Lake Fork Guy Just Posted A Really Good Video On Fishing Soft Plastic Swimbaits

I came home last night after work and jumped on YouTube as I was warming dinner (leftover tacos).

The first video I saw was from Lake Fork Guy, and I instantly double-clicked. Mainly for two reasons.

1) Lake Fork Guy is fishing STUD and also my favorite Googan (Sorry, Peric).

2) Shallow water swimbait fishing is a ridiculously fun way to catch bass.

I’m about two months away from a good shallow water bite here in Chicago. But man, it felt good to watch Lake Fork Guy lean into a few largemouth on the trusty old swimbait.

Watch and learn how to target BIG ONES with a swimbait, just Like LFG
Target Areas

Lake Fork Guy likes to target shallow grass and lilly pad stems with his swimbaits. The streamline body help this bait slip in and out of vegetation.

Ideal Equipment For Fishing The Saucy Swimmer

Pairing your swimbait with the right equipment is crucial. Lake Fork Guy uses a medium-heavy rod, fast action casting reel, and strong fluorocarbon fishing line.

The Size Of Your Saucy Swimmer Should All Depend On…..

The Googan Baits Saucy Swimmer is available in 3 tasty size options. Match your Saucy Swimmer as closely as possible to the forage in your lake.

Swim Jigs For The Win Yet Again

The Googan swimjig and swimbait are a saucy combo!

The Proof Is In The Pudding Saucy Swimmer

When jig bite turned off, the swimbait turned on for Lunkers and Lake Fork Guy.

Giving Them Something They Just Can’t Refuse

Pairing the Saucy Swimmer with the Googan Squad Swimjig is a deadly combo.

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