Imitation fish frosty sometimes

Catching pike on the imitation fish suggests that the selected location pomeryayutsya depth and is preparing a number of holes. If the frosts are not strong, then the wells are just covered with snow. Zhivtsov it is advisable to stock up in advance.

If the spot on the river chosen, it is possible during the day on the same hole to wait for the bites of different predators

Fishing for predators in winter imitation fish remains the most common reason for the high domicilios. To catch pike on live bait is much easier than a spoon. The same applies to the burbot and even large perch. The only exception is the walleye, which is more efficient to catch on the spinner or balancer. The difference in the results of catching different fish due to their habits in winter. Depending on the seasonal migration of predators out time for feeding and the availability to them of one or another feed, change and tactics, and hence the tackle and techniques of fishing.

For beginners there is a very good advice. You see someone on body of water good catches. There is nothing easier how to approach, say Hello, meet our staff and ask to advise. Pay attention not only on live bait and how his skewer, the weight of the sinkers and the length of the leash, but on the descent and as the angler hooking at what point. The most reliable is to copy the tackle, and then, with experience, to optimize it for specific conditions to fishing.

Since the middle of the winter, fishing on imitation fish is difficult, you can say “labor”. Thick ice and snow hinder the movement and preparation of holes. If the place is wrong and no bites, the desire to move, maybe there is, but strength remains, and daylight is short.

Because fishing is difficult, should be to maximize her prepare. Moreover, it becomes apparent the inadvisability of combining zherlits with any other gear as it is trying to do many. Only if you catch a stationary float fishing rod for bream, can put next to a couple of Gerlich. Just in case. If you know the position of the snags about Lesovoy pit, here are one or two cleverly put imitation fish can bring and the pike, and walleye. To control a single of the imitation fish is not difficult, if distance is not too large: it is usually 10-20 meters.

It is quite another thing, if you initially go fishing on imitation fish. As soon as the angler starts to be distracted by the lure or the float, so often misses the bite and generally cease fishing. But you need not only to put imitation fish and wait for the fish to bite. If biting is not present, you need to work by following certain tactics.

Tactics of search of fish based on the fact that the angler moves tackle, depending on the nature of the first bites, the intensity of the bite, number of Gerlich and also based on my own experience. Fishing Gerlich is serious business, treat it carefully.

First of all it is important to take care of gear and equipment, since for a number of reasons fishing, you need to devote two and even better three days, than later.

To the basic clothing makes sense to take spare underwear. Will need a backpack that includes a small drawer. The box needs to stay on the ice, and for storing the required stock lines, hooks, leaders, sinkers and a couple of fishing rods for catching bait. In it are off and the depth gauge and graduated scale for fishing in shallow water. In the backpack, besides the products are transported the boat hook, echo sounder, screws, and ladle, as well as imitation fish.

It is convenient to store in a case from the summer pond. In addition, Kahn will be with live bait. Overall things dialed pretty well. I would advise to buy to travel in ice and snow sleds, plastic. Now there are good models made by American models. The best, in my opinion, was the sled of the third size, with a couple of low runners. They are quite roomy but not so heavy as the biggest. Sleds can significantly increase the mobility and save time and effort.

Suggest to prefer sonar, but not the depth gauge: using the echo sounder can be quite accurately determine whether stratification of the water’s oxygen content and at what depth is its boundary. With Feb develop in reservoirs such problems that may put all “upside down”. Fish leaves the lower oxygen-poor water layers and rises to the level of comfortable living. And all fish, large and predatory, and peaceful. Small fish just rushes to the shore and in the shallows. The predator, especially pike, naturally, follows her.

Now look at what the real circuit is fishing; by the way, the plan of fishing on imitation fish has the meaning of to consider beforehand. First, it is troublesome, then you need not to forget anything and to meet at a certain time, to be able to change tactics. When fishing a jig or minnow are all much more mobile. Shift the hole or the horizon of fishing is not difficult and does not take more than five minutes. You can change the place, you can not say about Gerlich. Second, live bait fishing suggests that in the moment the bait is already there, one which is required.

Thirdly, a large predator is used to feed in a certain time, and the angler is required to place the equipment not only in the right place, but in advance, before the release of the predator. Obtaining live bait fishing is irrational. Some avid garliclike harvested live bait for the whole winter, and it is justified. If a suitable bait can be purchased in the store, then it will need to retain at least until the end of fishing. Otherwise, you need to have time to catch live bait before hunting for a predator.

The most hopeless thing to attempt to catch live bait directly in front of the morning pike bite in whatever he started. Usually the morning bite of a predator comes at a time when a potential baitfish is still “wakes up” and does not bite. Before sunrise begins to take perch, but until you catch a few pieces, the pike bite can end. This is one reason why it is better to build fishing is based on few days.

