Modern tackle, when and where you need it

Fishing from the shore of comfort and convenience, but with a float snap-in has its specific limits. They are connected with the fishing conditions. If the distance is large to add more wave and wind, and match tackle for the “long cast” snap will not be effective.

To range, the wave is still possible to add more depth and currents, fog and darkness.

In addition to these factors, the choice of the angler can influence his poor eyesight, the reluctance to keep the rod in hand and often perezapustit tackle, demolished by wind or current. If we take into account that the fish is on the course takes the bait often “rather”, and the probability of the capture of majors increases dramatically, it becomes clear why the bottom gear find more and more fans. A lot of this contributes to the improvement of the tackle that led to the convenience and efficiency of fishing.

The easiest option bottom gear is a long line at the end of a fishing line hook, and approximately twenty to thirty cm above the hook is a sliding sinker. Reliable and efficient tackle in certain conditions. No bait is used because the key to success in finding the trail-running fish. As the alarm device uses a bell, piece of wood, but it is better to throw the fishing line through the index finger. The sensitivity is very high and the cutting instant.

This version of the snap-in often modificeres depending on conditions of catching. For example, if you catch carp on a heavily silted pond, the heavy slip sinker-olive will fall in deposits. If the distance catching small (up to 30 m), you should choose the most easy for the casting of the sinker. If the distance catching big, without heavy sinkers can not do, and then it makes sense to place him on a leash.

Typically, anglers use a short rod with a length of 1-2 meters. The rod in the classic version is a stick (probably, hence the slang term “stick” for any powerful fishing rod) with a hard tip that helps to perform strenuous cutting. Classic sticks for fishing zakidushki remain solid whips of juniper and bamboo. After casting fishing line “chosen” to tension and is fixed in the split at the tip of the rod.

While catching big fish in the pond without currents in three-dimensional decoy “choose” slack fishing line to its final tension, it makes no sense. For example, the carp takes the bait and starts to move, during which fishing line is tensioned, after which usually occurs samozasiti. The same situation occurs during catfish or big pike on live bait, and roach with the carp very often samozaschita at a sharp hook.

The bream fishing in September on the feeder

If the fish are not very active, it is necessary to modify zakidushku in a more modern version. First, to increase the range, and most importantly, precision casting need to replace the “stick” on the rod, equipped with throughput rings and coil. In this case, you will have to use a bite indicator quick release type. For example, the classic bell which is attached to a fishing line and rod. Very good idea to use a small ball of clay, which is fixed on the fishing line. This ball and keeps the rig tension to bite, and easily flies off the line during cutting. The same can be said of a small twig, which after the split is fixed on the line below the rod tip.

Fishing zakidushek is not particularly difficult, requires skill. If there is no tackle with a reel, fishing line before casting to fit the rings in the sand or on plastic film. The snap is taken with two fingers above the hook with the bait and sent onward and upward. At the time of the fall snap in the water rod served up at arm’s length, to ease the jerk of the falling weights. As soon as the sinker reaches the bottom, as evidenced by the weakening of the fishing line, the rod or stuck in the ground, or placed on a stand.

If you use the fishing rod with the coil, it is not worth the time of landing to slow down a snap, because even a worm can get off the hook. Where fish are finicky, anglers use zakidushki feeders instead of sinkers. This catch is relatively effective current, although not universal due to the technical limitations of the method of fishing.

Classic bottom gear quite effective, but where there still remained a sufficient number of fish, distance to fishing is relatively small and the fish are not spoiled. For accurate fishing especially careful of large fish in a relatively thin tooling, such a rude tackle from the point of view of registration of the bite. Any mechanical signalling device poklevki has so great a mass that it hides a neat touch and bite cautious fish. Eyes get tired careful to monitor possible “podverganie”, and if you leave tackle unattended and rely on the bell, Slobodskoy carp will very likely tackle carry off. Simple market manages to catch the limited casting distance, and, far worse, with poor accuracy. And the eternal problem with the bait. If no snap-in feeder, to lure problematic because the use of a slingshot allows you to deliver bait exactly in the chosen position, and tackle in General, such accuracy is not guaranteed.

If the feeder enters the equipment, for effective operation of bait each cast to deliver tools in the same place. Otherwise, the bait will scatter the fish on the area and not concentrate it in the point of fishing. Just one inaccurate throw, and fish may move to another point. In order to catch guaranteed precisely need to send a snap to the selected point of fishing. In fact, in effective fishing market important all rules float fishing. A well-chosen location, debugged tackle sensitive, accurate and precise bait cast snap in the point of fishing.

Therefore, the progress of bottom gear in recent years, were literally revolutionary pace. Created and continually improved modern gear, which is called “Picardie” and “feeder”.

The first designed for fishing without the use of feeders in the design of the equipment. Second, on the contrary, assume almost mandatory use of bird feeders in one form or another.

This is not just some kind of specialized rods and reels for them, but an Arsenal of snap-ins, additional tools.

Design picinich rods suggest that the bite recorded visually for the behaviour of thin and flexible tip of the rod. A classic feeder fishing rod require the use of modern means of fixing the bite. Most commonly used electronic devices.

Thus, the development of bottom gear first went in two completely independent ways. One way is based on the fact that the design of the rod has a function of fixing the bite, but it “weakened” the rod. Another way – a powerful rod for fighting big fish record, which requires use in a snap of a bite alarm.

But over time appeared so robust rods, that it became possible to use a picker with a flexible tip for fishing with the feeder. Of course, weight feeders picker, which was an easy feeder, with the weight of the bait is limited to the capacity of the rod and usually does not exceed 80 g.

Pickery, in its initial version, used for chassis, active fishing, when you are searching for active fish and bait are not needed. Clean feeder left rightful place for catching of large fish with complementary feeding point of fishing, with many hours of waiting for the trophy. Mixed powerful picker with a feeder, probably the most prevalent. It all depends on what fish you want to catch. From this task, everything else follows – selection of locations, tackle, bait, tactics and fishing technique. It is important to do everything logically but on this later.

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