Making A Fishing Checklist: Quick Tips For Your Next Fishing Trip

However, there are times when I fish with a friend in his boat or fish from the bank and need to decide what I should bring with me. I am guilty of never putting together a fishing checklist, but I would recommend making a list to prevent forgetting essential items for your fishing trips.

Owning a boat makes it easier to remember what to bring for my fishing trips because many of the items I use are already stored in the boat.

Here is a checklist of items you will need for your next fishing trip.

Rod and Reel

The number of rod and reel combos you take depends on what type of fishing you will be doing. When I am bass fishing with a friend in his boat I usually take four baitcast combos with different line sizes on the reels that allows me to fish a variety of lures. If I am bank fishing, I usually take two rods and for wade fishing I scale down to one rod.


I usually take a soft tacklebag holding three or four utility boxes filled with the lures I think will work for the season I am fishing.

Rain Gear

The first year I fished bass tournaments I learned the hard way about the value of quality rain gear. It’s hard to concentrate on fishing for eight hours when you are cold and wet. Now I take a rain suit any time there is even a slight chance of rain.


I always wear a hat while fishing either for warmth in the cold weather or protection from the sun.

*Sunglasses: I always wear sunglasses to reduce glare and protect my eyes from harmful sun rays and any errant projectiles.


A four-course meal on the water is unnecessary but you should at least pack some snacks to munch on throughout the day to keep up your energy level. I usually take a couple of packages of fig bars and oatmeal bars that are easy to pack in my tackle bag.


Usually one bottle of water is all I need when fishing in cooler weather, but during the heat of summer I take at least two bottles to prevent dehydration.

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