Lunar fishing calendar 2018

Experience stubborn thing, and statistics – errors happen, but do not pay attention to it is impossible. Therefore, we invite You to explore and take a note of the lunar fishing calendar in 2018. The influence of the moon on our planet is huge, but we often forget about it.

So tides, tides and other relevant factors will have a direct impact on the activity and feeding of fish, not only marine but also river.

Moon phases in 2018

The calendar shows 4 main States of the moon in every month of the year, that is, its phase:

  1. New moon – new moon
  2. Waxing moon – Crescent
  3. Full moon – full moon
  4. Waning moon – Crescent

From the current and already classic it is considered that the best bite possible on the fourth and fifth duck of the new moon. Not biting much more likely to expect three days before the full moon until 4 days after new moon.

Lunar calendar of the fisherman in 2018
Calendar fishing days in 2018 and months:
  1. January
  2. February
  3. March
  4. April
  5. May
  6. June
  7. July
  8. August
  9. September
  10. October
  11. November
  12. December

Presented above calendar reflects the estimated nibble fish, based not only on changes in the heavenly bodies.

Consider the nibble fish in every month of the eighteenth year separately, depending on the moon.

Fish calendar fish for 2018
Lunar fishing calendar for January 2018

January, a month which is considered by fishermen gluhozime really can please good bites of roach, white bream, gudgeon, perch, pike. It is not excluded fishing at night bream with a lantern “the bat”. The place should be chosen in advance by test-fishing different holes. The tent should be spacious, of the dense material, you need to dress warmly and be patient, because at night bream can take infrequent but large.

Promising days is biting in January: from 1 to 4 and 16 to 18 of the month.
Days, when is a good biting fish: 7-13, 20-25
Bad nibble: 14, 26

In mild winters with relatively small average temperature of fish activity slightly higher. Successful fishing on imitation fish, rockers and spinners. For blesneniya perch medium is desirable to select snags with depths of 1.5–4 m, near the shore. Good sections can be on the border of the shoals and depths. In these same places on the larger oval spinner to catch a pike. Pike and perches lands are often adjacent to the flooded beds and watering. Here for every kind of fish you need to install the appropriate imitation fish. Search Sudakovo pack better to method the front of the permutation of Gerlich in the pits adjacent to snags. Decent results are obtained by trolling with lures from a piece of fish, fry, fish eye.

When daytime fishing should be aware that large fish not always stands on deep wells. However, it is noticed that seasoned individuals don’t like overly lit places, it is better to search under the shaded steep banks, trees and shrubs. So that public holidays should devote his time to fishing and finding efficient points and big fish!

Lunar fishing calendar for February 2018

February is the month of snow, blizzards and snowfall, as well as long lasting thaws. A good may be catching on the so-called “helicopter”. To get to the exit of bream, white bream or Zope, the fishermen put up to a dozen or even more of gear. For sheer blesneniya pike, Zander, perch choose mostly deep space, and the balancer or trolling small size – up to 3.5 cm.

Promising days is biting in February: 1, 2, 14-16, and 28 day of the month.
Days when expected good bite of fish: 5 through 11, 18 through 24.
Bad nibble: 12, 25.

However, the possibility of Zamora, and therefore the reservoirs need the help of a man. To determine the onset of freezing is easy: just drill a few holes and carefully look at the behavior of underwater inhabitants. The air rises and the bugs fry, and when absolutely unbearable, and adult fish: roach, bream, Rudd, tench. Pike approaches the coast in search of springs and ground water runoff.

Lunar fishing calendar for March 2018

In the southern regions of Russia are beginning to open up rivers and other water bodies, and in the Northern regions still reigns in winter. Day in March is markedly increased, the sun’s rays increasingly penetrate into the subglacial space, and at last the ice starts good bite of fish. Taking roach, perch, bream, Queen fish, bream, and by the end of the month – Chub, IDE, sometimes even carp and common carp. The fish eagerly takes the bait and a good fighter.

