My first Krasny Chub

Lately I have been hooked fishing for Chub on spinning. There is in it something interesting and unusual. But to catch any scoring “Belle” (except bream) was a problem for me until recently.

Still, I purposefully engaged in this kind of fishing recently and accordingly have little experience. With Chub old scores. Its largest 480 grams I caught 12 years ago on the crust far in may 2006, the year when the “disease” was only in the initial stages. Over the years, was still 300-400 gram spinning Chub, but isolated. Catch kalashnogo lobes was my dream, especially with such reports began to flicker in the ribbon here and there.

I know one river in the Moscow region, where there are big Chub, so in the middle of the season was often there to visit. Here’s another free day, this morning I decided to check the coveted peracetic. Got up, quick Breakfast. today by 6: 30 were already in the water. On pike points stayed below faster polovici their spot.

Trekked through the bushes, dismantled the spinning Black Hole Swift 662ul 1.5-7 grams and it hung valleron Megabass Roger Surf with minimal penetration. Why the Wobbler and not colello? In the previous outputs of the first casts (until I showed the fish to their presence) is often pecked a big Chub, but not Bouncing off. The crank still two tee, with them the chance to catch the fish much more, and the depth to shallow reef with a depth of 20-30 centimeters, that’s it!

Begin to make casts across and under 45 degrees to the flow for the transaction for the demolition, without rotation of the coil. First, a very small holovlit tried to eat my Roger, but he was clearly not in the teeth. And, finally, when Wobbler almost pulled over to the Bank, there was a bite of a big deal! This time it is securely spotted and go he didn’t have a chance! The clutch was perfectly set up, and I slowly brought him to shore, then took a hand. Some wild there was no resistance, a feeling that experienced the lobes knew that he would be released. Weigh-in showed 1 kg 120 gram! First Krasny Chub and another personal record broken! So beginning! So reslover valleros!

More on this roll do not bite, and I decided to give it a little rest, Oblomov adjacent places. The weatherman screwed up again, instead of the Sunny weather went serious rain, and I was dressed for the weather is not. But I continue to catch, hiding under trees and under an umbrella. The lobes showed no activity, and I decided Pochobut, the benefit of spinning allows. At one point you get a good tap, and immediately a very strong resistance, I thought there was a pike at least poltorahu, but it turned out that it’s just crazy lace! At least some activity toothy!

After waiting another cloud under the trees, back to the coveted roll. The rain continues to drizzle, and in this situation it only helps me – Chub harder to notice my presence.

At the beginning of the strikes was not, but polarized glasses, I saw a flock of 6-7 red on a sandbank, which did eat something from the bottom. So decide to fight and sort out the bait. It came to microcodable. Put the O. S. p. Indy Spoon 3.2 grams black with a yellow stripe on the outside and fill up at an acute angle to the flow. And one of the transactions finally occurred poklevka when baubles doodling the bottom. This boat 350-400 grams on was ripped out from the grass, to which he rushed immediately after the bite! The rest of the Chub from the flocks to peck refused and I decided just to walk to other places to look for active fish!

Passed a few rapids, but it was Sunny, started with a fever, and the bite just stopped! So Perepyolkin plan for the day, I went home!

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