woods is difficult, I can dissuade You.

For example, I strayed a couple of times, although tourism is analyzed one year and always try to observe the basic rules of stay in the forest, noting the compass point of entry, determining the azimuth, leaving some marks that help when you exit the forest, etc.

I will say this, the ability to make a fire is not a fad, it’s a skill that in some cases could save your life.

So, how to make a fire

Instead of paper, it is better to use the bark. As a rule, this problem does not occur. Better if you have the opportunity to collect birch bark from fallen trees. If this is not possible – then you need to remove the top layer of bark from a living tree. It is important to understand that to remove the bark from a living tree should be carefully and only the top layer. If you touch the deeper layers, they contain the juices of the tree, and means for ignition will not work. If birch bark is not at all, for ignition you can use moss (dry), which is quite possible to find below the upper forest litter, small twigs, dry leaves, dry branches of spruce, etc. the point is that the material for ignition was dry, and it was a lot. By the way, even after the rain in the forest, it is possible to find the dry ingredients for a fire, the main thing is not to panic.

Now how to ignite large logs and branches. Many are beginning to stack the bonfire, remembering different patterns for fire – all right. Thick branches but not always start to burn the first time, and as you know, the matches we have. Therefore, in each of the major branch You have to do many serifs, which increases the area of contact of the wood with fire. This is a very simple method, it works, but for some reason many do not know about it.

About how to lay down fire, I will not write, as this is already described by other authors. The main thing to remember is that in the ignition phase the components should lie tightly but that the air was able to circulate between the material for ignition, and throughout the area. Otherwise, the bark will burn only one the sides, burned and extinguished, and not having to “take” over the entire area of the alleged fire.

When the fire broke out, and the branches began to burn, can be folded near the fire more humid the logs are, so that they gradually dried. This is true if you plan to spend the night in the woods. The supply of firewood better to stock up in advance, to the night not to stray too far from the fire is dangerous to life. And it’s not wild animals: night in the woods, you can easily stumble, fall on the sharp branches, injury.

I hope my simple tips will be useful to You. All the best.

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