Promising days in terms of excellent fish in March: from 1 to 4, from 16 to 18 and 29 to 31 of the month.
Days when expected good bite of fish: 7-13, 20-25
Bad nibble: 14, 26

Fish aktiviziruyutsya every day, not far off the spring spawn. If you are going to pack it winter leaves the pits and begins to make significant migration in search of food and fresh water. Often we can see it below the rapids, near the shoals, in the shallow waters near the estuaries of rivers and streams that carry food. White fish, sometimes ascends to the upper layers under the ice. Starts pre-spawning zhor pike, take perch, pike. Especially good biting happens at the boundary of light and murky water, in the shallows, suvada.

Lunar fishing calendar for April 2018

Rivers flood, but by the end of the month, the water gradually begins to brighten, its level in the rivers decreases. The day is bright the sun is shining, and at night freezes. In April begins the spring the fish move to the spawning grounds. She loses care, that is, goes ahead. Turbidity appeared in the rivers, forcing her to come to the quiet, clean places near the coast. Almost every fish readily enters the old river bed, streams, shallow rivers is IDE. Soon spawn. Darting in search of food, ruff, perch, Dace, Rudd, gudgeon, Chub.

Promising days in terms of excellent fish in April: 1, 2, 15 through 17 and 28 through 30 of the month.
Days when expected good bite of fish: from 5 to 12, from 19 to 24.
Bad nibble: 13, 25

By the end of the month here begins zhor pike spawned. It should be catching in the pits below the shoals, sandbanks, on quiet stretches near overgrown banks, pour the spring water areas in shallow bays. Good results are soft spinning lure and spinners, zhivtsovy float rod this predator better fish have to water vegetation. The bark beetle, worm and caddis can bite large IDE, roach, Podust, bream, white bream, perch, small Chub.

In the North, pike and walleye in April still catch the imitation fish. Bait fish may be tempted by the trout. On the Karelian lakes from the ice takes a good perch. He goes to the edge of algae at a depth of 1-2 m. the perch rests deeper flocks foraged at depths of about 5 m throughout the Night continues to take burbot.

Lunar fishing calendar for may 2018

The spawning period of most fish. For dams and rapids, whirlpools vprovodku on live bait caught Chub and perch. As a nozzle for bottom posting suitable verkhivka, gudgeon, bleak. In early may, on Nightcrawlers or large beetle takes a good trout, and the ponds rearing a good head for it – the meat thawed shrimp.

Promising days is biting in may: 1, 2, 14 to 16 and 27 to 31 of the month.
Days, when is a good biting fish: 5-11, 18-23.
Bad nibble: 12, 24.

The bite of a large burbot are terminated and the minor is still possible to catch a ground rod at night. Pike continue to be caught trolling, bottom and float fishing with live bait. With the emergence of beetles begins a fascinating fishing them Chub and IDE “household” fly fishing and vprovodku on top. Best time – morning hours before sunrise. Since the second half of the month in the bays and bayous on the border of vegetation near the pits and in the shallow quiet pools with hard bottom, small up to 1,5 m – the depths of night on a Donk, you can catch catfish.

Lunar fishing calendar for June 2018

The first month of summer sometimes having warm weather, but is often quite cold, which affects the bite. However, the summer has come, and if the days are Sunny, the water warms up quickly. In early June, once the water warms up above 18-19°C, begin to spawn carp, carp, tench, Rudd.

Promising days in terms of excellent fish in June: from 12 to 14 and 26 to 30 of the month.
Days when expected good bite of fish: 3-9, 16-22.
Bad nibble: 10, 23.

White fish, directivas in may, already are biting well as on insects and their larvae and plant tips: cake, peas, semolina, steamed wheat, oats, barley, and oat mash. Pike prefers live bait, perch – fry and worm, catfish – the frog and the Nightcrawlers, acne – a bunch of worms. In June, crayfish begin to molt. For fear of being easy prey to fish, they tend to sit in their holes until you find a new “armor”. But it is in the moulting crab meat is one of the best tips that can fish the bullhead, catfish, Chub, perch and some other fish.

To fishing was successful, you must know the exact local weather forecast and monitor the development of the water and shore vegetation, as well as the departure insects. For example, appeared on the coastal Bush-brown caterpillar hives – it means somewhere nearby are Chub and IDE. Will not abandon the larvae and roach, Rudd, bream, bream.

