Morning… the Lake is hovering

Frozen, reflecting in the still water, coastal pine, reed, with tears of dew on brittle stems. Through the sullen darkness of the forest shone in the morning sun and flashed, lit up the lake. A miracle happened!..

Along the shore at the edge of the water lilies placed imitation fish. On long pine poles hanging vinyl flyer with fishing line, rocking slightly jaunty live bait-okunizome. Suddenly one of the zherlits boiled Burun, lashed the water flexible end of the pole and spun, rustled cut line flyer imitation fish.

Pause… fishing Line taut. It’s time!.. A few paddle strokes, and Fisher-galichnik is taken over the line. Gills alley, takes off from the water... no, not pike – a crocodile! “Candles” follow one another and each pike shakes his head at the same time opening the mouth.

This time the trick failed: the weakening action of a ferocious predator, less boil the breakers, and finally lying in the boat pike beautiful and mows fiery eyes to the angler, who somehow has a fine tremor. Eccentric, he is eccentric… And pike good! Cool in the back of the neck, zheltobrjuhy spotty, short as a stump of a log. The lake, burning the morning light, the fog is rolling in, bringing the freshness of moss bogs and tart spirit of rosemary. It’s time for pike fishing.

From childhood

In the morning my dad and catch perch. Fishing while on the Big Martin was unsophisticated and profitable. Barely off the raft homemade homemade fishing rod the float-tube, it immediately disappears from the surface of the lake and runs it under water somewhere to the side. Cutting! And in his hand a moment later, beats krasotulya perch Gorbach, trying to poke a needle in your hand. Strikes follow one another and from this continuous fight with the fish, albeit small fish, soon comes satiety, and fatigue.

SMATV rods, we start sixth and pine are moving on a raft to Gerlich, who father the night before were placed along the coastal strip of grass. Already from afar it was evident that the fishing line hung obliquely on the flyer of one of Gerlich unwound to the end. Swimming up to the imitation fish, we witnessed an amazing sight: a huge pike was vymahal out of the water and, frozen for a moment in the air, collapsed, leaving the water spinning breaker.

Seeing this thing, father leaned on chrustowski in bending the pole. And raft-salka, hard kalinowskis went polubokom to the imitation fish. (I learned later that the pike can go during a performance of his famous “candle” even with a strong “Finnish” hooks. Although she did not live).

Fishing the ruff

Swam to the imitation fish, even battered father whistled in surprise: thickets of water lilies, on the edge of which was imitation fish were being cut down like a giant’s scythe. Protruded from the water cut line, only stems.

– Come on, hold! – excitedly squinted father, thrusting my improvised net, and took over the line.

In the ecstasy of the struggle to go unnoticed. And now, lying on the raft stunned, exhausted furious “candles” pike-krokodilische. Father smokes thumb “Belomorye” slightly trembling fingers. And I, still not believing his eyes, feel the dense dark Golden body and fish, stunned with a mallet.

The impressions of childhood are probably not quite accurate, as my memory helpfully adds color that exaggerates the size, but I still think that this beautiful the first pike I no longer catch. Will pike for eight, ten, and even sixteen-plus, but… this was different, beautiful, incredibly beautiful. Probably because from childhood…

Lougher what he was…

Only in the evening, beating all the lake, catch a dozen perch and put up with imitation fish boats: plugging the water lilies in the mud bottom of the staves or score them with an ax in the sand, hang flyers and – hooks.

The sun is at sunset, and it’s time to prepare for the night. I have settled down under a big warm pine. Its roots, covered with turf, formed in the middle of the damp of the moss mounds dry area, suitable for overnight stays. The night is warm, and so big fire is not lit, but only boiled, cook on the embers in the pot, blueberry compote, good berries hang at arm’s length. All closer the bumps are covered with berries. Is added for acidity and sheet.

