In anticipation of the fall Jora

Around the meadows of ripe berries and a bunch of gorgeous, vigorous mushrooms underfoot. All this is fine, but what if the fertile time is a couple of weeks, and the fishing itch to contain it is impossible. Recipe for one – a run on the river.

September in the Northern waters -“hot” time. Mosquitoes and midges almost no fish activity increases every day, but hunting enthusiasts gladly distracted from fishing on the scored fat duck and upland game.

Serious fishing departure we had scheduled for the end of September. Interesting itinerary, excellent opportunities for fishing – it was all ahead, and all participants of the upcoming trip was looking forward to the day X. more surprising, a proposal was made to old friend Victor, who is also a member of the planned trip, pass the suspense is in short fishing tour. Four or five days on the pond and a couple in the road – meet we had in time for the start of another work week.

Victor is an experienced angler, a reliable friend, “the soul” of the company and, importantly, has at its disposal various vodnomotornyy tools and huts along the banks of different rivers. Such offers do not refuse. To try to “capture fishing luck” decided near the village of khulimsunt, located on the Bank of the Northern Sosva. Scenario, the fishing was to take place under mild conditions, without the hysterical search captured instances to save the physical and emotional strength of the participants.

According to the General opinion and wish we could move to a distance of 100 km with a leisurely, not strenuous fishing. The water level at the time of travel on the Sosva was quite high, even close to June after flood. So I decided that in the course of following we will pay attention first and foremost, on the various streams, tributaries and oxbow lakes oblasova their mouth and, if possible, visiting is available for the passage of our boat.

Quick fees, short explanation with family and colleagues, long road – after some time it turns out to be behind. Now it is important only one thing – I again on the river, with old comrades, in a spacious and comfortable Vitya boat. Ahead of me waiting for the next adventure, and probably good fishing.

Andrew, the third member of our campaign, has long established itself as an indispensable superintendent. If he is with us, the camp will always be properly equipped and carefully cleaned after departure nothing will be forgotten or lost, no detail on Hiking trips won’t be able to escape from its economic gaze. So, not saying a word, we once again came to a common river “table of ranks”. While catching all equal, but in the Parking lot I oversee the catering Department, Andrey “rustling” in the household (tent, table, pots, fire pit, firewood, etc.), Victor is responsible for the boat, engine, chainsaw and other technical aspects.

At home and the logistics of travel no questions, and than we will please the river? Fishing in early September, strange as it sounds, is much less predictable than in June – July. In the hope to catch a solid trophy closer to the fall, many anglers are starting to use old-fashioned tackle, large baits and aggressive posting, sometimes completely ignoring the contributing factors and conditions. I myself, a considerable amount of time going on about stereotypes, lost a lot of precious time on the understanding that fishing in the early fall for “hyped” in the journals of the lure and thoroughly painted by experienced anglers areas did not guarantee a record-breaking catches.

On various visits we were convinced repeatedly that the most high-end crankbaits, spinners and “rubber” that perfectly worked on the pond a couple of seasons can suddenly be out of work at the same place.

In the upcoming trip all a little bothered us, because we were sure that with his plan “relaxing” fishing will get maximum pleasure from the journey in any case.

Fishing started quite slowly on the root river near Khulimsunt. These places Victor knew thoroughly. It seemed that we acted for sure, but high water levels have made adjustments.

Moving the first cloudy day in Sosva downstream, we tried to sh more or less promising places. Krutoyary and submerged in shallow water shrub pits and sand bars, mouth of tributary streams and rivers – nothing escaped our attention. Using a variety of lures, we tried to provoke the passive, as we know, the predator to take. Only what we did and not once did whatever. Passages up and down the course “on motor” with a variety of lures alternated with the careful harvest of “iron” and “rubber” the hottest, in our opinion, places. Even a single attempt to seduce the predator baitfish nor to no avail.

The entire first day on the water went to the understanding of what a predator should look elsewhere. A few medium sized perch but a couple of small jacks in – here the result is quite a hard day on the root river.

Taradevi by the evening rain, sometimes turning into a decent downpour, forced us to completely forget about fishing and secluded in one of the huts Victor waiting for the mercy of the weather. Of the fish caught in the pouring rain have got excellent ear, which not only had a beneficial effect on rumbling with hunger stomachs, but also infused optimism and hope for the next day.

Like a reward for patience and perseverance the morning greeted us with a cloudless sky and the cheerful chirping of birds, which, as we quickly came to himself after a long, rainy night. In excellent mood once again began fishing. In bright sunlight, the abandoned villages on the steep banks of the SOS’va did not seem to us a classic scenery for horror movies, and river whirlpools and eddies no longer felt so gloomy as the day before.

