How to lure a pike

Who has not read the article bait for pike, there is another way to lure a pike, which sometimes works perfectly.

Once I read that pike are attracted by the smell of fish.

For this I had to buy frozen sea fish. Grind it in a meat grinder. Packaging bags, small balls and put in the freezer overnight. In the morning, Packed the bait into something similar to a thermos, to go fishing. Throwing fish balls in water, they melt and smell attract predators.

Subtracts this “secret” I immediately rushed to the market for fish. All made by “recipe”, gone fishing becoming, hoping to return with a trophy.

Threw balls in the water. Caught hour, second, third…… The evening had already given up on this whole thing, went home, never having felt so expected action on the spinning.

But the idea never left my thoughts. Theoretically, this all should have worked, because, as I wrote in the article about the pike, to pose she goes for Malcolm throughout the flight and only fed with the stomach returning to his favorite place.

The next day, at the market I saw one of the vendors, the price tag on which was written “Whiskas”, and the box was lying carp, length of 5-7cm. worth the penny…

Without hesitation, I scored this “Whiskas” and went to prepare the bait, which was going to lure pike. The recipe was similar.

In the end, the next day, same pose, thanks to “Whiskas”, I Kukan were three pike in two hours. The smallest of them was weighing 2.7 kg.

I have to say: on the river, how many did not try – so lure pike I have failed, but the walleye appeared willingly on the bait, which I also was satisfied.

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