Mondos and Tacos Galore in Unchartered Mexico!

Unchartered has showcased fishing, food, and culture From New Orleans to Cape Cod, Chicago, and now Mexico. On this particular stop, three anglers head south of the border in search of delicious eats and mondo bass.

Check out all the action in the 3 part series of Unchartered: Mexico below!

Unchartered is a YouTube Series created by Catch Co with a clear purpose in mind: to showcase both the fishing and culture of some of the world’s great outdoors. Unchartered is primetime fishing entertainment, and goes to show just how much fishing can mean to a certain city, town, or region.

Featuring LakeForkGuy, Senor, and Andrew Flair, this star studded lineup of anglers put on one heck of a show!

In episode 1, the guys hit up some farm ponds to search out a tilapia bite. And, despite not catching any fish, still manage to get a few bites and even catch some sunglasses!

In episode 2, Senor is somehow convinced to ride a bull. Enough said, you’ll have to watch the rest to find out.

In episode 3 of Unchartered: Mexico, Andrew Flair (who admittedly hasn’t been as sharp as usual with his fishing game lately), fought a log. Or so he thought. That log turned into a mondo bass and we had ourselves a signature Unchartered moment!

Bull riding, tacos, big bass, and adventure. What more could you need? If you enjoyed these videos do Catch Co a favor and subscribe to their YouTube channel here. If you have an idea where to send them on the next episode of Unchartered, let the kind folks at Catch Co know that as well! They’re always open to new suggestions and there’s so much more of this world left to fish!

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