Morning quiet, ripples and wrinkles in a breeze of distant ples

Recently white from the scorching sun for days it seemed that the desert has come to your town and will soon rustle on the pavement a trickle of sand, kicking up sand dunes, zasirayut around lizards and spun balls of tumbleweed.

Especially vividly this impression was created, if you close your eyes and open up in the middle of the buildings, where there are no trees. Then hot dazzling haze enveloped you lonely and helpless, as if somewhere among the vast and dry expanses of the Atacama or Death Valley.

Only the water was then to breathe of freshness and relax, watching the simple life of the river. River jets and bright eyes among egg capsules have always been some movement. Boom the flash of a perch, and a scattering of silver presnet fry in different directions. Sleepily and lazily slap on a warm water not predatory, but with a heavy tail. And it turned out that despite the heat the fish took.

Nervous perch

Lately I began to pay more attention to close to our city reservoir. It began with the fact that in one pergolide came here to say just stroll and lure water. Day and far was not going to go. And so, effortlessly and goauche, pulled the lure a couple of pounds of perch. Then put imitation fish, caught a small pike, but in the spring, quite Volzhsky confidently caught and quite decent ones: 3 and 5 kg.

With these impressions came back and suddenly remembered how in childhood and adolescence, caught here in the river, the site of the future reservoir, large bream. In short, what from the good to look?.. Moreover, unlike urban reservoirs of large capitals, there is still relatively clean water. Sample it is taken regularly and, according to responsible persons, all normal. At least for on officially sanctioned bathing beaches, which are here and there. Another plus – no “electrotechnical”. Too all in the mind.

But there is a big minus. All the time surprised by the brutality of our people, some dense, not even an animal or beast, namely, the bestial mentality, probably unknown to the inhabitants of civilized countries. On the banks of the beautiful and the fishing pond are dumps. Here the fire in the clearing, and near the mountains of garbage. It is difficult to burn the packing of sausages and juices, paper?

Or, at least, to compress, to squeeze and take home with them, to throw away on the way to container? After all, it had brought in the filled and Packed. Back smaller and easier to carry would be… No, better to shit under him in a lazy and sleepy unconscious citizen obydennoi country… And give a lesson to their children, who came to the picnic. I think the reason is the lack of a coherent state of the national idea and at least some positive ideology.

Her ideology was once too many. Now there is only Hapay… Everything else is secondary. Arriving recently on a fishing trip, we first remove the seat at the marginal cattle. Before leaving, do not forget to fill fire and scavenge for themselves. What might do thrown a cigarette butt or smoldering fire, I had to see in 2010, when I was a volunteer on the fire. And I am sure that most citizens of my country, smart, civilised, sympathy and understanding refers to the place where he lives, where to live his children, but, alas, how much more dense animals shitting on his land, on Earth?..

Features of fishing Oct carp

Today is a day off. Hot… to Go somewhere far away just no power, but for fishing I want – just no power… So going on the reservoir. Take a spinning rod and a small supply of spinners and crankbaits. Just “turntables” will experience purchased the day before. The shore of the reservoir at this time mostly overgrown with high impenetrable sedge. To the water is not suitable where it is necessary. And spinning will not pull back. You have to take a boat.

The morning is quiet, only a little ripples and crinkles in the breeze the distant ples. On the water diverge circles clasps and occasionally small ECOSOC, driving chick-verkhovka. Further along the coast, where there are almost no sedge, intense visible figures of the fishermen, looking into muddy tyhovoddya ringleader, at their floats. But for all the time while I am dripping over this side of the bite of a large fish and not noticed. At least, not seen and not heard. But you could hear it slurping the fish all around… Who’s bream, crucian carp? It was clear only one thing: fish feeds on insects and larvae with vegetation and, apparently, fed and cautious. Oh, I’d catch it, outsmart it… But now I have other goals.

Mesh zero white turntable and plop… it Falls thirty meters, on the edge of the coastal strip of grass. Felt, immediately begins to work after the first turns of the coil. Another cast and another… no One is interested yet. Put yellow fan of the first issue. After a few turns of fishing line heavier and it rests on a small perch. He hurriedly rushes in different directions, and… goes. Strange… Typically, these gatherings are characteristic for fishing lure silicone lure with a single hook on the jig. Then caught a few perch and again gatherings. Examined the hooks are sharp to the extreme. Sticks to your fingers pierce your flesh.

Then there was a furious attack of some perch, chased for a trifle. From his reckless tricks jumped in different directions absolutely crazy and frightened bleak. One of them is jumped by a bunch of thick bright green slime and huddled on it. I went by boat and took this little bleak. Live bait will not fall asleep in the first minute. And I just pinned her to the Threesome “turntables”. The first and last transaction with live fish brought me a perch bigger. But the predator, of course, knocked my makeshift live bait.

Small perch were taken quite often, but there were a lot of gatherings. Something nervous and hasty glimpses in the behavior of the striped predators. These strange gatherings started to get on my nerves. But the most unfortunate miss and the gathering happened when I put the white “chopper” No. 5. Swiping it along the strip of grass, I felt a soft stop, and then the fishing line went in the direction of the trees, bending spinning short spurts. The nature of the grip and resistance it was possible to think that the tee rests on a small pike or large perch. But to see the fish never had. Ten meters from the boat on the water whirled breaker and the tiger was gone…

The reason is uncertain perch bite is, I think, was a simple: soon the sky first gray Khmara, and then came and settled over the city with heavy blue clouds. Somewhere over the horizon growled, rumbled, and then went to sparkle. Thundered in the city, raskatyvaete artillery volleys. The sky sprung a leak and spilled a shower, and then drizzling the whole night. In short, bad weather began, albeit a short one. And this is bad as the fish, and quarrelsome wives…

River pigs

Today I’m going again on the reservoir. Only now in the bass, and the thud of the fish avoiding the bait and the nozzle neighbours anglers. This fish was clearly then a hearty and well in sleepy surprise hot days as in the beginning and nimble bass. But before any storm and waiting for her – never by yourself…

Some thoughts about backlava I already had. I noticed fishermen sitting with a float rod. Feeder or any other donkey seems to have had none. Meanwhile, judging by the wide strip of vegetation near the shore and in the direction of ples, the place was not very deep. It is quite possible that the fed cautious fish then simply moved away from the coast at depth.

In addition to float fishing rods, this time I took with him and the feeder. Chose a site on the shore so that the floats of fishing rods had the edge of the grass, and the path of the feeder on the retrieve and expected all the same, PAH-PAH, playing nothing blocked. The hooks float rods I planted the pellets cool monkey and “sandwiches” from maggots worms. Lure porridge with a proprietary bait and small maggots.

For feeder I, in accordance with its assumptions, has left the nozzle is simple, as bait. The hooks were impaled modest worms. As bait in an easy half-closed feeder was pressed to the land, with chopped worms.

The catch was small: a couple of small skimmers and a Bursch on with a float rod and feeder brought only one fish… But it was a fish worthy and heavy. Red-eyed uporoty Lin came to the feeder and nozzle of the feeder at a distance of about twenty meters, along the strip of grass that stretches from the banks. Fishing took place.

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