In search of new places

Before the first serious boat competition is less and less time. This trip was decided to devote to finding new places and coming in the night to the Parking lot quickly assembled took to the water in the moonlight.

While walking to the place, the day gradually began to change overnight and warm the air.

Checked a few places, did a 10K plays, but also a non-walleye found nothing.

Decided to go to familiar places and see the presence of fish there. There has been more interesting, if you put in depth, was pulling the bait off the rocks and got a regular bite.But an important condition was the presence of snags, under which he held the fish in one place I managed to take bersha and pike-perch, but all on the verge of competition and the fish in the competition not to win, decided to pocketsa but in these surroundings turned out to persuade the fish only a couple of bites and all.

Do not stay long, so as not to scorch, because such a bright boards it is difficult to remain unnoticed.

In the following presentation again find your fish in a short time so we decide to leave the place to tour. The main thing that did not change the water level, then the point needs shoot!

The heat was adski and that is not hot sometimes just rode.

While moving to the next point, go and check one time. For objective reasons, do not show spots and caught fish, otherwise, the meaning of achievements will be revealed. But this component depends on changes in water level.

This departure had to check one more time and then we were in for a surprise. The same formulation and from the first cast bite, but by the second – again by a third, setting a scoring perch.

Just a couple more casts and catches ECOSOC, which is not a bit embarrassed by the size of the Slim Shad and hook size jigs.

And again leave the place as quickly as possible.

It seems to be developments there, but confidence of success is very small, all points are strongly dependent on the level… Kama predator show!

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