Methods of walleye fishing in purworedjo

As soon as the ponds will be covered with a sturdy shell of ice many anglers go fishing. One of the exciting activities at this time, is fishing for walleye at first ice. Some fans of ice fishing is deliberately hunt for this predator.

However, not all can boast of their catch, while at the same pond, some artists manage to produce trophy fish. Sudakovo success in fishing depends on several components. You first need to find an active fanged bandit.

Search habitat

This type of fishing as fishing for walleye on parvaldu begins with the search for promising sites. Constantly looking for predators is necessary and in standing water, and the river. During the day fish can seriously shift, pursuing shoals of bream or white bream.

Where to look for walleye at first ice?

  • First a flock of fanged robbers Yam adheres to the deep channel, along which it travels.
  • Good spots for fishing are the eyebrows, the entrances and exits of the pits.
  • Definitely need to snag sh in the area, located at depths greater than 3 m.
  • A Parking space and feeding walleye in the river are determined by such factors as the force of the current and its direction. And the reservoir behavior is more dependent on bottom topography.

It is important! In order to successfully catch walleye at first ice, it is important to determine the area of its habitat. Then during the day, predator is sure to show itself in a moment.

Types of gear for parvoleta

To catch walleye at first ice, you can use several tools. Each of them can bring a trophy fish, if handled adroitly.

Rod to plumb

One of the most productive tackles in the beginning of winter is bresnica. This is because the mobility of the predator on parvaldu high. In the pack there is intense competition, so fanged robbers trying to instantly grab the feed object. And only after getting into the mouth of the fish can determine its inedible.

To do catchability tackle for blesneniya the ice, you will need the following items:

  • the fishing rod with cork handle;
  • hard whip, equipped with throughput rings;
  • inertia reel or chopper with the spool 1000;
  • a monoscaffold diameter 0,22-0,28 mm.

Photo 1. Winter blesnenii.

Helpful information! The rod better to do with the possibility of replacing the whip. Selecting feeder quivertip, you can find the best option in terms of flexibility.
From the variety of artificial lures should stock up on:


Subject to the simplest of security measures on the ground the ice can hunt for a predator with Gerlich. Depending on the reservoir choose classic tackle any drain leash.

  1. Classic equipment fishing rods is selected when fishing on reservoirs with stagnant water or low current. Madlena part can be any, ranging from traditional wooden racks and ending with the plastic bases. Fishing line is equipped with a sliding sinker, silicone stopper and hook.

Recommendation! The weight of sinkers is selected under the weight of the bait. The ratio should be about 1:10.

  1. There are Parking areas for walleye on the river, where it is profitable to install several active-duty Gerlich. In such cases, the snap with the drain lead. By the end of the main fishing line attached sinker, its weight should be such as to hold the snap-on current. At a distance of 40-50 cm from the outlet sinkers mounted leash hook. To connect leash with fishing line way loop in the loop through the swivel.

The best fish for the fanged predator will be:


A special rig was invented by the fishermen for the production of perch in the winter on sprat. Instead of this fish from the family clupeidae can be used by any small baitfish. The benefits of sprat are special odor that loves fanged predator. Sprat are used in a dead form.

Tackle consists of rods, equipped with legs, coils, bright house manolescu 0,22-0,28 mm. Snap-in as follows.

  • By the end of the fishing line is tied a large jig or a small jig head. Sometimes the fishermen make special lures under sprat.
  • At a distance of 40-50 cm from the bottom of the jig is mounted on the leash for the second bait. Instead of natural fish may be used a silicone imitation.

The first-ice walleye enough to catch on 2-3 postawski, in the future their number can be reduced to 5 pieces.

Photo 4. Postavish for walleye.

Tactics and technique of fishing

In fishing for pike an important role plays the correct choice of tactics. Anglers specializing in the production fanged predator used some interesting ways.

Such tactics is called the paddock.

  1. Bleszinski often become beaters spontaneously. Usually, anglers come to the lake and start looking for fish at some distance from each other. Catch on different types of artificial lures. As soon as it happens to catch walleye, the neighboring fishermen gradually begin to get closer to lucky. Then the same is repeated with other participants in the spontaneous community. The result is a dense group of besnilian, which can reach several tens or even hundreds of people. Crowd synchronously moved after feeding predator. During the day people flock migrates over the pond, then decreasing, then increasing.
  2. Somewhat differently happens corral fishing for walleye in galichnik. These people purposefully going in small groups of 4-6 people. Channel along the edge of the installed battery Gerlich. After a while, divided in half, it extend in different directions from the bed of about 20 m. Armed with heavy lures, they begin to actively blesnet. Gradually, the fishermen close to the line of Gerlich, not reaching 4-5 m. If after 2-3 visits (total duration approximately 1.5-2 h) none of the check boxes does not light, all the imitation fish are moved along the channel edge at 50-60 m. And again repeated the paddock. The point of this tactic is simple. Big lures scare the perch, forcing him to move in the direction of Gerlich. The predator becomes aggressive, seeing small fish on the hook, he has no hesitation in attacking her.

To out of ice shell to get a decent walleye in early winter, the angler should pay attention to the actions of experienced colleagues. At first glance, ridiculous and illogical the behavior may become a key that opens a secret door to a world of careful fanged predator.

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