National weather Bureau to predict the weather easily

Observing and noticing the various natural phenomena, our ancestors for many centuries without any complicated scientific instruments could fairly accurately predict the upcoming weather.

As confirmed by modern scientists, are signs of people about natural laws, based on centuries of life experiences and observations, really in most cases correct and accurate.

They have not lost their former value, and therefore can be useful now, especially for those who are more dependent on the vagaries of the weather (anglers, hunters, mushroom pickers, tourists).


Many folk omens about the weather are directly linked with various natural phenomena occurring in the atmosphere (color and shape of clouds, the nature of the dew), and on the ground.

It is on their features and characteristic changes corresponding to certain weather conditions, people from ancient times built their observation.

About the upcoming good weather they were judged by the following signs:

● In winter, the night sky appears a lot of bright shiny stars, clear and bright moon.

● Evening and dawn yellow, Golden, pink. Greenish color of the dawn indicates that similar weather will persist for several days.

● Gradual weakening of the wind after the storm, cessation of precipitation, decreasing cloud cover in the summer night is cooler than day.

● The appearance of the sun rising Cumulus clouds. By noon, their sizes are increasing in the evening, they gradually spread, and after the sun completely disappear.

● In the spring are very high and rapidly floating clouds.

● In the summer after sunset on the grass, the appearance of dew, before the sun rises, it increases, and disappear with the sunrise. In spring and autumn instead of dew on the ground and rooftops frost forms.

● Summer night over the lowlands collects the mist that in the morning creeps over the water.

● In the evening and nights in the lowlands and valleys becomes colder than at higher elevations, in the forest is warmer than in the open field.

● In the mountains there is a haze covering the top.

● Summer night, windless, by noon the wind increases, and in the evening again subsides.

● In the fall before the good weather is marked grey morning.

About the upcoming inclement weather (continuous rain or snow and wind) warn of the following symptoms:

● Appearance on the horizon of thin Cirrus clouds stretched in the form of filaments with curved ends.

● Thin Cirrus clouds gradually tighten the sky and turn into cirrostratus clouds, which are located a thick layer. If these clouds cover the sun or the moon around them there are white circles. Then approaching the thick cloud veil.

● In the evening the sun goes behind a cloud.

● Fast in the winter is dawning: the clouds go against the wind.

● Evening or dawn turns red, sometimes even purple-red.

● In the sky in winter notes the little stars, the moon red.

● The wind changes direction sharply and in the evening increases. In the mountains at night it blows from the valleys to the mountains during the day – on the contrary.

● In the evening becomes warmer than it was during the day.

● Formed in the evening mist is dissipated before the rising sun spread along the water,

and rises up.

● The appearance of dew or frost is not marked.

Weather is expected weather (precipitation, summer thunderstorms and subsequent cold), if:

● Appear on the horizon Cirrus-Cumulus clouds in the form of small ripples.

● In the summer, morning or evening clouds are created in the form of teeth or turrets.

There is the simultaneous appearance of several layers of clouds.

● In the summer, there is a feeling of stuffiness –


In addition, it is seen that if:

● Snow sticks to the trees to warming.

● Dark circles around the sun in the winter – to frost; in the summer – the rain and wind.

● The stars Shine dimly in the winter to thaw in the summer – to the rain.

● A winter night came a frost – a snowy day will not.

● In April a clear night – wait for the morning frost.

● In the morning in summer, the grass is dry – the night rain is expected.

● From the summer rain bubbles appear on the water – to prolonged bad weather.

● In summer, when sunrise is celebrated stuffiness – wait for rain.

● Cloudy autumn cold weather to night is clear, we expect frost.

● In autumn, several days in a row, you see some white clouds to the cold; the dark and the black clouds – the rain.


Fire is an integral attribute of any hunting or fishing. This unique, incomparable aroma of freshly cooked soup too, mug of hot, warming and invigorating tea.

And yet, it turns out, carefully watching the fire, people have long been able to notice the coming changes in the weather.

1. The coals in the fire quickly covered with ash, dimly smoldering –

the upcoming weather will be good.

2. The coals in the fire glow brightly – expect bad weather.

3. The smoke from the fire (no wind) rises

vertically (“column”) – good weather;

in winter the day will be clear but frosty.

4. The smoke swirling and spreading along the ground – the weather will change

and not for the better.

5. The smoke from a fire rises at first and then suddenly rushes to the ground – is expected to cloudy, rainy weather, and winter is likely approaching snowfall.

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