Until midnight meet guests: posvetio even when the opposite shore was crimson dawn, got from somewhere a power water rat. Brushing hair with dexterous paws, she looked keenly at me, as if he remembered, and slowly withdrew. Then at my Desk-Newspapers and mugs with blueberry compote long rustling persistent, not timid shrews. The darkness slithered silently between the trees the bats, “gynol” very close to the owl-hermit.

In the morning, long before dawn, sit in the boat, misted with dew, and swim to the Gerlich. In the summer season, takes a serious fish late in the evenings, at night and in the young dawn. Imitation fish I have exhibited in different places. Five – the island of lilies, twenty meters from the shore. It is convenient to stick the poles into the muddy soft bottom. But come across these imitation fish often narrow pike-travanti with shameless yellow eyes. Further, alternating with muddy bottom, sandy stretches of ples, not the overgrown Lily pads, and carved of brown algae. The poles here have to score sharp and durable.

Flimsy pole will only bend under the blows of an axe, but in the sand will not do. In these places lives tolstosheina Golden pike. In the fall Jora hard she gets on the water, lashing its tail-with a shovel. There were occasions when he pulled seasoned predator scored poorly in the sand the poles and walked away, leaving the water only broken algae. (However, now it is almost there, are very few large pike and perch. Apparently, knocked out the current idiots marginalized, living one day).

It is from this far, I began to check the imitation fish. One of them flyer looked askance at the grass. The fishing line was taut. Choose it, and that’s under the boat came a medium-sized pike. After a brief fight, she, as if half asleep, stood next to a Board and taken by the net, huddled in the boat. Sail on. At the latest the imitation fish fishing line left in the grass, and clean water, sandy beach. Usually it happens when the fish are gone or the grip was just, and pike is now moving into the shelter, turning the bait in its mouth head first.

Gently slowed down the oars, look at the flyer. Yes, the line has not been taken up until the end. So she stretched and went to the side. Rush!.. Flyer imitation fish sharply jerked, falling in one direction or the other. Fishing line is quickly reeled off her and finally the limit!.. Now followed by another spurt. We have to hurry. Hearing the noise of an approaching boat, the pike was vymahal of grass and sharply shook his head. This football technique is commonly helps pike to go, if it is caught by trolling, especially when the latter is disproportionately small tee. But here the predator could only help a rare case. And he helped… When I’ve brought the prey to the boat, preparing the landing net, after a strong jerk could not stand the carbine-swivel. And pit Golden pike did me good-bye “tail”, leaving the water a small breaker surrounded by Flirty videorolikov…

Nothing to do, swim to shore to check out the rest of the imitation fish again to catch the bait fish.

Island Lily was already bathed in warm light. A light breeze brought with dewy Chernichenko tart freshness and scraps of fog. Over the rivulet Puddle, on the far side of lake born day. It began with scarlet edge lights, floating in a Golden haze.

Approaching the Gerlich. Only one of them unrolled, but not completely. Broken fishing line is not taut line left in the grass. Take it only to wind up on a flyer as “dull” appearance of the equipment did not inspire any hope. And holding, suddenly felt not strong, but severe jolts. Pull this live abutting the severity to himself. A few meters from the boat float to cut the water lilies, but the “candles” no, and I quickly tighten the line. Finally under the boat seemed thick broad back he has… with thorns. Yes, it’s bass!

He’s the jerk nearly ripped the boat with their needles, each with a good nail, but I have caught him in a net. Yes, it was a perch, but what!.. Weighted, he pulled two pounds two hundred grams. Here’s Luzhanska black “Congolese” with the finger!.. This one was quite bright, apparently, sandy Gorbach.

Subsequently, I repeatedly caught Lugere perch weighing up to a kilo or more. The stories of local residents that there is a perch up to three pounds, that seemed to be legends appeared in a different light. But, oddly enough, the bait and spinning this humpback went, although I tried to seduce him, tumbling blestkami many types, brands, and their imitations. Not interested in big perch and silicone baits fry jig with okunevy eye, not to mention the moth and the worm. Even for carp-bait coveted perch only dvuhmetrovye and “Mepps”. A real humpback pounds taking only his prickly fellow…

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