The weather improved, but the predator continued to strike. The whole morning optimism evaporated in 5-6 hours of intensive fishing. Great seats, the most proven and lethal lure had brought only a single small bite Surat, perch and roaches. By lunchtime of the second day it became very clear that further fishing in such regime is doomed to complete failure. In the murky waters of the root river pike and perch, or was not, or they flatly refused to take. On the “yard” is 25°C, the water in the river in places color “coffee with milk”. What to do? The eternal question, including for fishers, in Russia…

Knowing that large toothy sharks and grouper-humpback are somewhere near and in considerable quantity, we knew we were doing something wrong. Decided to completely change all aspects of fishing places catching search methods. Also decided not to use when searching for fish new expensive “glamorous” lures purchased over the winter. All the attention decided to focus on proven search engines. Without talking to their rightful places on the rifles, three rods took mankovska “rubber” failsafe spinner Blue Fox No. 3 and fast ZIP BAITS Rigge length 7 cm.

Look for fishing happiness in the remaining days decided in flowing streams and tributaries, which could climb at least a few kilometers. And even though most of them originate from wetlands, but in this period their purity and freshness was much better root river. Usually go to most of them and move up in early September, of course, quite impossible, but we at hand played a factor in the “big water”. Rains that turned the main river into a muddy stream, provided the opportunity to visit several before inaccessible tributaries the Sosva, where water has managed to rise, to fix on a certain level and significantly brighten.

First sunset at the mouth of the nearest relative of a small stream and climb only 100 m immediately brought the first full-fledged trophies-heels-dimensional perch and a few jacks in the commodity. Even a few predators rapidly fled from the boat at our approach.

So that’s something. You can, of course, was to try to climb down the Creek in search of promising places, but small productieve shoals and dense coastal windbreak immediately repulsed the desire of even the most zealous extreme.

Slightly more flowing second stream has awarded our team a couple of teeth out under 2 kg, a dozen transcripts “Humpbacks” and a trio of plump IDE.

The trend is clear, decided to darkness at a maximum during log in relatively large nearest river-a tributary on whose banks are huts Victor to continue to move up as high as possible, and then act according to circumstances. In the deep dusk, moving at low speed, without a Navigator, I almost slipped a small at low water, but quite decent with the current level of the mouth of the river.

Climb up to the hut 20 km of the forces was not, therefore, directly into the mouth, on the small spit organized overnight.

Summed up. Even making a discount on circumstances such as the repeated daily pressure surges periodically increasing precipitation, high and muddy water, the full moon – the results of fishing for Northern Sosva ridiculous.

Pretty poor catch the first two days to the richest Northern river led to the idea that we just don’t understand the situation and time is not switched to the active search predator. Perhaps this result is a factor of some impressively and lack of preparation of participants to the conditions of fishing. Seasoned and experienced anglers are focused on catching a trophy was not ready for her crowning places for relaxed fishing. Medium-light rod, a relatively thin fishing line and medium size crankbaits – all this classic of the spinning middle of the two thousandth was long ago and completely forgotten over the years of fishing in Northern waters. Always using huge baits each season hunting with them for trophy fish, we appeared to have lost the skill of catching a small predator with a twitching and middle-jigs-baits. We have lures, suitable for different fishing conditions, there were no more than ten for three. It had to be reconstructed completely.

Caught perch and pike though and provided us with an excellent fish dinner, but optimism gained not much. It was unclear what awaits us in the remaining couple of days of inflow. It turns out, we went VABank by putting all on one single river. Night talks and philosophical discussions on this topic so hooked the entire company that we are, in anticipation of the next day, do not even have to set up the tent. Not saying a word, decided to sleep on a warm night under the open sky around a fire. And even occasionally drizzling a little rain could not spoil the beauty and romance of this spontaneous sleepovers.

Further development of the situation has changed dramatically. Maybe a radical change in fishing made a night of rain, the heavens, and maybe the conversation is abundantly seasoned with fishing tales, slowly flowing near the campfire. And that, in principle, wanted to “fuck” each member of the team from this journey? Mountains of different-sized dead fish – not our way. Production of the trophy? 20 days for fish dreams and equip the next expedition. Maybe the turning point came when under the night sky, we realized that in a fit of passion fishing we have forgotten the original purpose of the trip? What we wanted at the river-reach fishing Nirvana.

Myriads of stars overhead, deafening the beauty of the North, the remoteness from civilization by the morning made me think of all the XP on the meaning of the fishing life. Dawn found particularly zealous “night of the philosophers” in the midst of the already a bit slurred conversation, and the feeling all brought a powerful blow of a predator on the surface of the river. Really trout? So far from the mountains, from his usual habitat?

Spinning instantly in the hands of fishermen, and then a variety of lures began to iron the morning the surface of the river. Morning the aggressor more nothing showed, but the message on the day was given by the noble.

The morning sun quickly dried our clothes from the night mist and dew, the usual Breakfast seemed all incredibly tasty and healthy for the body, further travel was seen only in the most rosy. In anticipation and foretaste of the perfect bite, all without saying a word, replaced the small bait the previous day on larger. And such a change, as subsequent events showed, was completely justified.

The remaining two days of fishing took place under the symbol of the real “badge of quality”. The route to the hut with a length of 20 km took us the whole day, but not because of traffic difficulties and surprises of the river, and due to the excellent bite. If desired, this section of the river could “fly” for an hour and a half, but the activity of the predator in the day was simply overwhelming. It was a sin not to take advantage of this situation.