Lunar fishing calendar for July 2018

July is the hottest month biting weakens. The fish should be kept in shaded, hidden from the sun the ground in thick grass, under overhanging Bank with trees and shrubs, in places out of the cold keys, near cold streams, shoals and rapids. Many species go by day in burrows, under driftwood, or in other hidden places. The bite starts at the border of night and day is barely dawning.

Promising days is biting in July: from 12 to 14 and 25 to 29 of the month.
Days when expected good bite of fish: 3-9, 16-21.
Bad nibble: 10, 22.

Nibble on a Donk, spinning and circles in this period of sluggish and increases only in cloudy weather or after rain, when you begin to take perch and pike, sometimes medium-sized pike. Better to catch walleye on live bait at dusk in the shallows, where he goes to hunt for fry. Continues to be caught spinning Chub on the border of quiet shallow waters and rapids.

Bream takes mostly at night. It must look at the depth: in the quiet backwaters, holes, under steep banks. In waters with abundant vegetation it prefers thickets of pondweed, or horsetail, especially if the bottom is muddy and not too flat. By the end of the day the bream can go to the borders of vegetation in the shallows and after rain to gather at the steep banks, which are shallow ditches. Catch them here better float rod from the bottom.

By the end of the month good bite carp, carp, carp, tench on the characteristic of their habitat rivers. Boat vprovodku catch Chub, roach, Podust, IDE. As the nozzle all the carp using maggots, bloodworms, steamed corn, pellets of bread, cheese dough, and a young boiled potatoes and peas. When fishing with the feeder bait is mixed on the basis of these components.

Lunar fishing calendar for August 2018

In the southern regions – the lower reaches of the Volga, don, Ural, Dnieper, Kuban and other rivers of the Caspian, Azov and black sea basins – continued summer fishing. In the waters of Northern regions of thermophilic fish bite is getting worse. Weakens the bite of a catfish, carp, eel, tench. Rudd goes to the bottom or kept at half depth. But if the weather is hot, these fish are caught well.

Promising days in terms of excellent fish in August: from 10 to 12 and 24 to 28 of the month.
Days when expected good bite of fish: 1-7, 14-20 number.
Bad nibble: 8, 21

The rivers have abundant vegetation, but the water is already cold. Well caught carp, carp, crucian carp, Chub, IDE, bream and roach. Take and predators: the perch, pike, Zander and Chub. Som arranges a farewell nibble – it will soon go into hibernation. August – departure time of green locusts. It already waiting for Chub and IDE, Rudd and Chub, which is perfectly caught in August on the nozzle. In August the bite of a large fish notable for an hour or two before dawn.

Enlivened by the biting of a perch. He is caught on a fishing rod with a side nod and a jig from reeds, lilies, overhanging above the water bushes, and the deep parts of the reservoir – vertical jigging from a boat. By the end of August the nights are cold, the soil may freeze, the behavior of fish are less active.

Lunar fishing calendar for September 2018

Gradually life aquatic life dies. Late dawn and early sunset forced fishermen to move faster.
And yet in September the fun of fishing receive no less than in may or July. The best are the days when the weather is steadily overcast, but quiet, and even better warm, especially if the warming occurred after a significant cold weather.

Promising days in terms of a great fish in September: from 8 to 10 and 23 to 27 of the month.
Days when expected good bite of fish from 1 to 5, 12 to 19, 30.
Bad nibble: 6, 20.

Carp, tench and crucian carp almost do not take, however, if noticeably warm, you encounter som. Nalim takes a good night, going to the rapids and steep banks, shaded vegetation. Starts autumn zhor pike. She stays in the same place as in August. Fishing from the boat track to deep water gives the best results using larger lures: vibrating lures-yellow Twister, “urasaki” – posting at the bottom. Live bait can be caught float rod on the border of aquatic vegetation. With the onset of frost takes a good trout. Attachment for it is small baitfish, the best nozzle is the meat of the shrimp. Caught on the float rod with the long lines, sometimes a ground rod with an attachment of the worm in a cloudy rainy weather.

