Microjy in the center of Moscow. Hearty Rise Area Master 622

This time I decided to take microcephaly kit and fishing weights in the center from 2-3 gr. Especially do not like to catch microjy in the center, as there is difficulty lifting the fish.

But there is another side…I took With me not new to the rod – Hearty Rise Area Master 622.

After a long break, finally got to the center of Moscow to fish. Prior to this, or does not succeed, then a strong wind blew, the rain.

This rod is not the first year of use when trout fishing. This truck, which is good to catch on a spinner from distance. The rod has a fast system, high sensitivity, and of course margin. On paid reservoirs Hearty Rise Area Master 622 showed itself from the best side. Though differently could not, because the manufacturer says that the fishing rod is designed specifically for paid water.

Then just check Hearty Rise Area 622 Master on the river. I will try to use this spinning not only with light weights, but to catch them outside of the test. Then not looking … make a video.

Back to the catching process. The fish on this day pecked! Yes, there were gatherings, was odusanya tails, but for 2 hours I managed to catch 15-20 tails. All perch of the same size and was far from the parapet. In the grass on the classics perch was not.

Preferences – light in weight to 3 grams. not great vibrohvosta. Color just didn’t matter.

In General, microgy in the center of Moscow I liked it. We will develop this theme further.

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