Jon B Breaks Down The Game Changing Trashmaster Jig

Jon B is one of the most watched YouTube anglers on the internet. Known for legendary antics, a slick camera presence, and a keen ear for finding DOPE BEATS. Jon also happens to be an absolute bass hammer when you put a jig in his hand.

Watch Jon B break down one of his new favorite jigs!

Jon B Does It Again

Recently, Jon set out for an afternoon of fishing with the all-new GameChanger Trashmaster and quickly put this revolutionary jig to work. Watch Jonny B get RIGGED up and lean into a big bass with one of his famous heavy hammer hooksets.

Two Ways To Rig The Trashmaster

Jon starts off by pairing his GameChanger Trashmaster with the Googan Baits Bandito Bug and then transitions into Swimjig showcase. Each technique presentation will get you jacked up and ready to go catch a toad. Here is a quick rigging breakdown:

Trashmaster + Bandito Bug = Cheat Code

Jon starts off by biting a piece off the top of his Bandito Bug. Creating a flat surface will help the twist lock screw bite into the bait and stay secured.

No need for a weedguard, the twist lock screw design tightly secures soft plastics while providing a weedless presentation.

Twist the screw lock into the center of your plastic and provide gentle pressure while slowly rotating until the plastic reaches the top of the screw pin.

The fully rigged jig will be virtually weedless and should look similar to this.

Notice how flat the Bandito Bug lays when rigged properly. From head to tail this jig will be presented in a streamlined, fish friendly fashion.


An absolute donk of a bass that fell victim to the Trashmaster Jig

”It’s important to have a bait that can get in the DUST”

Jon B

A Gamechanging Swim Jig

Why Didn’t We Think Of This Earlier?

Next up Jon goes over how he pairs the 3/8 GameChanger Jig with a 4” Biospawn Exoswim.

Jon likes a shad patterned jig and swimbait which helps him accurately represent a variety of baitfish.

Pin your screwlock into the top of the swimbait head and slowly rotate the bait up the screw lock skeeper.

Once the plastic is locked tightly, bend back body of your swimbait so that it can be rigged in a weedless presentation.

Jon shows off an example of a rigged swimjig set up. Making sure the hook is centered both at the head and back of the bait will help it swimming properly.

Jon likes to Texpose his swimjig which he believes helps increase hook up percentage. This rigging method allows the hook to travel through less plastic before reaching the fish. So honestly, it makes sense.

Another angle of Jon B’s chunky bass that couldn’t resist the jig.

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