Near Volgograd pecks ASP

Was yesterday in the near-Volga-Akhtuba floodplain. Midges are, but you can fish. Where, when the water went out, there was a good carp and satanic, for an hour, only smaller hands.

Changed 4 places. Everywhere one ludosity carp. In only one more or less 300 grams in a few words. The place is fun, especially under the middle float is not found.


Koracin (below Stone Yar)

Water meter more than normal, the roads are good.

The predator – dim. Small perch and not like a machine gun. Even where guaranteed standing pike and perch are empty. Terehovich boiler no.

Melts Zope. Lots of small herring. The mosquito-gnats are present, but tolerable.

Svetlyy Yar

Pecked IDE under beach. Good. Sent for sturgeon.

Caught herring were thrown.

Beat ASP, but did not have time to spell – broken spinning. It’s a shame.

Weather super. Boat happy. High.
Saw only one pot who didn’t check – it was nothing. The water is kind of muddy last weekend was cleaner.

In the city (left Bank)

On Friday evening, spontaneously gathered and went in the night to catch at the feeder. Until 4 in the morning caught 3 lesica and attack one at the shore successfully repelled a landing net (but of course very good).

This is despite the fact that the water pearl, the weather was great, and I intensively fed. That is, no fish.

Fishing began at 5 a.m. when it became light and the water began to fall sharply, that usually is a sure sign of just finishing the bite. To 7 bit fun, to 8 and collected the remains.

A total of 10 pounds happened. The largest Lasik 1.7 kg.

Don and tributaries

Don entered the Bank. The water is muddy, but the walleye are biting.

In Verticem beach caught 8 pike in 2 hours.

The native recreation – grass in the growth of human. I want to take up the scythe…

The mosquito flies to eat only in the evening. Midge is present, but tolerable, and even waved.

Bereslavskaya reservoir

This Saturday fished from a boat. For white fish I can say: caught bream, Podles, roach, crucian carp (hybrid), are good specimens.

We went on the predator – present perch, pike.

Perch caught enough bass good on crankbaits commodity and microgy. Babici it was possible to catch without stopping, but small with her palm.

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