Burbot it’s time For ice fishing

And fish is not easy in such conditions under the ice: deaf – oxygen is small, almost no light. That moves it is the last effort on the water in search of somewhere to rest, but in a dark world reflection of the almost spring sun to enjoy. And you, the angler, think about where it might be.

Only one very strange fish our waters the February Blizzard weather and frequent in this time of frost, but with a breeze, very like. It is a ruthless nocturnal predator, the burbot, which in many areas, for this season ends with a spawn, which is also unusual, and starts posledeistvie feeding period when burbot up spent on love joy strength and get fat before the long summer hibernation, as it does not tolerate warm water.

Among anglers, there are many fans quite time-consuming hunt for burbot in the winter – and all because of the incredibly tasty, huge liver this freshwater cod, which I’ve Nalimov and add up all the reserves of nutrients for the cultivation of eggs and milk to the next spawning season and long summer post. The most favorite food of burbot are almost always the rockfish, because their meat is very tender, and the “prickly” in the winter like barrels full of amber caviar, besides flocks of ruffs are extremely numerous and fish but this is not so nimble, so you can easily get away.

Burbot’s mouth is like a Python and quite sensitive to many Ershov thorns, that’s why even very large hooks with bait the predator swallows bravely and deeply. So, before catching burbot, just need to find the place of its outputs to hunt, i.e. to detect during the day fishing areas concentrations of ruffs, and at the same time to prepare the bait. Here and should be closer to the evening to put gear on burbot.

Tackle these are quite simple ice postawski in the form of a piece of fishing line with a sinker and a hook attached to lying across the hole a stick. Naturally, the length of the gear should be equal or slightly greater depth in the place of fishing: burbot – fish purely bottom. You can catch burbot and common Gerlich tie up your line on the spool when the sinker of the bottom of the burbot very much to confuse the line or to get the tackle in snags, if you give him a free turn after bite.

There are more “sporting” methods of production burbot. Here and night trolling on the “noise” spinners, and catching special burbot with jigs in the heavy lead of a cone – catch them “on tap” when the bait is monotone beat on hard bottom and make it only the rear weighted portion of the lure-cone without lifting the hook from the bottom. The bite burbot is expressed in one or two weak shocks or suddenly emerged on the line of gravity. There is need to make a confident sweep, and safely drag burbot up.

Do not, of course, to believe that the burbot in the winter bite exclusively at night. For example, in the Northern lakes and rivers, and most of the Siberian reservoirs it posledeistvie fishing in the daytime is commonplace. The fishing success usually contributes to cloudy or even rainy weather. And in the middle lane, for example, on the Oka winter, not just in heavy snow happened throughout the day to get out of the hole in the deepest places of the river measuring burbot, levavcha on a large jig with a worm or bloodworm on the hook and on the balancer while hunting for a walleye or Bursch on channel drop offs with a hard bottom.

As for catching burbot in the current winter season, the situation is not as favorable as in previous years. Probably anomalous and protracted heat, which last summer struck a vast territory, the worst impact not only on the activity of predator, but his strength: on the same Oka, Klyazma and the Volga at the peak of heat was observed a lot of dead burbot – but I think it’s just the one fish, which for some reason came out of the holes, hideouts and how many of her dead were left on the bottom… Perhaps for this reason, in many places, and it was not a normal fish burbot on the eve of winter. Therefore, going for a night predator, now you should choose those pools that were outside the damaging effects of excessive heating.

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