Let in the shallows was not the usual trout and grayling, but the long stretches raged pike, perch and IDE. Shallow “take advice.” length of 100-300 m and a depth of 1.5 m was just crammed dimensional predator. Any bait, more or less correctly filed in those areas brought a steady, sharp and confident bite. Replacement, for the sake of experiment, large working turntables 5-7 cm vibrohvost and twisters have dramatically reduced the number of catches of IDE, but significantly increased the number of large groupers. In addition, the “rubber” is held close to the bottom began to react pike, to not pay attention to any offer her bait.

Forgetting about time and space, we just enjoyed the action naturally, keeping in mind the forthcoming “cool” autumn fishing. But how can you force yourself to make a change and break away from the “fun” of fishing where every cast any bait greedily grab seasoned groupers and Zee? How to weigh anchor, moving under the boat with a heavy pike one after the other, although there is still 15 km away.

On the Northern rivers it happens all the time – the total bellevie suddenly instantly replaced by a cool hurricane. And at first glance all of this happens by accident, in fact it’s the system. System if you want the North.

Northern rivers Russia is incredibly rich in various fish. Beginner “Northern” spinner it is only necessary to have a lot of patience and quite a bit of luck. Patient and knowledgeable angler, though not the first time, but quickly learns the simple but immutable truths in the Northern waters.

A seasoned foreign and domestic anglers, first time caught in rivers of the Kola, Yamal Peninsula or Kamchatka, remain entirely without a catch. After a personal debacle some of them hate this weather, someone who is incompetent conductors who have an inflated assessment of the fisheries resources of the reservoir, etc., etc., Only a small part of true lovers after an unsuccessful fishing trips, feeling the “spinal cord” the prospect of Northern rivers and lakes begin to work on their mistakes. After a while they return to take their. Thus with the right gear, with the calculated schedule and detailed maps, and most importantly, with confidence that it is their time in the development of the North. Most of them after the first “correct” and good fishing “sign” North river do not imagine myself anywhere but on another undeveloped.

Our experienced team, as it turned out, was ready for any eventuality. Found at the bottom of boxes and the right lure, not “even the river” picked up over time and buy the “rubber” with “iron”.

From experienced anglers, as they say, one answer: “Not included on the bite – bear, shore potapchuk boots, poelozit “braid” on the coils, a pair of spinning break – something will catch”. Well, if you came to żory – will not miss her, get pleasure from catching fish off. The remaining two before the evacuation of all day just resting. Throughout the entire plot to the hut in any place provided was the perfect bite of various predator.

Deep pits with a return flow brought regular bites of different predators on the “tires”, including large enough. Smooth deep take advice. were Packed with active bass and bullhead, which perfectly responded to the “spinner” and crank with depth to 2 m And they worked with all the “fat boys” and the Japanese brand, and their numerous clones.

We often changed the bait to a larger, more noisy. For the sake of experiment periodically on carbines cling different topwater. The result was only the imitation of the mice and frogs. All the other working summer “poverkhnostnyi” remained in full ignore. And let the maximum weight of caught fish (pike – 3 kg, perch – 0.5 kg, IDE – 1 kg) were for these places more than the ordinary, the key to a capricious predator was picked up.

Being at home, all members of the fishing came to one conclusion. Accustomed to the more significant trophies, we just do not understand that now from our skill and experience depends much less than that of the related conditions – water level, transparency, temperature, pressure. Convulsive nervous trembling hands and throbbing in mind that we are doing something wrong, you’re missing the lunch of the third day.

First, the team members remembered the original purpose of the trip – fishing in the style of “relax”. Secondly, everyone calm down, gather your thoughts, analyze your previous actions, have been working on the bugs. And then all began fishing that we so sought in this campaign. It is not easier or more profitable. It was not the best season or an ordinary soldier. She suddenly acquired a certain status, turning out to be the same day of convulsive and twitchy in the slow and comfortable.

This trip is well worth it. A variety of lures, pleasant atmosphere in the boat and on the river, complete absence of competition, the excellent, Sunny weather.

Until the end of fishing chosen empirically in the early days of the bait and remained with the predator absolute in favor. First it checked the fans are BLUE FOX and MYRAN from No. 3 to No. 6, a variety of lures-Faty with depth up to 2 m, medium, and large “rubber” on jig-heads to 12 g all worked on hurrah. Excellent biting of a perch, IDE and pike allowed us not only to have a good time at some point, we have assumed that he was at the beginning of the autumn Zhora. But, as subsequent events showed, a real predator feeding period began on this river within the nature of time, and we only caught a small part of it.

Now nothing could spoil our good mood and the particular impression of the trip. Rain, the devil-clevie the first day, the upcoming long way home – all these factors reinforced each other, instantly remained somewhere behind. River, friends, a house, a fish – these “slides” are still standing before my eyes bright pictures. But it was just a departure-exploration, away-walk. Whether more will come, in the main journey.

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