Perch on the tail-spinner

Today again went to the river to catch perch to another point.At 10 am I’m on a river, collect spinning, knitting Popper and go.

The first cast on Popper throws a Seagull! Spending a few minutes on her release, resume fishing… but almost an hour, I didn’t see any fish yield.

Отчеты с водоемов: Окунь на тейл-спиннер

Decide to change the bait, and I see that boxes with small wobblers stayed home and I took with me a box of cranks from 100mm((And then I remembered that in the package with the Popper is the tail-spinner from Sprut Mizu 20.Tie it, make a throw and was very pleased with the casting! Although spinning I have a 7-21гр,

Отчеты с водоемов: Окунь на тейл-спиннер

but baby weighing 3’2гр flew 15 meters train!

Start a transaction and then follows the blow-by! And so several transactions in a row… Decided to change the wiring on the classic jig step and it went!

Отчеты с водоемов: Окунь на тейл-спиннер

Only when MIZU was raised from the bottom and worked up petal, perch eagerly attacked it, swallowing is sometimes entirely new to me bait.

Отчеты с водоемов: Окунь на тейл-спиннер

For an hour I got a lot of pleasure from the bites and I could still talk to today on attack of the striped predators.

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