Is This Angler Whose Rod Was Struck By Lightning The Luckiest Or Unluckiest Dude Alive?

Cooper Moore and his friend were fishing in the rain (because the grind don’t stop). He had just bought a new Lews Mach fishing rod, and was ecstatic to try it out. Cooper leaned the new rod against a tree, and soon noticed lightning strike a few miles away. Literary masterminds refer to this as “foreshadowing”. 

A peaceful afternoon full of fishing turned bad in a flash, when a boy’s rod became completely fried after a lightning strike.

In a shocking turn of events, as Cooper was about to make another cast with his old rod, mass chaos broke out. Lighting struck his brand new rod leaning against the tree. The ground surrounding it was consumed in a fiery rage. His body went into shock and he felt a tingling feeling all over.

Thankfully, Cooper ended up all right. However, his brand new Lews Mach fishing rod did not make it…. we lost an electrifying soldier that day.

Since Cooper had to go through this enlightening experience, we sent him a replacement rod so he can keep his spark for fishing alive. Because dang, how many anglers can say they’ve literally been struck by lighting and turned out okay. What an (un)lucky dude. Well, we’ll let you be the judge of that.

Although, we would like to mention that 10/10 meteorologists recommend to stop fishing when you see lightning. Because holding a metal rod outside during a storm wouldn’t strike anyone as a good idea.

Now, how’s that for a current event??

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