Megabass Swing Impact 95 the perfect pike fibroboost

The pike fishing on small rivers addictive… the direction of spinning, I dedicate a huge amount of fishing lately. The main tool in such circumstances – jig. It is not a pity to tear, so I always without fear of giving up “jiiku” in the toughest wilds and underwater snags, very often the predator is there!

The main lure is in the first place – all sorts of vibrohvosta, and in the second – twisters, slugs, crayfish and poranki. In my environment shows itself silicone from Kusadasi. And catches well, and is inexpensive.

About a bait of this company I have already written reviews, it is Easy Shiner Megabass 95, Awaruna, Spikey Shad, Shad Hart, and others. All of them are budget copies of their famous ancestors and are ideal for pike, but today I will talk about the most versatile, you can even tell the perfect silicone – O. S. p. 95 Swing Impact, Keitech copy of c the same name!

Why? Now to find out!

As for the names, kostakova lately, not reinventing the wheel, and leave the “name” of the original, to avoid unnecessary confusion. I think this is the right decision.

Go on to describe the lure.

Form Swing Impact – one of the most popular and recognizable of the variety of silicone! It is long and thin ribbed worm with a fairly massive hoof, creating a weak vibration and turbulence in the water. He plays smooth and measured, the average amplitude. This form simply can not catch, because the Swing Impact top! Walleye, Northern pike, Bursch, perch, Chub, Chub, catfish, and other predators consider it one of their favorite treats. For example, the original, me and my friends have long realized that a more efficient bait very difficult to find!

If the original Swing Impact from Keitech is already long-proven when fishing for all these fish, Costachescu remark that appeared only in the last year, you know not everything, and in this review I will try to share my experience of fishing!

As it turned out, it is practically not inferior to the original in ulovistost, and given the cost 3 times cheaper than the original, and even wins!

It so happened that one of the best silicone fish for many anglers for walleye, repeatedly helping me out for pike on small suburban rivers, and fanged at her catch, it is not possible!

This lure is available only in one size – 95 mm, same as my beloved kosagovskii izi of Shiner. Would have a size of 60-70 mm from the bass end would not be absolutely accurate, as well as from berchicci with sadakichi where they are.

The package contains 8 baits that price in recalculation on 1 thing, it turns out 19.5 rubles, in contrast to the original which costs 60-70 rubles/piece (still think 100 times before throwing in snags, and that’s where all the fish!).

The packaging is standard for all kosagovskii rubber with a zip-lock and plastic tray under the silicone fish. I am translating it in my backpack, without removing it from a native package, because I think that they better retain edible quality and aroma that declared by the manufacturer. What edible qualities inherent in the Swing, I do not know, no salt or liquid attractant no smell, which Swing Impactos specific, but not very sharp.

In this paragraph, talk about different interesting montages kosadaka the Swing Impact.

Swing Impact – this is the bait that will work on any kind of snap-ins. Basic “mount” for me is the hinge with offset hook. In a variation of the Swing, the Impact can throw into any snags and cramps, not really fearing for his loss. This is the classic version, suitable for reconnaissance, and for a point of trawling the usual places. Form of opsenica can be any. A long worm hook for maximum traction, or a classic opsitnik with great poddevom, whose permeability is slightly worse, but implementation takes more confident. Here it is necessary to choose proceeding from conditions of fishing that is more important.

The optimum hook size is 2/0 or 3/0, for example, O. S. p. B-Soi that I use.

To increase nezatseplyayki bait, you need to drive the sting right in the body of silicone. Not much but so that it is completely covered. Additional protection in the form of corrugated ribs makes the Swing Impact one of the most passable in your baits! And implementation of bites this does not prevent the hook at the slightest stress on the cutting laid bare and reliably pinpoint the fish!

Another cool installation is a double. I have due to the nature of fishing, there was almost no conditions where it would be possible to catch with open hooks, but for the Swing of the Impact this mounting is a classic. With proper mounting it is very tight in the body of the lure, and not tearing it. Also has not been canceled jig head.

The softness of the silicone. Of course, this is not Katech, otherwise why pay more? But the form itself is so successful that the silicone from which the lure is cast, go by the wayside! Although Canadacosta copy quality will probably be second after the original! The subtle body is bent 180 degrees, and the heel-the tail starts to vibrate at a fairly slow decline and with a light load.

Like all kosagovskii silicone, the Swing Impact is very resistant to predator’s teeth and the frequent perenashivanie on the hook. Fishing I’m constantly experimenting, remove one lure with offset, clean in the box/packaging and hang another. Silicone almost did not notice punctures, and well kept on the hook! With Catachem is not a ride – 2.3 times removed and planted, then had to bite exploded!

Have ratlover I have Kosadak’Swing

Impact last fall on a small suburban river teeming with soratami 300-500 grams. The main bait that I was fishing there was Tioga. Unfortunately the pack very quickly left because of the hooks, but I believed in one type of bait is a long worm with a hoof of a shad. When Tioga was over, it was necessary to continue to catch on something. In the bag I liked I recommend it to people of the “same” bait in one of the most interesting colors – LBS… and it went. Murata pecking at this acid, is no worse than Tiago, and soon I didn’t want to catch anything else other than the Swing Impact.

Normal pike on the river is very small, and each zakolochka is a trophy! During autumn I visited those places more than a dozen times, and catch local trofeychik I managed only once! Shot it Kosagovskii Swing! At the next exit at the end of September after a few laces, I finally caught scoring fish, which pulled in 1.7 kg! She gave me unforgettable emotions! In the winter, I scouted other places and rivers, which pike 1.5-2 kilos was quite usual, but even the boards I didn’t remember so much as the labor pickerel, the largest in the whole of autumn!