In the first half of the night, in the morning and throughout the day a good biting bream, white bream, sabrefish, Chub, IDE observed in bottom gear at considerable depths. Showerheads are small Nightcrawlers, bunch of worms-podlistnikov for Chub suit little frog and fry. On a narrow baitfish pecking Chub and perch.

Lunar fishing calendar for October 2018

Sunny days are rare, come October. The vegetation is quite withered, the foliage is almost over. But even at this time some species of fish are active. White fish retreated to the depths, but also continues to feed. Weakened the bite of the ASP, Podust, Rudd, bream, but still take the fish, rotan and minnow, and burbot at night. A jig with a worm-podistica with steep banks it is possible catch IDE, perch, roach, bream, white bream. Fry and vertical jigging nice perch caught.

Promising days in terms of excellent fish in October: from 8 to 10 and 22 to 26 of the month.
Days when expected good bite of fish: 1 through 5, 12 through 18, 29-31.
Bad nibble: 6, 19.

In the still backwaters and forest lakes with quiet water sometimes peck Chub and IDE. On the bottom and float tackle and baited small fish, sometimes I take the raptors, the night is often caught burbot. Fry and amphipod float rod catch of perch is the best place where flocks are kept verkhovka (usually near springs from growing algae). Great boat angling that is installed above the depths. They also catch in a plumb on small spinners and on the side rod with a jig (nozzle – bloodworm). In the lakes of the pack of medium bass are holding at depths, and a trifle energetic in shallow water. There is a Paradise for anglers. Pike take any artificial bait.

Lunar fishing calendar for November 2018

The wind tirelessly blows lead the wave, and somewhere noticeable ice cover. On the edges the ice is fragile and transparent, but now in such places often prowling pike. Catch it on live bait fishing rod with long casting nozzle at the border of the ice edge.

Roach caught float rod or a hot ground on a jig with a nozzle bloodworms, throwing her long rod with a side nod for the ice edge.

Promising days is to fish in November: 6-8, as well as the 21st and 25th of the month.
Days when expected good bite Pisces: 1,4, 11 to 17, 28-30
Bad nibble: 10, 18.

In November it is still possible to catch from a boat, although in strong wind, rain or wet snow to make it difficult, and in stormy weather even dangerous. In November preparing to spawn burbot and pike tries to lay fat by eating all the fry. He was caught by ground or mugs. As a nozzle it is possible to take a ruff or small perch. Continue to take roach, ruff, perch and rotan.

Lunar fishing calendar for December 2018

In the southern regions of Russia the winter comes, and in the North, the reservoirs are covered with solid ice. Most of the fish, primarily thermophilic, at this time it hibernates, however, many freshwater fish – silver bream, ruff, bream, perch, roach, pike, pike – retain their activity.

Well taken in December, burbot, grayling, trout, and from the Siberian fish lenok, taimen, omul, salmon and some whitefish. But still, as a rule, sluggish fish during the period of ice cover caused by oxygen depletion in water bodies and shortage of fodder.

Promising days in terms of a great fish in December: from 6 to 8 and 20 to 24 of the month.
Days, when is a good biting fish: 1-3, 10-16, 27-31.
Bad nibble: 4, 17

In reservoirs and lakes predators watching prey at depths in coregister and overgrown areas. Large bass and walleye are holding on the irregularities of the bottom, on the edges and near the deep snags. Perch in the evening and in the morning out in the shallows, where the nozzle at the bottom, and sometimes at half depth. Zander prefer productieve pits, and pike – smaller areas at the confluence of streams, rivers, in places out of the keys.

With a float rod and a jig at this time, you can catch roach, perch, white bream, a ruff, a rare Chub, bream and IDE, and even less – Rudd and silver bream. As bait it is better to use Motyl, larva burdock moth or worm. Night on zhivtsovy imitation fish takes burbot. Large bass, walleye and pike caught by Gerlich or vertical jigging with balancers and spinners on the borders of the rocks and pits. Occasionally perches on a small lure caught Chub, IDE, grayling.

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