If the bait’s all right, it remains to build a tactical scheme of catching and follow it. But here’s the thing. You come to the pond, and after a couple of hours it turns out that the chosen tactical scheme does not work. Well, if it is clear what was wrong. Sometimes, but rarely, it is possible to fix it and adjust the catch, but in most cases need another day to do so as necessary. Much safer and more productive to fish in the company. I very rarely fishing on imitation fish one, and then, when I know that the tactics of fishing is obvious. It happens when I can devote to fishing at least three or four days on the same water body and approximately in the same area. But even if catching with a company, you still need to count on two or three days.

The optimal composition – three fishermen. More on the way for the selected body of water has the sense to stay where there are a lot of little things, and for two hours to prepare the bait on the first day of fishing. As a rule, this bait becomes the perch of medium size. Small perch taken from the wild they don’t travel and dies quickly on the hook tackle. Then, depending on the weather, selects a particular lake. For example, I love the Valdai lake, as it is more precisely a large pike and burbot, but also the surrounding bodies of water deserve attention.

More daylight at the place of pomeryayutsya depth and drilled a number of holes for a morning of fishing. Frost is not the same as in January, so the wells just filled with snow. This is done in order to the morning, in the dark, not to spend time on the study of bottom topography.

From this point you can proceed in two ways. Or leave the hole and settle in for the night, or start fishing. The fact that after sunset a big pike comes out of the pits and the riverbed and is stranded for small perch. The output time of the pike coincides with the end of the evening perch bite. Tackle makes sense to set only where there is sharp and severe the upper edge between the pit and the coastal shallow watering. Imitation fish are placed or at the top edge, or already watering. May be a few pieces to put in and at the edge of the cane at the depth of 15-20 cm In this case depth is the thickness of the water layer under the ice. Bites usually occur from eight in the evening until ten. The night follows the bait fish sank to the bottom and wait approach burbot. While one is preparing the bed, others involved in the tackle.

In the morning you need to be at the Gerlich before sunrise, because at this time the maximum number of bites for big pike. It is necessary to calculate the time given the fact that the holes will require cleaning and expansion, and liars – audit. The first morning bite usually ends at nine o’clock, but can go closer to lunch.

Before the morning bite some Gerlich write on the top of the coastal edge, and the part to put on the second deep trench. The two of them are Gerlich and the third angler waiting for a bite on suitable bait fish for replenishment, he also is looking for new prospective wells.

For Valday lake characterized by the fact that the second edge is located at depths of 5-7 meters, but it is not everywhere. That is to search for it and you have to spend time on the first night, before catching. And when you find a area with a deep brow, it makes no sense to leave. For the second edge, as a rule, there is another drop off, to even greater depth, which can reach 14 to 20 feet, and this place is also interesting. The fact that the largest pike likes tables with a depth of 12 to 18 m.

There is zherlits use “postawski” from a very reliable thick fishing line or cord with a large hook and bait fish weighing at least 200 g to not interfere with small burbot. Live bait, usually a drowning and lying on the bottom. Have to wait a few days. However, it is the specificity of this pond, which is no lack of oxygen and fishing is always from the bottom.

Another thing most of the reservoirs with a low frequency of water exchange. Together with the deteriorating quality of the fish rises at half depth and above, then more important than knowledge of the bottom topography becomes the correct choice of the horizon of fishing. Once this level is determined, it is possible to put imitation fish “on the square”, but above the deep place, or, on the contrary, near the shore on the rocks.

Almost all bodies of water fishing on the rocks effective as the pike here in the winter hunts for coastal change. The closer to spring, the more you’ll see the predators in the coastal zone. This is facilitated by the flow of oxygen through cracks in the ice and, as a consequence, the concentration of crustaceans, larvae and fish. Catching here also the team that allows you to quickly find the Parking lot area of the predator, and adjust in the process tackle and depth.

On the rivers approach to the choice of catching another. Of course, eyebrows, pits and edges of the reed are promising, but it is preferable to search for the predator on the edge of the current.

For detection I use the usual lures of medium size. The search takes no more than twenty minutes, and then I have to tackle along that border. At the time of the biting peaks have approximately the same hours, but on the river it happens that the bite lasts all day, without pronounced peaks.

If the place is chosen, it is possible during the day on the same hole to wait for the bites of different predators. For example, in the morning will bite pike, and you will begin pecking at the perch or bersh. In such cases it is necessary to rebuild or tackle to use other baits (for bersha better worm or “whitebait”), or take zhivtsovy tackle with a large jig (head) or with a spoon. And yet the imitation fish is more suited for pike and burbot. Walleye and perch to catch a minnow or other “playing” bait

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