Because of its slim body, the Swing, the Impact, the implementation of bites pike is one of the best if not the best among all other silicone lures in the installation opsenica. The hook is very easily POPs out of the body during the trip and pinpoint the fish.

I used to think that this index depends only on the softness and quality of rubber, in practice it turned out that no. Form is more important. And of course, sharp hooks. Then ordered himself recently on trial Keitech Swing Impact Fat 3.3 Inch and for fun I tested it on my pike rivers. Pecked at him very well, but…6-7 bites didn’t catch a single pike! That toothy is not pinpoint, it was a gathering for a gathering, one offensive the other. See through to the high activity of the pike, the fat is still too “fat”, and does not offset the hook normally to pop up and punch the jaw of the pike. Although the bite on him perfectly.

After these upsetting gatherings I really wanted to be rehabilitated. I went to new and previously unknown section of the river, full of pits and return. Put what first caught my eye in the box – kosagovskii Swing Impact 95 in color LBSна 4 grams. And once on one of the first transactions occurred easy potica, I’m hooked, and the implementation does not disappoint! Hairgrass exactly three pounds kicked my ass, tried to go in driftwood, doing candles, shaking his head, while clinging to the very edge of the mouth.

But I was taught approaches and their own mistakes, even now stick to 7 grams confidently manipulated the pike. Where necessary, loosened the drag, not letting her go, and when it fizzled out, pulled to the shore and took over the withers. So I interrupted the series of retirements and failures! Importantly, Megabass Swing Impact it securely hooked, and the rest will come naturally!

Following the path of the magic nook brought me another bite, this time by. But next cast there Golovleva her. This pickerel smaller, but still nice.

Noticed that kosagovskii Swing pike always takes a very confident, and in 70-80% of cases swallows it whole. Hence there are sections Flyura or higher. When I switched to flourocarbon leashes, began to use a diameter of 0.45 mm, and pike with the updated teeth this spring is very easy to cut. In particular a couple of times, cut and Swing Impact 95.

There was one interesting case, hung Impact in color JYS (by the way, is one of the best natural colors in the line) and 5 metres from the shore occurred barely noticeable poke, and immediately cut the line. Moreover, distinct shelters for pike was not just a shallow “tube”. Quickly tie on a new leash, throw in the same place, and Golovleva offender! Pike gave me great emotions from the fight with the fish on light tackle with a thin cord. The singing of the clutch, trying to take her on the marshy Bank….uhh!

The swing Impact I even managed to prove to a friend the expediency leashes for pike. We stood with him at one point, he was catching Chub on lures, and I’m in the same place – pike on a jig. And then began the exit, I went bite for bite. To watch him on it in inaction tired, and he asked me some rubber, too Pochobut. I give him the Swing Impact 95 in violet, he impaled him on opsitnik, but on a normal leash, he was too lazy to dress. For this he paid at the first transaction “frog” its grasping mouth immediately took my “gift”. True, he later caught there Kilonzo!

As for the time of year for this lure, so I have kosagovskii Swing was one of the leaders in ulovistost fall in the second half of spring and early summer, but absolutely did not work in the winter. How to explain it, I don’t know.

The main application kosagovskii Swing Impact, I have this jig in snags, although in areas with clean bottom he is no worse. In these circumstances, they share my personal superiority rating with Avarone. As I already wrote if to hide the sting of opsenica inside of the silicone, the hook it is quite difficult. Importantly, not much to pull with a little hook in a snag or by dragging through any branch, because the sudden jerks stinger hook can easily pop out and catch!

The basic wiring I have on the pike is just one of two turns/pause. Depending on how the fish are active, I vary the speed of separation of the Swing from the bottom. Sometimes it is necessary to raise it as slowly at the beginning of a step, and sometimes quite aggressive explosions. You need to experiment!

In the difficult conditions caught the last pike before the ban on bait. Went with a friend on a little known for me, the stretch of the river in its upper reaches. There the water was colder and it is rumored that a pike has not yet begun to spawn. First, caught a few laces have already been pleased with regard to universal bad bite. But here we come to the compact but eye-catching depth in those holes. While I worked on her dipavali cranks, a friend caught me on the nose pickerel-kylesku.

At that time, as he produced her photo shoot, I quickly changed lure on the first jig. Somehow, the choice again fell on the Swing Impact in color LBS. And when tightening over bait under twigson at the exit of the pits, was a long awaited bite. It was without a few grams poltora! In those places I did not expect to catch a pike. Do the pictures of the “doublet” and release two pike!

A few words about the colors: They are exactly the same as other novelties silicone 2017. Just in the range of 22 colors. They are diverse and complement each other. Half of the line, it’s acid, and quite aggressive. All of these colors will definitely catch. I will highlight the color LBS, which brought me the most tails. Initially, he liked me more than anyone, I believed in him, and put most other, hence the result.

Very interesting variations in color, whose tail stands out sharply from the color of the body. However, there are fears that a small fish will aim it and take a bite.

Natural colors very well proved to be JYS, all the bait in this color I have caught is excellent, not only Megabass Swing Impact!

Also helps purple the BBC, which brings the fish to bite when anything else is not biting, so I always take him fishing.

To sum it up: Kosagovskii Swing Impact 95 is a very good alternative to Keitech. It can’t fully replace him, because sometimes only the original silicone seduces a passive fish (Especially walleye). But when fishing for pike on small rivers, the snags with lots of hooks and breaks, a copy from Kusadasi virtually no loses Catechu, even has the advantage of greater strength, and three times lower cost. In addition, I note that a 95 Swing on my practice has one of the best implementations of bites and excellent permeability in snags. All this makes Kosadak’from Swing 95 perfect Impact silicone bait for pike!

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